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Hey everyone,

I am an Aussie and have recently moved to Cleveland. Hoping someone here has access to the Aussie Rules Grand Final tonite as I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's on Setanta and Fox Sports Canada and Direct TV Ch 615 (Setanta) . Unfortunately I don't have access to any of these.

Would love to be able to watch it w anyone who's into Aussie rules. Have never missed the GF and would kill to watch it w some Aussie rules fans...

Please contact me here or by phone/email  

Peter Murphy     Ph: 216.536.0774   email: /merftrainer [at) yahoo [ dot } com">merftrainer [at) yahoo [ dot } com

The Grand Final is on Setanta Sports in the US including Cleveland.   To clarify that is what is carried on ch. 615 of DirecTV.  DirecTV is a satellite service.    Fox Sports World Canada is not (legally) carried in the US.  

My suggestion is to use our hints on the
Grand Final party page and check the Setanta venue finder for an establishment in your area that carries Setanta Sports.  I will also post this to you by e-mail and to one of our members in the area. 

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