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What can I get out of donating to the AFANA (if any)? Material benefits? Solidary benefits? Purposive benefits? I would really like to know!

Posted by admincms on October 05, 2018

The most important reason to donate is to support what we do. We work on several fronts. Our primary goal is to support the fans in North America (US, Canada, Mexico). We do this by working to improve media coverage (better TV, more extensive). We work closely with the AFL, Fox Sports (US and Australian arms), TSN up in Canada, to provide a two way channel for fans. Our TV schedules are complete out months not 13 days. We also offer first hand match and photo coverage of AFL matches each week with staff in Australia. (We have the largest free photo archive of the AFL anywhere.) We do a variety of other smaller things ranging from our Grand Final party listings to free footy comps. We do a good deal of our stuff "behind the scenes" these days as we're always trying to find ways to educate the sports press, move networks in the direction we think they need to go, influence the AFL decision making on television, etc.

We've been around since late 1995 and we have always been predominately Americans and Canadians passionate about footy. We're not a league and we aren't distracted by running a club or league. We're focused on fans, marketing, and growth for the sport here.

We are working to put together some new packages for members to be rolled out late this calendar year or early next but there won't be tons of "stuff" as part of it. We operate a very lean organization and we put what resources we have back into the organization's mission. We're all volunteers.

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