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I just got a msg on the message centre on my Shaw Digital Cable box.  It says that "Setanta Canada" there will be a FREE PREVIEW until Sept 7, 2007.  Previously I heard that it was not going to be available on Shaw but now I've received confirmation that it is.  The price is listed as $14.99/month CAD according to the message on my cable box.

It is on Channel 154 on Shaw Digital Cable.  Obviously a Digital Cable box is required (not on standard analog cable).

Posted by admincms on August 10, 2007

Hi mcpish,

We've received contradictory information on this and all we've been able to confirm is that Setanta and Rogers were launching a Pay per view service not the full channel.   Could you take the time to confirm this with them further (by e-mail  or phone).   This would be very big.

Posted by mcpish on August 10, 2007


I can personally confirm, Setanta Sports is now on Shaw.  I'm watching it right now, they are showing a South African Rugby game.  It's on Channel 154.  I have full schedule detail for the next 4 days on my Cable box, including the AFL matches on Friday and Saturday Night.  I trust my own eyes, it's the full Setanta Sports feed alright, Setanta Sports logo in the corner, my Cable Box lists it as "Setanta Sports" :-)  It just came on this morning, a few hours after I got the msg on my Cable box.

I just called them and asked one of the CSRs about the channel.  She told me that "Setanta Sports is a new premium service they are offering customers.  There will be a free preview of the channel until Sept 7th, afterwards it will be $14.99/month"

It's possible that it might not be available in all Shaw markets, but it is definitely available in Winnipeg anyhow, and probably other places like Edmonton, Calgary. 

It's just nice to finally have access to an International Sports channel that looks like it will actually put some effort into purchasing the rights for high quality programming.  Fox Sports World Canada just sucked this past few years, I certainly don't mind paying more for a niche programming interest if it's high quality.

Everyone is talking about it on other forums too,

Posted by mcpish on August 12, 2007

I just wanted to clarify, that full Live coverage of AFL was available on Setanta in Canada this past weekend. :-) I watched the Geelong vs. Adelaide game last night starting at 11PM Central Time, followed by a delayed game of Sydney vs St.Kilda at 2AM (CDT).  The night before I watched the Brisbane vs Hawthorne game live.

Ironically, these same games are STILL being broadcast on a tape-delay on Sportsnet Ontario, and Sportsnet HD in addition to their original live airings on Setanta.

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