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Have just arrived in NJ from Perth for minimum 3 years. What are the key things I need to know to get AFL coverage whilst living here? Can I select any cable service provider? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated


Posted by admincms on July 03, 2011

Hi Matrix,

Welcome to the site and I hope you are finding life here to your liking.

The short answer is "the same way everyone else here does" but more to the point, the first thing you need to read is our TV Info page (see link in the far right column under AFL on TV). It covers all the details about coverage in the US you will need, even if they don't make sense at first.

The primary US coverage is by the internet service.  To find out which cable / internet providers offer it follow the link in the TV Info page to the appropriate ESPN web page and look for your local internet provider there.  Additional coverage is available via MHz Networks if there is a MHz affiliate in your area.  There is now a MHz affiliate in the Philadelphia area.   Finally, any matches not carried on ESPN3 are carried by (a Telstra / Perform Ltd) operation at a subscription price.  About 4 games per season are on the widely available ESPN2 cable / satellite channel including the Grand Final.  There are no planned games remaining this season on ESPN2 until the Grand Final though one or two might pop up. 

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Swans500 on July 03, 2011

 Hi you mean Perth, Australia? I am from Perth and am now in Pittsburgh these last 5 years.

AFL coverage is as Rob has stated.

I have found this year to be the best access to the footy I have experienced...better in fact than when I lived in Oz!

I am on Verizon FIOs (fibre optic cable where available) which does provide ESPN3 streaming free...and I subscribe for a very fair fee to I therefore have access to a totally live coverage of every possible game, and the streams are VERY reliable and stable...have been for me at least...


Posted by Gerry D on July 28, 2011

Sorry that I'm so late to the discussion. I too live in NJ (Morris County) and agree that, in general, it's been one of the best coverage years. However, the key in this area is Verizon as a carrier as Dennis said.  ESPN 3 has been "as good as gold" in their coverage but please check if Verizon is your internet provider. ESPN has been slow in expanding its carrier agreements as best I can tell, and if Verizon isn't in your area you might be out of luck...or in luck depending. My nephew in NYC is one unfortunate although he catches the afternoon games at Aussie pubs (there are worse compromises <g>). Unconfirmed is that several cable carriers have ESPN III as a channel in their premium TV package as opposed to internet streaming but this may be dicey info from overzealous phone call solicitors. Despite ESPN III's very worthy work, Rob's initial skepticism about  the game s they would carry "on the tube" on ESPN II has been borne out on more than one occasion with at least one last minute cancellation/rescheduling and next to NO selling of the product on Sports Center. Could we see maybe one last guy posing at Home Plate to admire his home run or one less self-congratulatory slama-jamma to spotlight our sport there???


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