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Any ideas on contacting Local Sports Editors and writers in the USA?

Stragedies, do's and don'ts?

I could be wrong but with Grand Finals coming up they would see the best and I'm sure many of the larger city editors probably have access to Setanta and other sports channels.

Should we send them a copy of a game along with the one page rules and the more detailed rules?  Would there be copywrite problems if we sent them a copied version as private individuals?

Of course, if things already look secure with Setanta playing the games next year, we could wait on this till next year.

But I think eventually this is one area we eventually should use.  

Posted by admincms on August 15, 2006

I'll leave the strategies etc. to others who are sports editors and see what they say.

Yes, there are copyright issues if we send them video (either as AFANA or individuals) that has not been cleared or paid for.  I have ways to do that but I would need to have a specific reason to get the AFL to cooperate.  Simply suggesting we send it to editors isn't quite enough.   But as I say, with the proper reasoning, I can get it done.  

Sending them anything AFANA has on the rules (such as links to our FAQ or our Table top guide) is a not an issue because we own it.

Setanta's plans for next season won't be known for some time.   Perhaps not before November or even next February.   No assumptions should be made at this stage. 

The big question here though is why do it?  What is it we want the editors to do with the information?  Run a story?  Add the standings?  scores?  

Posted by KC Swan on August 17, 2006

The big question here though is why do it?  What is it we want the editors to do with the information?  Run a story?  Add the standings?  scores? 

I know what I want.  I'll do the same thing this year as I did last year: the radio hosts and the newspaper columnists will be receiving an invite to join us for the GF watch party.  I'm just looking to increase exposure for the game.  If the radio hosts chats about the experience on his monologue, or the columnist writes about the experience, that would be fantastic.  So far...I've yet to get any of them to acknowledge the offer.

  -- Swannie

Posted by Paat K on August 23, 2006

What will the Grand Final compete against for space on the last Saturday of September?

1.  High school football from Friday P.M.
2.  College football preview for Saturday.
3.  Preview for Sunday's NFL games.
4.  Baseball's final regular season weekend.
5.  NBA and NHL preseason training camp.
35.  Wacky Australian sports.

The best angle to take with papers is the Aussie ex-pat party.   It is only a human interest story to the media.  If your community has a larger ex-pat population this might work.

Work with Australians in you area and invite the media out to cover a night of Australian culture and sport.  Play out the angle that this will be like the Aussie Super Bowl and it will be a chance to see how other cultures adapt to life in the U.S. and still keep a hold of a part of their home (this is the angle I am going to try).

Sorry to bust any bubbles but if you sent any DVDs, guides, etc... to reporters or editors they would just end up in the trash. 

Posted by gordman on December 04, 2007

Well I never tried contacting them before, it's actually a good idea to do this. I will focus on getting football tickets for this coming season. The last time I haven't managed to see live matches...

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