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Footy FAQ: Footy Words You Need To Know

10. Footy FAQ: Footy Words You Need to Know

This is a "dictionary" of terms common in Australian football.  While there is a some general Aussie slang here, our emphasis is on the lingo or jargon of footy.  For general references to Aussie slang see these sources: and

A/C: acromio-clavicular joint, the shoulder joint; severe injury to the A/C joint can sometimes require a reconstruction and sideline a player for the season.

ACL: anterior cruciate ligament. One of several ligaments which support the knee and connect the knee joint to the other leg muscles. A ruptured ACL requires a knee reconstruction and will sideline a player for 12 months. However, some players have opted for the LARS procedure (Ligament Advanced Reinforcement System) which uses artificial material to replace the damaged tissue instead of a graft. It has been used for the last 4-5 years and players have returned to play in 4-6 months. It has been used in Europe for over 20 years but only came to prominence in AFL when Sydney's Nick Malceski was the first player to undergo the procedure in 2008.

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