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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

The National Draft, Preseason Draft, and Rookie Draft were held late last year. Here are the results. Also included are the players whom each club delisted, traded, acquired via trade, and those who retired.

Delisted: Matthew Bode, John Hinge, Ian Perrie, Darren Pfeiffer, Jason Torney, Scott Welsh, Rhys Archard (rookie), Andrew McIntyre (rookie), James Turner (rookie)
Traded: Ben Hudson, Martin Mattner), John Meesen
Retired: Mark Ricciuto

Brad Moran traded from Kangaroos, Brad Symes traded from Port Adelaide
Rookie elevation: Greg Gallman
Scholarship elevation: Taylor Walker

Andrew McLeod


Tony Armstrong (Calder Cannons), 183 cm (6'), 75 kg (165 lbs): skilled defender who runs well and delivers the ball well.

Aaron Kite, Calder Cannons, 191 cm (6'2"), 77 kg (169 lbs): athletic tall defender who can also play forward.

Myke Cook (Sandringham Dragons), 182 cm (5'9"), 76 kg (167 lbs): midfielder who also played on a wing and forward with Sandringham. Presents well as forward target and looks a bit like Collingwood's Dale Thomas.

Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Falcons), 188 cm (6'1"), 80 kg (176 lbs): versatile midfielder with very good speed and endurance.

Jarrhan Jacky (Subiaco), 180 cm (5'9"), 71 kg (156 lbs): medium size forward who can also play midfield.

Andy Otten (Oakleigh Chargers), 192 cm (6'3"), 86 kg (189 lbs): midfielder who can play forward or defense as well. Strong ball winner with clean hands. Played for VIC Metro in the Under-18 carnival and was named to the TAC Cup Team of the Year.

James Moss (Central District), 187 cm (6'1'): strong rebounding defender. Was best on ground in his local club's (Donnybrook) premiership win.

Jared Petrenko (Eagles SA), 176 cm (5'7"), 75 kg (165 lbs): midfielder who represented SA at U-18's.

Edward Curnow (Geelong Falcons), 182 cm (5'9"), 75 kg (175 lbs): athletic midfielder with excellent speed and endurance. Central coach Garry Hocking compared him to Sydney's Brett Kirk.

Brodie Martin (Sturt), 181 cm (5'9"): athletic midfielder.

Delisted: Marcus Allan, Ben Fixter, Pat Garner, Will Hamill (rookie)
Traded: Richard Hadley, Cameron Wood
Retired: Chris Scott, Chris Johnson, Michael Voss

Travis Johnstone, traded from Melbourne
Anthony Corrie, promoted from rookie list

Colm Begley, 3rd Year (International Rookie), Scott Clouston, Daniel Dzufer, Hayden Kiel, Joel Tippett: 2nd year rookies

Matt Austin (North Ballarat Rebels), 186 cm (6'10"), 74 kg (163 lbs): very good skills and good overhead. Can also play forward.

Tom Collier (Tassie Mariners), 192 cm ((6'3"), 84 kg (185 lbs): versatile, athletic defender who can also play forward. Excellent agility, aerobic capacity and ballwinning ability. Captained Tasmania at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

Bradd Dalziell (East Fremantle), 184 cm (6'), 82 kg (180 lbs):Midfielder who was named East Fremantle's best player in WAFL reserves finals.

Lachlan Henderson (Geelong Falcons), 196 cm (6'4"), 90 kg (198 lbs): very mobile for his size and makes good use of the ball. Can play defense or forward.

James Polkinghorne (Calder Cannons), 181 cm (5'9"), 82 kg (180 lbs): midfielder who can play forward or defense. Good ball use and good catch of the ball.

Phil Smith (Calder Cannons), 188 cm (6'1"): quick and athletic midfielder/defender.

Pat Garner (Brisbane Lions), originally drafted by Brisbane in 2004, but has yet to play a senior game due to two knee reconstructions. Key defender or forward. Delisted at the end of 2007, but given another chance.

Pearce Hanley (County Mayo, Ireland): has been training with Brisbane for two months and has already seemed to master use of the ball. Has excellent speed and was first spotted playing for Ireland's junior team in the international series. Won the Ron Barassi Medal as Ireland's best player.

Delisted: Craig Flint, Dylan McLaren, Lance Whitnall, Anthony Raso, David Teague, Ross Young (rookie)
Traded: Josh Kennedy
Retired: Anthony Koutoufides, Matthew Lappin

Richard Hadley, traded from Brisbane; Chris Judd, traded from Eagles
Ryan Jackson & Aisake O'hAilpin, promoted from rookie list

Sam Jacobs & Michael Jamison, 2nd year

Dennis Armfield (Swan Districts), 181 cm (6'), 77 kg (177): speedy and agile midfielder who is a very good mark (catch of the ball) for his size.

Steven Browne (West Perth), 181 cm (5'9"), 74 kg (163 lbs): good user of the ball and a good catch of the ball. Promoted to West Perth's senior team after Under-18 tournament and adjusted very well. Enjoys going in hard at a contest for the ball.

Matthew Kreuzer (Northern Knights), 199 cm (6'5"), 91 kg (200 lbs): Excellent speed, agility, and endurance. Represented Vic Metro at Under-18 tournament, won the Morrish Medal U-18 equivalent of Brownlow), TAC Cup Coaches Award, Northern Knights best and fairest, MVP of U-18 tournament.

Darren Pfeiffer (Adelaide): drafted by Adelaide in 2005 but hampered by a stress fracture in his back in 2006. Unable to break into the senior Crow side in 2007 and was delisted. Can play midfield or forward.

Aaron Joseph (Tassie Mariners), 178 cm (5'8"), 75 kg (165 lbs): midfielder who goes in hard at man and ball. Played in Glenorchy's 2007 premiership win, represented Tasmania at U'18s for the past two seasons and was named MVP in both years.

Lachlan Hill (Oakleigh Chargers), 189 cm (6'2"), 83 kg (182 lbs): athletics background has given him the ability to cover a lot of ground. Can play forward, defense or midfield. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

David Ellard (Swan Districts), no information available

Michael Shields - rookie list (County Cork, International Player nomination)

Delisted Guy Richards, Daniel Nicholls (rookie)
Ben Davies traded to Kangaroos
Retired: Nathan Buckley, James Clement, Paul Licuria

Jaxson Barham, father/son rule, 182 cm (5'9"), 74 kg (163 lbs): midfielder with very good speed and endurance.

Martin Clarke promoted from rookie list
Cameron Wood traded from Brisbane

Simon Prestigiacomo
Anthony Rocca

Brent Macaffer & Sharrod Wellingham, 2nd Year

Toby Thoolan (Bendigo Pioneers), 195 cm (6'4"), 92 kg (202 lbs); 17 year old ruckman with very good ground level skills.

John McCarthy (Dandenong Stingrays) 187 cm (6'1"), 79 kg (174 lbs): quick midfielder who can also play forward and even defense in a pinch.

Luke Casey-Leigh (Sandringham Dragons) - son of former Richmond president Clinton Casey

Kevin Dyas (County Armagh, Ireland), no information available

Delisted: Kepler Bradley, Richard Cole, Mark Johnson, Lachlan McKinnon (rookie)
Retired: James Hird, Scott Camporeale, Mark Bolton, Chris Heffernan

Darcy Daniher, father/son rule, 191 cm (6'2"), 89.5 kg (197 lbs): versatile and strong overhead. Can read the well to move into a position advantageous to the team. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Heath Hocking & Adam Ramanauskas promoted from rookie list

Matthew Lloyd

Danny Chartress & Dean Dick, 2nd Year

Cale Hooker (East Fremantle), 195 cm (6'4'), 84 kg (185 lbs): quick and agile for his size. Also has good endurance.

David Myers (Perth), 190 cm (6'2"), 85 kg (187 lbs): hardworking midfielder/defender with a long kick. Very good at running the ball out of defense. Represented WA in 2007 U-18 tournament and won the Barassi Medal as best in the U-118 international series against Ireland in 2006.

Tayte Pears (East Perth), 192 cm (6'3"), 90 kg (198 lbs): center half back who had outstanding U-18 tournament.

John Williams (Morningside), no information available

Tom Bellchambers (Tassie Mariners), 191 cm (6'2"), 91 kg (200 lbs): skilled ruckman with excellent tap ability. Made his VFL debut against AFL (St. Kilda) ruckman Matthew Clarke and held his own.

Rhys Magin (Zillmere), no information available

Jarrod Atkinson (Bendigo Bombers), no information available

Delisted: Clayton Collard, Ryley Dunn, Robert Haddrill, Calib Mourish, James Walker, Benet Copping (rookie), Darren Rumble (rookie)
Retired: Troy Cook, Justin Longmuir, Shane Parker

Andrew Foster promoted from rookie list

Chris Smith, 2nd Year


Kepler Bradley (Essendon), 199 cm (6'5"), 100 kg (220 lbs): debuted for Essendon in 2004 and played 49 games. Excellent agility for a player of his size and very skilled. Can play forward, defense, ruck, and on a wing.

Clayton Hinkley (North Ballarat Rebels), 185 cm (6'), 72 kg (159 lbs): best asset is his speed, which he can use to set up play for teammates and break opposition lines. Can play half forward,midfield, or on a wing.

Mark Johnson (Essendon), 180 cm (5'9"), 80 kg (176 lbs): experienced midfielder who played 194 games for the Bombers since his 1999 debut. Very consistent ballwinner who uses aggression in a positive way.

Chris Mayne (Perth), 188 cm (6'1"), 85 kg (187 lbs): highly skilled forward who presents well to receive the ball from teammates. Excellent endurance.

Rhys Palmer (East Fremantle), 181 cm (5'9") 79 kg (175 lbs): Very good endurance and smart player. Played senior football with East Fremantle, represented WA at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

Joshua Head (South Fremantle), 188 cm (6'1"), 84 kg (185 lbs): quick running defender who is an excellent kick of the ball.

Brent Connelly (Gippsland Power) 200 cm (6'5"), 85 kg (187 lbs): ruckman with very good running ability for player of his size. Can also play forward.

Luke Pratt (Swan Districts), 183 cm (6'), 70 kg (154 lbs): defender who reads the play well and is not afraid to attack to win the ball. Represented WA at U-18's.

Calib Mourish (Fremantle) 190 cm (6'2"), 89 kg (196 lbs): strong, aggressive key forward drafted by the Dockers in 2006. Played no senior games in 2007 and delisted. Has a second chance.

Ryley Dunn (Fremantle), 182 cm (5'9"), 86 kg (189 lbs): versatile midfielder/defender who was restricted to just five games in 4 seasons, partly due to a succession of injuries. Former coach Chris Connolly compared him to Paul Hasleby.

Delisted: Sam Hunt, Stephen Owen, Matthew Spencer, Todd Grima (rookie), Joel Reynolds (rookie)
Traded: Tim Callan, Charlie Gardiner, Steven King, Henry Playfair

Adam Donohue, father/son rule, 182 cm (5'9"), 82 kg (180 lbs): midfielder with excellent foot skills.
Jason Davenport & Tom Lonergan promoted from rookie list

Dan McKenna (Gippsland Power) 194 cm (6'3"), 83 kg (182 lbs): highly skilled center half forward who can also play center half back. Represented Vic Country at U-18 tournament.

Dawson Simpson (Murray Bushrangers), 205 cm (6'7"), 97 kg (213 lbs): skilled ruckman who represented Vic Country at the U-18 tournament. Can play through injury as he did with Murray when he played much of last season with a broken bone in his wrist.

Scott Simpson (Dandenong Stingrays), 194 cm (6'3"), 91 kg (200 lbs): center half forward with great work ethic and focus on footy. Not overly quick, but will lead up the ground to present himself as a target for the ball from teammates. Represented Vic Metro at U-18 tournament.

Harry Taylor (East Fremantle), 195 (6'4"), 90 (198 lbs): Agile with great endurance and can play a variety of positions.

Brodie Moles (Tasmania VFL), 185 cm (6'), 84 kg (185 lbs): has speed and is a long kick of the ball. Can play forward or on a wing. Dangerous near goal.

Jeremy Laidler (Calder Cannons), 188 cm (6'1"), 82 kg (180 lbs): excellent hand and foot skills, capable of playing midfield, defense, forward or as a rover. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Chris Kangars (Geelong Falcons), 193 cm (6'3"), 84 kg (185 lbs): tall defender with excellent speed and endurance. Represented Vic Country at U-18's. Falcons coach Garry Hocking said he had a better time over 400 meters (437 yds) than Cathy Freeman.

Shane Mumford (Geelong VFL), 200 cm (6'5"), 102 kg (224): towering ruckman who played six senior games in the VFL.

Delisted:Matt Little, Josh Thurgood, Brett Collins (rookie), Sam Gibson (rookie)
Retired: Joel Smith, Ben Dixon, Richie Vandenberg

Luke McEntee promoted from rookie list

Matthew Suckling, 2nd Year

Stuart Dew (Port Adelaide), 183 cm (6'), 90 kg (198 lbs): retired from Port at the end of 2006 but decided to try again. Surprise selection, Dew is a long-kicking half forward who joined Port from SANFL club Central Districts when Port joined the AFL. Played 180 games with Port, including the 2004 premiership. Well-known for routinely kicking goals from beyond 50 meters (55 yards) and making it look easy.

Cyril Rioli (St Marys), 178 cm (5'8"), 74 kg (162 lbs): related to Tiger legend Maurice and former Bomber Dean. A small forward with excellent goal-kicking ability. Represented the Northern Territory at the U-18 tournament.

Brendan Whitecross (Zillmere), 182 cm (5'10"), 79 kg (174 lbs): medium sized midfielder/defender with excellent skills. Represented Queensland in U-18 tournament.

Hugh Sandilands (Oakleigh Chargers), 191 cm (6'2"), 82 kg (180 lbs): versatile player best suited to center half back. Captained his school team (Caufield) and represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Tim Walsh (Port Adelaide Magpies), 198 cm (6'5"), 92 kg (202 lbs): defender who reads the play well and is a very good mark (catch of the ball).

Alex Grima (Tassie Mariners), 185 cm (6"), 75 kg (165 lbs): midfielder who always seems to have time and space when he gets the ball.

Cameron Stokes (Darwin), 174 cm (5'7), 74 kg ((162 lbs): small midfielder/forward with a strong attack on the ball. Captained the NT team at the U-18 tournament.

Delisted: Daniel McConnell, David Trotter, Callum Urch, Djaran Whyman, Blake Grima, Ben Hughes (rookie),
Tim Hutchison (rookie)

Traded: Brad Moran
Retired: Glenn Archer, Kasey Green, Jon Hay

Leigh Adams & Matt Campbell promoted from rookie list
Ben Davies traded from Collingwood, Sam Power traded from the Western Bulldogs

Levi Greenwood (Port Adelaide Magpies), 181 cm (5'9"), 91 kg (200 lbs): can play as a midfielder or running defender. Enjoys the physical side of the game and is very hard to beat in one-on-one contests. Was South Australia's MVP at U-18 tournament.

Blake Grima (Kangaroos), 180 cm (5'9"), 85 (187 lbs): originally drafted by the Kangaroos in 2002, Grima managed just 12 games due to a succession of injuries. He was delisted by the Kangaroos at the end of last season, but they have opted to give him another chance. Grima is a long-kicking midfielder with very good ball-winning skills.

Josh Smith (West Perth), 194 cm (6'3"), 105 kg (231 lbs): at 21 years of age, he is a mature age recruit, but has very good hand and foot skills.

Robbie Tarrant (Bendigo Pioneers), 196 cm (6'4"), 92 (202 lbs): tall center half forward who can also play center half back.

Scott Thompson (Geelong VFL), 192 cm (6'3"), 88 kg (194 lbs): skilled defender who plays a similar style to Geelong's Matthew Scarlett. Was among the best during the VFL finals series including the VFL premiership win.

Nathan Grima (Central District), 191 cm (6'2"), 88 kg (193 lbs): solid defender who goes in hard at the contest.

Cruize Garlett (Perth), 172 cm (5'6"), 70 kg (154 lbs): forward with excellent hand and foot skills. Great awareness of what is around him and very dangerous near goal.

Alan Obst (Central District), 192 cm (6'3'), 89 kg (196 lbs): drafted by Adelaide in 2005 but did not play a senior game and was delisted at the end of 2007. Tall defender who is strong overhead. Played in Central's 2007 premiership win.

Michael Wundke (North Adelaide), 191 cm (6'2"), 90 kg (198 lbs): another strong-marking (good catch of the ball) forward.

James Wilsen, rookie list (St George, NSW Scholarship holder), 193 cm (6'3"), 98 kg (215 lbs): Tall forward who leads well to present himself as a target for teammates with the ball, strong aerial skills. Represented NSW/ACT at U-18's.

Delisted: Ryan Ferguson, Simon Godfrey, Heath Neville, Daniel Ward, Daniel Hayes (rookie), Daniel Hughes (rookie), Shane Neaves (rookie)
Traded: Travis Johnstone
Retired: Clint Bizzell, Nathan Brown, Byron Pickett

Jace Bode promoted from rookie list
John Meesen traded from Adelaide

Jeff White


Kyle Cheney (North Ballarat Rebels), 184 cm 6'3), 85 (187 lbs): tough, fast and has a great leap.

Jack Grimes (Northern Knights), 187 cm (6'1"), 76 kg (167 lbs): very good ball winner with excellent endurance. Can play forward, midfield, and defense. Represented Vic Metro at U-18 tournament and was named All-Australian.

Addam Maric (Calder Cannons), 179 cm (5'9"), 80 kg (176): medium forward with good hands, football smarts, and dangerous around goal. Excellent kick of the ball with right and left foot.

Tom McNamara (South Adelaide), 189 cm (6'2"), 84 kg (185 lbs): disciplined defender who reads the play well, remains cool under pressure and knows how to win the ball. Represented SA at U-18 tournament.

Cale Morton (Claremont), 192 cm (6'3"), 75 kg (165 lbs): Has speed, endurance and is very athletic. Could play on a wing, in defense or forward. Represented WA at U-18 tournament and won Larke Medal as best division player.

Stefan Martin (Sandringham Zebras), 197 cm (6'4"), 95 kg (209 lbs): athletic former basketballer with excellent agility for a player of his size.

Trent Zomer (Eastern Ranges), 194 cm (6'3",) 94 kg (206 lbs): center half back who can also go forward. Basketball background means he has an excellent leap. Can also play ruck.

Austin Wonaeamirri (Norwood), 178 cm (5'8"), 78 kg (171 lbs): speedy small forward from the Tiwi Islands. Represented the NT at the U-18's. Norwood development manager David Oatey compared him to Melbourne speedster Aaron Davey.

Jake Spencer (Redlands), no information available

Shane Valenti (Sandringham Zebras), 176cm (5'8"), 80 kg (176 lbs): skilled rover with speed and excellent ballwinning ability and finishing skills. Won VFL's Most Promising Player award, was second in Liston trophy (VFL equivalent of Brownlow), and won Sandringham best and fairest award.

Delisted: Ryan Willits, Nathan Batsanis (rookie), Peter Hardy (rookie), Alex Lee (rookie)
Traded: Brad Symes
Retired: Josh Mahoney & Darryl Wakelin

Gavin Grose, 2nd Year


Mitchell Farmer (Calder Cannons), 179 cm (5'9"), 76 kg (167 lbs): tough midfielder who is an excellent kick. Cam also play defense or forward. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Matthew Lobbe (Eastern Ranges), 199 cm (6'5"), 82 kg (180 lbs): ruckman who can also play center half forward. Won Ranges best and fairest in 2006 and 2007. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Marlon Motlop (Wanderers), 182 cm (5'9"), 76 kg (167 lbs): midfielder with good evasive skills and can cover a lot of ground. Dangerous near goal and won 2006 medal as best division player at national tournament. Cousin to Kangaroo Daniel Motlop.

Matthew Westhoff (Central District), 192 cm (6'2"), 77 kg (169 lbs): brother to Port's Justin, is a very good goalkicker. Has very good mobility for his size and has strong aerial and ground level skills.

Nick Salter (Woodville West Torrens), 191 cm (6'3"), 94 (206 lbs): key forward who can play defense or midfield as well.

Daniel Boyle (Murray Bushrangers), 184 cm (6'3"), 84 (185 lbs): defender who did well at state screening after overcoming illness early in the season.

Ryan Willits (Port Adelaide), 198 cm (6'5"), 99 kg (218 lbs): ruckman with good speed for his size. Drafted by Port in 2004, but played just five senior games. Delisted at the end of 2007, then redrafted by Port. With Lade nearing the end of his career, should have more opportunity.

Delisted: Patrick Bowden, Brett Hartigan, Andrew Krakouer, Carl Peterson, Tas Clingan (rookie).
Retired: Darren Gaspar, Ray Hall, Kent Kingsley, Trent Knobel

Angus Graham & Jacob King promoted from rookie list
Jordan McMahon traded from the Western Bulldogs, Mitch Morton traded from Eagles

Joel Bowden


Trent Cotchin (Northern Knights), 184 cm (6'), 81 kg (178 lbs): quick midfielder with excellent balance and reads the play very well. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's and was vice-captain of the Knights, indicating leadership qualities.

Dean Putt (Calder Cannons), 202 cm (6'6"), 88 kg (193 lbs): ruckman/forward with very good ground level skills and endurance.

Alex Rance (Swan Districts), 194 cm (6'3"), 87 kg (191 lbs): athletic defender with excellent speed and endurance. Not afraid to attack the contest to win the ball. Represented WA at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

David Gourdis (Subiaco), 193 cm (6'3"), 88 kg (193 lbs): athletic center half forward who set a new vertical leap record at the AFL Draft Camp. Also equaled the sprint record over 20 meters (22 yards). Very good mark.

Clayton Collard (Fremantle), 182 cm (5'9"), 90 kg (198 lbs): small and quick forward drafted by Fremantle in 2006. Played just one game in 2007 before being delisted.

Jarrod Silvester (Oakleigh Chargers), 191 cm (6'2"), 89 kg (196 lbs): strong and quick defender who was named in the VFL Team of the Year.

Tristan Cartledge (North Ballarat Roosters), 199 cm (6'5"), 93 kg (204 lbs): ruckman drafted by Essendon in 2002. With the emergence of Hille and Laycock in the ruck, Cartledge managed just 7 games and was delisted at the end of last season.

Cam Howat (Richmond), 182 cm (5'9"), 77 kg (169 lbs): ballwinning, long-kicking midfielder who spent two years on Richmond's rookie list. Briefly promoted to the seniors for five games in 2006 and another 15 in 2007. Delisted and then redrafted by the Tigers.

Delisted:L Barry Brooks, Andrew McQualter, Phil Raymond, Justin Sweeney, Fergus Watts, James Wall (rookie)
Retired: Matthew Clarke, Fraser Gehrig, Aaron Hamill, Andrew Thompson, Brett Voss

Sean Dempster & Adam Schneider traded from Sydney, Charlie Gardiner & Steven King traded from Geelong

Jarryn Geary & Clinton Jones promoted from rookie list

Jayden Attard, Robert Eddy & Luke Van Rheenen, 2nd Year

SCHOLARSHIP ROOKIES: Khan Haretuku, no information available


Eljay Connors (Bendigo Pioneers), 181 cm (5'9"), 65 kg (143 lbs): good speed and evasive skills. A punctured lung interrupted his 2007 season.

Fraser Gehrig (St Kilda): another who decided to come out of retirement for one more season. Surely the Saints will be delighted to have their power forward patrolling the goalsquare, menacing opposition defenders and kicking goals in 2008.

Ben McEvoy (Murray Bushrangers), 199 cm (6'5"), 93 kg (204 lbs): ruckman who also was given a chance up forward with Murray. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

Jack Steven (Geelong Falcons), 181 cm (5'9"), 80 kg (176 lbs): versatile player who can play a variety of positions. Quick with very good skills.

Glenn Chivers (Oakleigh Chargers), medium-sized defender midfielder

Luke Miles (Swan Districts), no information available

Andrew McQualter (St Kilda), 179 cm (5'9"), 74 kg (162 lbs): speedy midfielder with excellent agility and endurance. Drafted in 2004 and played just 23 games 2005-2007. Delisted and redrafted by the Saints.

Delisted: Simon Phillips, Jonathan Simpkin, Luke Vogels, Matthew Davis (rookie), Matthew O'Dwyer (rookie), Sam Rowe (rookie), Earl Shaw (rookie)
Traded: Sean Dempster & Adam Schneider to St, Kilda
Retired: Stephen Doyle

Ed Barlow, Luke Brennan, & Kieran Jack promoted from rookie list
Craig Bird promoted from scholarship list
Martin Mattner traded from Adelaide, Henry Playfair traded from Geelong

Leo Barry & Michael O'Loughlin

Nick Smith, 2nd Year


Brett Meredith (Northern Knights), 182 cm (5'9"), 81 kg (178 lbs): Quality player with excellent skills on both sides of his body. Primarily a midfielder but proved to be a handy forward as well while regaining fitness after shoulder surgery. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Patrick Veszpremi (Northern Knights), 181 cm (5'9"), 83 kg (182 lbs): Forward with a booming kick who can also play defense.

Matt O'Dwyer (Sydney), 181 cm (5'9"), 79 kg (173 lbs): midfielder/half-forward with excellent skills and speed. Dangerous near goal, reads the play well, and has good evasive skills.

Brendan Murphy (County Carlow, Ireland), no information available

Matthew Beckmans (Turvey Park), no information available

Aaron Bruce (Eastlake), no information available

Dean Terlich (Murray Bushrangers), skilled palyer who can play forward, midfield or rover.

Jake Orreal (Western Taipans), no information available

Delisted: Ben Cousins, Daniel Chick, Ashley Sampi, Ben Sharp (rookie), Llane Spaanderman (rookie), Ashley Thornton (rookie), Beau Wilkes (rookie)
Traded: Chris Judd & Mitch Morton
Retired: Rowan Jones and Josh Wooden

Chad Jones & Jamie McNamara promoted from rookie list
Josh Kennedy traded from Carlton

Michael Braun

Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide Magpies), 187 cm (6'1"), 86 kg (189 lbs): forward who reads the play well and is a very good mark (catches the ball well). Represented SA at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

Chris Masten (East Fremantle), 179 cm (5'9"), 78 (171 lbs): midfielder with excellent endurance. Represented WA at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

Tony Notte (Swan Districts), 194 cm (6'3"), 72 (159 lbs): mobile forward who is a very good catch of the ball and an accurate kick for goal. Represented WA at U-18's.

Scott Selwood (Bendigo Pioneers), 184 cm (6'), 81 kg (178 lbs): disciplined defender with good hands. The fourth Selwood brother to enter AFL ranks with Joel (Geelong), Adam (West Coast), and Troy (Brisbane).

Patrick McGinnity (Claremont),184 cm (6'), 77 kg (169 lbs)


Lewis Stevenson (Claremont), 185 cm (6'), 75 kg (165 lbs): skilled wing player with a great running capacity.

Ashley Arrowsmith (Calder Cannons), 186 cm (6'1"), 82 kg (180 lbs): strong running midfielder/forward, a good kick of the ball. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Will Sullivan (Western Jets), 202 cm (6'6"), 95 kg (209 lbs): athletic ruckman with excellent aerobic capacity. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

Callum Wilson (South Fremantle), 190 cm (6'2'), 79 kg (173 lbs): Strong mark (catch of the ball) who can play forward or defense.

Beau Wilkes (West Coast), 194 cm (6'3"), 93 (204 lbs): tall forward who spent three years on West Coast's rookie list but could not break into strong senior squad.

Ryan Davis (North Shore), 89 cm (6'2"), 78 kg (171 lbs): Athletic running defender. Represented NSW/ACT at U-18's.


Delisted: Travis Baird, Cameron Faulkner, Damian McCormack, Tim Walsh, Marty Pask (rookie), Michael West (rookie)
Traded: Jordan McMahon & Sam Power
Retired: Luke Darcy, Chris Grant, Brett Montgomery, Matthew Robbins

Jarrod Harbrow promoted from rookie list
Tim Callan traded from Geelong, Ben Hudson traded from Adelaide

Brad Johnson

Gavin Hughes, 2nd Year


Jarrad Boumann (Dandenong Stingrays), 196 cm (6'4"), 82 kg (180 lbs)

Jarrad Grant (Dandenong Stingrays) 191 cm (6'2"), 77 kg (169 lbs): talented forward with all the requisite skills - strong catch of the ball, speed and presents well as a target for teammates with the ball. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's and was named All-Australian.

Guy O'Keefe (Geelong Falcons), 184 cm (6'), 76 kg (167 lbs): smart forward who reads the play well, is a good decision maker and uses the ball well. Represented Vic Country at U-18's.

Sam Reid (Zillmere), Callan Ward (Western Jets), 185 cm (6'), 75 kg (165 lbs): midfielder who uses the ball well by hand and foot. Capable of playing forward or defense. Represented Queensland at U-18's.

Easton Wood (Camperdown), 184 cm (6'), 82 kg (180 lbs)


Scott Welsh (Adelaide): originally drafted by the Kangaroos in 1995. Played 36 games, including the 1999 premiership. Traded at the end of 1999 to Adelaide. Played 129 games with the Crows and was their leading goalkicker in 2000 and 2004-2005. Missed most of 2006 with injury but had a strong 2007 season, playing 21 games and again topped the club's goals list with 49.

James Mulligan (Southport), 201 cm (6'6"), 96 kg (211 lbs): athletic and long kicking ruckman.

Henry White (North Adelaide), 185 cm (6'), 70 kg (154 lbs): hard-running midfielder defender.

John Shaw (Sandringham Dragons), 197 cm (6'4"), 90 kg (198 lbs): talented ruckman who tested well at a state screening.

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