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Hello everyone, I'm The Aussie and have been watching Aussie Rules for about 15 and actually played it for about a 5 year period. I was wondering if I could get some info on the state of Australian Rules Football in America and Football.

Specifically, how delayed are your games and whether the Grand Final is shown live over there.
Posted by admincms on August 12, 2007

Hi Aussie,

We get 2 to 3 games per week live and often another a few hours delayed.  We are promised, eventually, all 8 games live or delayed in the next few seasons.  On the whole, if you can get the Setanta pay channel here, the coverage is as good as you get in Australia.  We get the 7, 10, and Foxtel feeds just as they are shown in Australia with US commercials inserted. 

The Grand Final has been live every year (except I think 1988) since 1980 in the US.   Somewhere, on some network, every year.  AFANA produced the 1996 telecast when no network would do it.

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