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I am very new here and still finding my way around.  I was hoping someone could help me!

I am an American married to an Australian.  My husband is a huge Eagles fan and last year I did a very bad thing.... without knowing I planned our wedding and set the date for the same day as the Grand Final.  The first time the Eagles played in the GF in how many years?!?!  Needless to say my husband missed the GF. 

To make a long story short, we are spending our 1st anniversary in the US and this means unless I can find a place to watch the game... he will miss the GF 2 years in a row.  I just know he will be beside himself if the Eagles do make it. 

Does anyone know if there is a place in Southern California to see the game?  A pub or restaurant?  I am willing to take him anywhere from Fresno to San Diego to see it, perhaps farther if need be.  Though the party in Canada is a bit far!! 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Posted by admincms on July 29, 2006

Hi Angie,

Welcome to our forums and   No need to worry, we just started accepting Grand Final Party announcements so the fact that only one is listed is just because someone had to be first!

I can assure you there will be at least 2 or 3 parties in Southern California.  There is always at least one in San Diego and a couple in the LA area.  Plus a couple up in the Bay area.  So, just keep checking here every week or two as we add announcements as they come in.   Many parties just don't get around to telling us until September. 

And as a long time Eagles fan and an American, we're going back to the GF and we're going to win it this time!


Site Admin

Hi Rob,

I'm the lucky Aussie married to the lovely Angie.

I'm very keen on the idea of getting to a GF party somewhere in the LA/San Diego area, or anywhere else in the Sthn Cal region if there is one going. As Angie said we had something else planned for the day of the 2005 GF so I missed out on seeing it. I can't say I really minded all that much though.

I was just wondering if there is a party happening, is it likely that there will be other Aussies there too? It doesnt really matter that much of course but knocking back an ale or two during the football with a supporter from another side is always good value.

BTW I have to say this is easily one of the very best AFL related sites I have seen anywhere. It is certainly as good as most and better than many here in Oz.

Cheers and "Go You Mighty Eagles"

Posted by admincms on August 04, 2006

Hi Ray,

Welcome to AFANA.   Thanks for the compliments, I'm sure our staff appreciates it.  They work hard to make this site what it is.   Our popularity continues to rise as does our reputation in the footy world. 

Yes, I would imagine that just about any GF party in any major US city will have both Americans and Aussies present.  Certainly in SoCal with it's large ex-pat Aussie population.

With the big win over the Saints on Friday, the Eagles are in excellent position to finish in one of the top 2 positions on the ladder and make another run to the Last Saturday in September! 


Posted by plugger on August 10, 2006

Hi all,

Cannot believe how enthusiastic you guys are. I am staying at Holiday Inn Universal Studios on the night the Grand Final is played. I will keep checking back for news on locations around Hollywood for the live broadcast.



Posted by admincms on August 10, 2006

Hi Garry,

On behalf of the site and the fans, thanks for the complement.  Welcome to the site, we've been at this a long time and will be starting our 11th year soon. 

We are anticipating some announcements from the LA area soon.  With the GF still 8 weeks away some organizers just haven't got it together yet or don't realize fans are already seeking the information.   But the announcements are starting to trickle in, we got another one today (San Fran) which will be up on the site soon.


I was in SF a few years ago and it seems some of the Irish pubs carried live games, I'll see if I can find some of the names for you.  That's probably your best bet, Irish pubs in CA



Posted by admincms on August 14, 2006

While an Irish pub is always a good chance, in this case it isn't the best option.  There are always public Grand Final parties in Southern Calif. so there is no need to go to an Irish pub all the way in SF.  And for that matter, there is a party in San Fran already on our web site.   Several parties in LA are usually announced, too, so we should have those soon enough.


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