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What's happening out there? The ladder hasn't been updated since Round 19, the home page hasn't been updated for weeks. Does anyone know what's going on?

I'm worried because this is my only American source for footy news.



Please forgive our slowness at updating the site.  We are working to get back on track this week and launch a major prize contest for the finals with Setanta.   The slow updates have been due to all of our senior staff having (unrelated) personal crises to deal with.  None involve our individual health but rather family and other issues which, in a time of crisis, take precedence over footy.  We're all here and doing the best we can and hopefully will be back up to speed very shortly.

I was just concerned because this site is my go to site for all information concerning footy. I was worried that the site was either being taken over by someone else, or that afana was having staff problems. I hope everything is all right with everyone and maybe there could be a back up person for when things like this happen. Just a suggestion.


We're working on developing backups and the ones we have are the only reason things kept going at all but being a small operation we never have enough volunteers and help that can be depended upon.  It's much better now than in previous years.  Thanks for the support.

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