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Setanta North America ( no longer lists ITVN as a provider.  I'm not sure when this occurred, but it was sometime within the last 2 to 3 weeks.

As you may already know, ITVN is in deep financial trouble.  They stopped accepting new subscribers about 2 months ago.  Setanta is not the first content provider to drop ITVN: they were preceded by Starz.  Although ITVN claims that it is "restructuring", it seems far more likely that they are on the verge of complete financial collapse and bankruptcy.  We had been ITVN subscribers for a year, until a few weeks ago when we switched from our landline cable TV provider to DirectTV.  While ITVN has not responded to numerous emails that we sent to them to cancel our service, stop-payments and reverse-charges were initiated with our bank to prevent future ITVN automated payments from going through.

Since we haven't had the ITVN box turned on or connected for over a month, we don't know whether or not the Setanta channel is still currently accessible via ITVN, but it seems very probable that it will go dark on ITVN soon.

My only advice to everyone who has been watching Setanta via ITVN is to switch to one of the satellite TV services if you can. We are extremely pleased with DirectTV.  Not only is the quality of the Setanta channel far superior to ITVN, overall signal quality for all of the DirectTV channels is much better than what we had via cable TV.


It now appears official, ITVN is dead.  We will updating our front page story on this.  Big loss for fans.  It will take us a couple of days to remove all links to them on the site.

Now that appears official that ITVN is officially dead, anyone currently subscribed to the service should contact their financial institutions as soon as possible to stop any current, pending and/or future payments to ITVN.  Recent payments can probably be reversed.  What is annoying is ITVN's website is still up and still claiming that they provide Starz & Setanta, both of which have pulled the plug on ITVN.  From what I read about Starz, Starz pulled the plug due to lack of payments from ITVN.  The same is probably true for Setanta.  I wonder when the ITVN servers went down.  I don't expect that they'll ever be coming up again.  I hope that anyone who was relying on ITVN to watch AFL can switch to a more reliable service, such as satellite TV.  It is a sad for fans.

Googling for information about ITVN has turned up some very interersting information.  One of the most interesting is a copy of ITVN's November, 2007 Form 8-K registration with the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) to become a subsidiary of BroadShift, Inc., from Toronto, Canada.  In the form (link removed - no longer valid - Ed.), it is acknowledged that there was also an earlier asset agreement between ITVN and BroadShift in July, 2007, at which time, ITVN sold the bulk of its assets to BroadShift for approximately $11M.  

The 8-K form, which was signed by ITVN's CEO on November 15, 2007, also disclosed the following financial information: ITVN had net losses in fiscal 2006 & 2005 of $6,125,000 and $3,726,000 respectively. In those same fiscal years of 2006 and 2005, ITVN's total revenues for those years was $1,045,000 and $767,000 respectively.  It is also indicated that from the time that ITVN entered into the July asset purchase agreement with BroadShift, that it had reduced its operations.  Two paragraphs later, ITVN (and Interactive Television Network, Inc.) acknowledges that it is unable to pay money to its debtors, which appears to be the situation as of November, 2007.

Googling for information about BroadShift revealed the following: the company website it contains two sentences:  "Regretfully, BroadShift has ceased operations.
We have been unable to obtain necessary funding to continue business."
  There is no indication as to the date when this occurred, but, if ITVN did indeed become a subsidiary of BroadShift sometime after November 15, 2007, ITVN can no longer be in business.  If it didn't, there appear to be no other interested parties interested in either iinvesting or purchasing it.  The $11M that ITVN received from BroadShift in July, 2007 was comprised of cash and stock in BroadShift. (Ed note: link removed as it no longer works .)  At this point, it is obvious that the BroadShift stock that ITVN received is worth $0.

Hi. Thank you for this information. I noticed that Setanta has a broadband service with the same programming. So anyone who wants to watch on their computer while they consider satellite options can do so. I'll be in touch with my credit card company immediately. 


Posted by Beaver on February 27, 2008

 And specified here in the Setanta Broadband info page:

*Important: Please note that due to certain rights agreements there is a small amount of content on the Setanta Sports televised service which we can not offer to subscribers of Setanta by Broadband. Most notably this includes Australian Rules football, Scottish Clydesdale Bank Premier League coverage and Club programming from Chelsea TV, MUTV and Barca TV - this content is blacked-out of the online simulcasts. If you are hoping to watch a particular match or event that is not referred to in the list above please check the list of fixtures on the “Don’t Miss” page before subscribing to ensure that it will be offered on Setanta by Broadband. If you are in any doubt please contact broadband [at) setanta [ dot } com.

I just went to and found that they are offering their own broadband pass for $59.95. All games available within 12 hours of the siren. No viewing limitations. There are also other perks, e.g. highlights, interviews, press conferences, etc.

It ain't perfect, but it's just what I need. Already paid my money.


Go Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Upon further review it seems this service is not new. Image removed. Some who tried it and posted comments didn't care for it.

Guess I'll find out for myself!Image removed.

Posted by Beaver on February 27, 2008

 I tried it...  had mixed result.  one being game txt msg updates from friends...during the games...:( the other being that it was Windows only...  I am on a mac so it required some fantsy manuevers to get it to work.  Quality was.. ok...  and most times it was 48hrs post game NOT 12 as advertised.   

 Just my 2c...


As noted on our front page article on the upgrade AFL web site, if there is anything new or improved about the international service, we will report that as soon as the 2008 details are available.  Until then, we suggest fans temper their excitement and wait to see what changes, if any, the AFL is made.  Read our story here.


So I travel a lot and havent had the chance to use my ITVN all that much. After reading all the information today in the posts on AFANA website I turned it on and logged in. The first 2 times it went to a black screen after a minute or so. However the third time it loaded fine and is playing as I speak. It has been on for about 20 minutes or so without cutting out and is an excellent feed.

So I am asking if anyone else is still getting a signal? And is this a mistake, whereby I shouldnt be receiving anything and I should cancel my service?

I would appreciate any advice in relation to this. I was looking forward to watching my Hawks on the weekend and now I not sure what the go is.

Look forward to some more information.

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 28, 2008

I have been attempting to cancel my subscription but nobody seems to be tel or fax # s are working.I also noticed that I was billed twice at the end of Jan...Are they officially out of business?I am now switching to DirectTV for Setanta.Thanks for any info/update
Posted by admincms on March 01, 2008

One of the AFANA officers reported a similar experience yesterday, so apparently their signal is limping along.  My guess is that they are very much on life support and probably have severely limited the servers they are using to save money.  The result, of course, is that most of us cannot connect at all.  Consider yourself lucky but don't count on tomorrow.  I still feel that they are no longer an option that we can confidently recommend to fans, and certainly not to new readers.

Thank you for letting me know about the unavailability on Setanta Broadband. One question. I have watched the highlights of games on And while the audio is fine, the video seems to sputter then pick up tempo rapidly to catch up. Do any subscribers to the $59.95 service have that problem? If not, I'll get that for a bit, but it looks like my schedule to get Satellite TV has been expedited significantly.

Posted by catmangolf on March 03, 2008

Thanks very much for you info,

I managed to contact Setanta through their customer service division and they did confirm that ITVN are no longer listed as a supplier of Setanta sports and are removing the ITVN name from their website as they find any references to them. I think this is enough to cancel the service before the charges start to get out of hand. But thanks again for all your updates.

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 12, 2008

Decided to give my ITVN box one more try before cancelling today, March 12th. Setanta still on air but via only one server instead of the 5 they used to it looks majorly a dicey proposition to last very far into the footy season. I emailed them a week ago with no reply. Anyone else aware of any updates.
Posted by Swans500 on March 13, 2008

As of yesterday March 12th I still recieved Setanta via a single server on ITVN. When this server too goes down I suppose that will be the end of it. They have not responded to my emails.


Anyone else with any updates on this matter?

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 14, 2008

It has been working for me on one stream until today. I almost posted yesterday saying it was still working, but I can't connect now. It seems like it might officially be dead. Same thing with no response to emails etc. as well.
Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 14, 2008

I got the email from setanta today informing me that it won't be available on ITVN anymore, so I decided to check my bank account and they've been double dipping and adding charges totally over $80 since December of last year. I will cancel the payment through my bank but I wondered what recourse I have given that the lights are off and nobody's home?
Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 15, 2008

It was working all week up until friday night, the 14th. I was hoping to watch some football this morning and nothing. I called my bank, they are disputing the charge, but I am afraid they will put a huge deduction through on my acct. I have to have my football, I guess it is satellite for me. d*mn
Posted by admincms on March 17, 2008

About all you can do is to call your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges.  They have apparently been doing this to a number of customers.  One wonders just what their credit card merchant processor is thinking... 

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 17, 2008

Found you guys after search google news for ITVN stuff. I was also double charged -after- Setanta was turned off on my box. They are not responding to emails and have no active phone number. I disputed the charges with my bank and they are resolving the issue. Just thought I'd write in to confirm that if you have ITVN, start checking your bank statements!
Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 22, 2008

Hi there I was looking around online to see if I was the only one who was being double charged from ITVN - the ultimate dodgy behavior from a bankrupted company. I was TRIPLE charged i February (08) and just today they were trying to double charge me for March. I have contacted my bank to avoid further charges. They do not reply to mail of phonecalls. Is so über dodgy.

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