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I think this is a great way to close out a season. It is unique and special, and I am disappointed that the players weren't viewing it from that angle. I know it is a hard sport to play but when you are a part of history you disrespect the league by not recognizing that. If the Pies skipper thinks it is a "joke" as he said then maybe they should have conceded a behind at the end so they would be able to start golfing.

This match was AWESOME.

Not only is it the only game all season I can see in HD!! , but the boys on both teams showed nothing but hustle and heart 4x20 !!   By far the best footy I have seen.

This will be talked about for years, and it doesn't get better than to play in 2 GF's in a week .

IMHO  there should be a winner, no matter how many OT's are needed,,, and this is why this will be historic!!


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