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So far the experiance has not been pleasant.  I have setup an account with ASTV for AFL Only.  I asked about Mac OSX support and was informed that even though their "promo video" plays fine.. that is because it was not setup with DRM and that the sight was intended to ONLY work with Windows....  and that there is NO intention of ever making it work with Mac.

So.. that is not good.

I booted up Windows and logged into the sight to watch the Carlton vs. Sydney game.  However, I could not get it to play.. or any other video.  I have tried various methods but the result is the same..  nice website no video.

I have sent a report to their customer service and will see what the response is...  but as of right now...  will prolly be cancelling the service after the 1st month...



Posted by ovalball on July 22, 2008

Sorry to hear about your problems. It seems you have this little rain cloud hanging over your head when it comes to footy coverage.Image removed.

I have found the ASTV service to be very reliable and I'm watching St. Kilda/Hawthorn as we "speak", so am at a loss for any explanation. You're using IE?

When you go to the website: and log in what happens when you click a "Watch now"?

BTW, I've sent these folks three emails in three weeks--2 with questions, 1 with a compliment for getting the most recent matches up promptly. So far, no repsonse to anything, so I don't think communication is their strong suit.

Posted by Beaver on July 22, 2008

One of the challenges is that I am not a "average user" so I tend to push things a bit more than the average person... that being said.. yeah the communication leaves MUCH to be desired. 

As to: "When you go to the website: and log in what happens when you click a "Watch now"?"...  well it makes a nice little page and I get lots of "connecting" then "ready" then nothing.  if I hit play/FFW/REW/etc...  same..

One of the things it asked for when I sent feedback was my IP Address... so I am thinking that they will try to blame this on a firewall/NAT issue... will be interesting...


Posted by ovalball on July 22, 2008

As to: "When you go to the website: and log in what happens when you click a "Watch now"?"...  well it makes a nice little page and I get lots of "connecting" then "ready" then nothing.  if I hit play/FFW/REW/etc...  same..


Hmmmm. When it loads correctly (which does take a while) you don't have to click anything, unless you want to click one of the "Quality" buttons. It starts playing automatically.

Well, small consolation, but-----SPOILER!!!!!!-------

you really wouldn't have been happy watching the match. We had them until the 4th quarter and just couldn't finish them off. I think we have a great young team, but it's more like, "Wait till next year!" Let's see, is there another Chris Judd we could pick up?Image removed.

Posted by Beaver on July 23, 2008

Never gets to the play part.  just says "ready"...

yeah I listened to it live as I was all excited that setanta had it listed as a live game... 

but want to actually see a few games... lol...


Posted by Beaver on July 27, 2008

ok so I figured it out..  it turns out that AFL TV does NOT like trend AV or AVG AV...  put Avast! on and it works.. (or none.. but that is NOT an option on Windows).

NOTE:  This was NOT due in part to ANY help from the ASTV staff, whose emails ONLY consisted of hints and excuses around why the use DRM including a response to the lack of video issue which explained that I MUST have DRM disabled and that they needed to have it inable to "protect my rights and ability to watch footy" because "pirating and posting of games was rampant"... hell if it was rampant I would have FOUND those.... :S

So I have finally watched a few matches.  I have to say..  good sound quality and streaming consistancy (e.g. no "buffering" messages) however, video quality is not up to ITVN/Sentanta/Setanta BB..  if they improve this and their tech support quality...

I will excersise the system and do a proper review later this week...


(OMFG We beat the WB!)

Posted by admincms on July 27, 2008

Great detective work, Beaver.   But I gotta say (and I will to ASTV's AFANA contact) that if it is incompatible with Trend Micro AV and AVG AV that is just unbelievable... and has to be fixed ASAP.


As for the "rampant" piracy... I defer to GeorgeM's comments about how it should be handled...  yes there is a great deal especially via torrents sites but it can dealt with... ask or any of a dozen other sites.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by ssd (not verified) on July 29, 2008

Beaver - did you still have no luck with Mac OS? I also can't get the Mac to play AussieSport TV (exactly the same problems as you describe) and can't use Windows because of persistent problems using Parallels software. The tech support folks at Bigpond are breathtakingly ill-informed about these issues. Hopefully the introduction of the iPhone to Australia (July 11) will get Bigpond developers thinking a little more seriously about the emergence of Apple users around the world.
Posted by ovalball on August 01, 2008

It is now over me.Image removed.  My computer crapped out last Friday and is barely back to limping along, but the system is still so sc**wed up I can't watch anything, anywhere! New CPU shipping by 8/18.

Talk about ***s-i-i-gh***. Oh, well, it's not the Grand Final.

Posted by admincms on August 02, 2008

ASTV has passed the following on to me:

"our flash team recommend that you try turning off all ‘ad blockers’. This has worked on one of the PCs in the office that was unable to play content on the player."

I would further add that if you have IE7 set by default to block ActiveX, you will need to set it to "prompt" and then when the screen displays a message indicating that an ActiveX script wishes to run and it says it is the Microsoft-DRM code, you will need to allow that. 

Even with all of this, even I am still having some issues with the player myself and have a running dialog with the Perform Group on this and above issues.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

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