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We will be in Hawaii during the Grand Final weekend.  Is there any chance we will be able to watch the game over there?
Posted by admincms on August 21, 2006

Hi Freogirl,

Welcome to .   The same stations that offer mainland coverage are applicable in Hawaii under the same conditions.  That means you need someplace that gets Setanta Sports via DirecTV.  DirecTV in Hawaii used to be very different but now is almost identical to mainland offerings. 

So, any bar or pub that offers Setanta Sports is a possibility.  See our TV Info or TV FAQ page for links to their bar and pub guide (postal code for your destination needed but anything close like your hotel will do) .  You can also anticipate that there will be a Grand Final party in the Honolulu area.  We get announcements for parties there some years but not always (they forget to tell us!).   The last contact information we had for the Australian American Chamber of Commerce (who used to host the party) is: 

Australian American Chamber of Commerce
c/o Australian Consulate-General
1000 Bishop Street
Penthouse Suite
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

President: Mr. John Fyfe
Phone: +1 (808) 526-2242
e-mail:aacc[at)lava[ dot }net

Let us know if this helps or you need more info.  Good luck!


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