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Hey there!  I saw that I won first prize at the Grand Final telecast, what a nice surprise!  can anyone tell me what I've won?

Congrats, Jimbo.

As per the rules, we will notify all winners beginning the next business day (Mon. Oct 1, 2007).  In all probability the first e-mails will go out later today and the telephone notifications will begin tomorrow.   September is grueling for the staff of AFANA and we all need some rest this weekend.  I haven't had a full day off in weeks. 

Once the notifications are underway, the web page on the contest winners will be updated with specific details.  The reason we can't post all of that now is that some of it depends on decisions the winners need to make, particularly for some of the smaller prizes.  We don't want to have to post changes more often than necessary.   We also need to contact the winners and seek approval for the release of some information for privacy reasons.  Your first prize package includes AFL merchandise, a DVD, and a 3 month Setanta subscription.

Note to all readers:  you'll get a faster response to questions like this by posting in the forums in the future.  We prefer to use blogs for personal commentary, and other more traditional "blog" topics.   Thanks,

Posted by mcpish on October 02, 2007

good talking to you for the first time Rob,

hehe, your voice is nothing like how I imagined it would be.  For some reason, I had this vision in my mind that you'd have some sort of strong Australian accent or something ;-)

Philip Stiff
Posted by admincms on October 02, 2007

... that myself and almost all of those who make AFANA what it is are American or Canadian?         We do have Australian staff but the majority of them work for us in Australia.  That's what has made AFANA different from the outset.  We were Americans who believed in Australian football and wanted to give it a presence in the USA and Canada.   We accept volunteers from wherever they are from and wherever they are and that includes Aussies here and we have some great Aussies on staff.  One of the things that makes us effective though is that we are Americans and Canadians talking to American and Canadian TV people.  
Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 06, 2008

Thanks for following through on the grand final prizes. I love the Geelong jacket! In initial discussions it was mentioned that there would be some prize related to Setanta subscription, and that they would contact us. I can't speak for anyone else but I never had any contact. Is that something we can still follow up on? James Michigan

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