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How You Can Help AFANA

Fans contact AFANA frequently and ask how they can help AFANA. Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Donate!  We always need financial help as we are self-supporting and receive no funds from the AFL or any of its affiliated organizations. Use the "Support AFANA!" button at the upper right of every page. 
  • Volunteer.  We always need volunteers. Just contact us and indicate you would like to help and let us know what skills you might have that you would be willing to apply on our behalf. (Keep in mind that there is lots of hard slog to do so not every job is peaches and cream!)
  • Link to us.  Post a link to AFANA on your web site or blog. If you have content that is Australian football related, let us know via "Feedback' on the menu and we will link back to you.
  • Spread the word.  If you like one of our stories or posts, then post a link to Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  • Buy Advertising.  We need good advertisers, particularly if your product is of value to footy fans. Contact us through the "Feedback" menu at the top of the page.

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New Look to and Donations Still Needed

Effective today, sports a new look and easier to use interface.   The new design is expected to be more compatible with a wider range of browsers, monitors, and operating systems and be more straightforward to use.  Key to the interface is that most of places you might want to go on the site are all on the drop down menus (as well as some of the traditional places).   The color scheme is brighter and the sidebars have both moved to the right side where you can find the links to recent stories, comments, blogs, and news from around the web.  User specific menu items and the TV schedule summary (downloadable from Google Calendars) are still right where you would expect them.  This completes the last major step in an upgrade process that began in December, 2007.

Questions or problems should be submitted via the Feedback links. 

As a reminder, AFANA has launched a drive for donations along with a new series of donation levels to replace the previous membership options.  Fans can support AFANA by following our "Donate To AFANA" link at the top right of every page and choosing one of the different donation choices we have.

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New Volunteer Needed for AFL Reviews and Previews

AFANA needs a new volunteer to process and post the AFL Reviews, Previews, and AFL on Radio schedule.  These do not need to be written or edited, just posted through our editing system.  This volunteer position will require about 30 to 45 minutes per week, less once you gain a few weeks experience.   If you would like to help us, respond by /aussiefb[at)afana[ dot }com?subject=Volunteer%20tor%20AFL%20Reviews">e-mail or use our contact links. 

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