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by Lisa reporting for AFANA from Chicago

B: Richards, Barry, Malceski
HB: Kennelly, Roberts-Thomson, C. Bolton
C: Buchanan, Kirk, Ablett
HF: O'Keefe, O'Loughlin, J. Bolton
F: Schneider, Hall, Fosdike
FOLL: Jolly, Goodes, McVeigh
I/C: Mathews, N. Davis, Dempster, Doyle
EMG: Spriggs, Bevan, Vogels

B: Parker, McPharlin, Hayden
HB: Mundy, Johnson, Dodd
C: Black, J.Carr, Peake
HF: Headland, Pavlich, Cook
F: Farmer, Murphy, Longmuir
FOLL: Sandilands, M.Carr, Bell
I/C: Crowley, Webster, McManus, Schammer
EMG: Polak, Grover, Drum

Field umpires: Vozzo, McBurney, Allen

B: Johncock, Rutten, Bassett
HB: Mattner, Bock, Torney
C: Burton, Goodwin, van Berlo
HF: Thompson, Perrie, Reilly
F: Bode, Welsh, Biglands
FOLL: Clarke, Shirley, Edwards
I/C: Doughty, McLeod, Stevens, Porplyzia
EMG: Massie, McGregor, Douglas
IN: Burton, McLeod
OUT: Douglas, Massie

B: B. Jones, Glass, Selwood
HB: Waters, Hunter, Stenglein
C: A. Embley, Cousins, Braun
HF: Chick, Hansen, Butler
F: Kerr, Lynch, Seaby
FOLL: Cox, Judd, Fletcher
I/C: Armstrong, Banfield, Graham, R. Jones
EMG: LeCras, Rosa, Staker
IN: Banfield, Graham
OUT: Wirrpanda (hamstring), Rosa

Field umpires: Ellis, Ryan, Goldspink

Andrew Embley was included in the side despite suffering a mysterious throat ailment for the past 6 weeks which has paralyzed his vocal cords and has prevented him from speaking above a whisper.  Embley, who gathered 29 possessions in an impressive performance against the Bulldogs last week, said the loss of his voice has limited his midfield role.

Embley woke up with a sore throat before the Round 19 match against the Kangaroos, then developed a chest infection. By the next week, he voice was gone. A specialist, Dr. Terence McManus, believes the virus has caused the paralysis and believes Embley will recover eventually, but cannot say when he would get his voice back.

McManus said Embley was suffering from vocal-cord palsy. He did not believe Embley would suffer any long-term problems. McManus explained that the nerve which makes the vocal cords work became damaged by the virus and said it could take as long as 3 months for the nerve to start functioning again.

Embley has sought out natural treatment and is trying herbal medicines, one of which he admitted tasted pretty awful.   While he is pretty much restricted to text messaging friends and family off the field, he has taken to clapping on the field to attract attention of teammates and get in their line of vision.


Article last changed on Friday, September 22, 2006 - 7:58 PM EDT

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