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Now that the 2017 season is over I can say the improvements made to Watch AFL online are impressive.  I enjoyed watching everything Watch AFL had to offer, especially seeing the Fox Footy channel, complete with Australian domestic commercials.  The pictures were sharper and clearer, we heard audio in stereo for the first time. Watching live and on demand was almost trouble-free, just some very minor buffering once in a great while.  The post-production editing of games on demand was very smooth and professional looking plus we got to see the victory songs in the locker rooms after the games.  Coverage of the womens' games was great. The off or on button for seeing scores is nice.  Easy navigating the whole site.  Closed captioning would be nice.  That's one improvement that could be made.  I'm a satisfied customer and look forward to 2018.
Posted by admincms on October 09, 2017

Thanks for the feedback. This was, by far, the smoothest and most trouble free year of internet coverage we have ever had. No other year comes close. I can also say, from AFANA's point of view, the people at Fox Footy Australia were fabulous to work with. Such a pleasant change. They were responsive to our questions, forthcoming with info, and just good to work with. Additionally, as a result of their affiliate program, we saw an increase in our revenue from promoting the service. This will definitely help us going forward.

AFANA Founder and Site Admin

Posted by Raksiam (not verified) on January 31, 2018

I subscribed for the first time last year. I have seen some complaints about the cost on the Play store, but I felt like it was a great deal. I watched almost every many great games! And I enjoyed On the Couch very much - the other shows not so much, but it's great to have access to everything. Chromecast had some hiccups once in a while, but generally worked very well. And their support was very responsive. Looking forward to the next season.

i too enjoy the ads.  Love the Fox Footy shows like AFL 360 and Bounce.

This year should be even better with the ability to download games and shows.

i tried the AFANA18 promo code, but it didn’t work.  Any ideas?

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