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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Bulldogs Win Bid

Several weeks ago, the Western Bulldogs indicated they would select Ayce Cordy under the father-son rule. However, St. Kilda was also interested in the Geelong Falcons junior and were willing to give up their Round One draft selection (#13 overall) to secure him. Under the bidding rules, the Bulldogs matched St. Kilda's offer of giving up their Round One draft selection (#14 overall) to secure Cordy.

Graeme, Neil and Brian Cordy all played for the Bulldogs in the 1980s. Graeme played only six games before shifting to Sydney. Neil played 139 games for the Dogs and also shifted to Sydney. Brian played 124 games for the Bulldogs.

Source: Jonathon Monasso, AFL Media Release, Encyclopedia of League Footballers

Sydney Secures Second Irish Player

County Tyrone Gaelic footballer Kyle Coney is headed for Australia after signing a two year contract with the Sydney Swans. He joins fellow countryman Tadhg Kennelly, who has become one of the best running defenders in the AFL and the first Irish player to participate in a winning Grand Final team.



Trade week was October 4-10 with the following deals made:

Port Adelaide traded Adam Thomson to Richmond in exchange for the Tiger's Round Three draft pick (#42).  Thomson was drafted in 2004 by Port, but managed just 28 games as he was unable to cement a spot in the strong Port midfield.

Port has draft selections 4, 22, 38, 42 and 54.

Collingwood traded Rhyce Shaw and their Round Four draft selection (# 61) to the Sydney Swans for their Round Three draft selection (#46).
Rhyce is the son of former player Ray Shaw and nephew of former player and coach Tony Shaw. His brother Heath also plays for Collingwood. Their cousin Brayden, son of Tony, also was with the club for two seasons but played just six games before being delisted at the end of 2005.

Brisbane traded Anthony Corrie to Collingwood for their Round Six selection (#93). Corrie was drafted in 2002 but missed most of 2006 and 2007 due to a knee reconstruction. He was added to the Lions' rookie list in 2002. He was delisted at the end of 2006 and then added to Brisbane's rookie list in 2007. He returned this season to the senior list and played 20 games for a total of 58 games.

The Western Bulldogs traded Farren Ray and their Round Three selection (#48) to St Kilda for their Round Two selection (#31). Ray was drafted in 2003 and played 75 games with the Bulldogs.

Geelong traded Brent Prismall to Essendon for their Round Three selection (#39). Prismall was drafted in 2004 and played 25 games with the Cats.

Fremantle traded Robert Warnock and their Round Five selection (#69) to Carlton for their Round Two selection (#24), Round Four selection (#56) and Round Five selection (#72).Warnock, a promising ruckman, was drafted in 2005 and played 21 games for the Dockers.

Fremantle now has draft selections 3, 21, 24, 37, 53 and 56.

The draft selections are tentative and will be finalized after the clubs finalize their lists ahead of the national draft. Those finalizations will determine how many selections each club will have at the draft.

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release & AFL Record Season Guides

NOTE: Draft selections listed above are subject to change, depending on club list changes ahead of the draft -ed


Shortly after the 2008 season was finished, all 16 clubs began culling their lists to make room for potential additions during trade week. At the end of October, all clubs were required to submit their first player list lodgments with the AFL. Below are the combined results of early delistings as well as subsequent delistings and additions. Player briefs for later delistings are in ( ).

The club delisted Kris Massie, Luke Jericho and Bryce Campbell

Massie, 28, played a total of 131 games. He played 43 games with Carlton before being traded to Adelaide at the end of 2002. He played 88 games with the Crows. Jericho, 23, was drafted by Adelaide in 2002 and played 33 games. Campbell, 24, was drafted in 2006 but managed just eight games. With the retirements of Rhett Biglands, Nathan Bassett and Ken McGregor, the club now has six open spots on their list. They currently have selections 10, 28, 44, 60, 76 and 92 at the AFL national draft in November.

Jared Petrenko has been elevated to the seniors from the rookie list. He was added to the club's rookie list in 2007. Fellow rookie Ed Curnow, also added to the list in 2007 has not been offered a new contract. Rookies James Moss and Brodie Martin have been retained on the rookie list for a second season.

Full Changes:
Retired: Nathan Bassett, Rhett BIglands, Ken McGregor
Delisted: Bryce Campbell, Luke Jericho, Kris Massie
Additions: Jared Petrenko elevated from rookie list
Retained: Brodie Martin and James Moss on rookie list

Source: David Burtenshaw, Club Media Release & AFL Record Season Guides

Matthew Moody, who has struggled with groin problems and played only nine games in two years, has been delisted. Moody played a total of 34 games for the club after being drafted in 2003. He earned a Rising Star nomination in 2006.

Full Changes:
Traded: Anthony Corrie to Collingwood
Retired: Nigel Lappin, Beau McDonald
Delisted: Robert Copeland, Wayde Mills, Matthew Moody, Chris Schmidt, Daniel Dzufer (debut 2007, 1 game), Phil Smith (2008 rookie, 0 games), Joel Tippett (2007-08 rookie, 0 games), Colm Begley**

Additions: Scott Clouston elevated from rookie list Veterans: Simon Black, Daniel Bradshaw
Retained: Pat Garner, Pearce Hanley on rookie list

**Begley, one of two Irish recruits, debuted in 2005 and played 29 games. Brendan Quigley, who was recruited at the same time as Begley, quit the club in 2006 and returned to Ireland.
Begley will nominate for the national draft. If not selected, he will nominate for the preseason draft. Should he fail in both, he is considerng a return to Ireland to resume his career in Gaelic

Source: Sam Lord, Club Media Release, AFL Record Season Guides;

Michael Jamison has been elevated to the seniors from the rookie list. He has played 21 games for the Blues, mainly in defense. He can also play forward.

Cain Ackland, Clinton Benjamin, Luke Blackwell, Ryan Jackson and Irishman Aisake
O’hAilpin (brother to Carlton's Setanta) have all been delisted while Jason Saddington has retired.

Saddington was originally drafted by Sydney in 1997 and played 142 games before being traded to Carlton at the end of 2005. He played just 20 games with Carlton due to struggles with knee injuries.

Cain Ackland was picked up by Port Adelaide in the 1999 draft and played 41 games with Port before being delisted at the end of 2004. He was then drafted by St. Kilda where he played just 12 games and was delisted at the end of 2006. He played 21 games with the Blues, who selected him in the 2007 Preseason Draft.

Clinton Benjamin was drafted in 2006 but never played a senior game. He spent two injury interrupted seasons in the VFL. Luke Blackwell joined Carlton in 2004 under the father-son rule and debuted in 2006. He played 23 games. Ryan Jackson was added to the rookie list in 2006 and later elevated to the senior list that year. He played only nine games. Aisake O’hAilpin joined Carlton as an international rookie in 2005 and elevated to the senior list in 2007 but never played a senior game in two seasons marred by injury.

Carlton has also made several coaching changes, the biggest being retired Saint Robert Harvey coming on board as Development Coach. Former Magpie Gavin Crosisca was not offered a new contract. He joined the Blues as a defensive coach in 2007. Retired Blue Matthew Lappin moves from his role as Development Coach in 2008 to an assistant coach.

Ful list changes:
Retired: Jason Saddington
Delisted: Cain Ackland, Clinton Benjamin, Luke Blackwell, Ryan Jackson, Aisake O’Hailpin, Darren Pfeiffer (Adelaide 2005-07, 0 games; Carlton 2008, seven games), David Ellard (2008 rookie, 1 game), Lachie Hill (2008 rookie, 0 games), Sam Jacobs (2007-08 rookie, 0 games), Aaron Joseph (2008 rookie, 0 games), Michael Shields (2008 Irish rookie, 0 games)
Additions: Robert Warnock traded from Fremantle, Michael Jamison elevated from rookie list

Source: Ian Coutts, Club Media Release & AFL Record Season Guides

Traded: Rhyce Shaw to Sydney
Retired: Scott Burns, Ryan Lonie, Shane Wakelin
Delisted: Chris Egan, Brodie Holland, Sam Iles, Tobias Thoolen (darfted in 2007, 0 games), Luke Casey-Leigh (2008 rookie listed player, 0 games)

Additions: Anthony Corrie traded from Brisbane, Brent Mcaffer and Sharrod Wellingham elevated from rookie list, Scott Reid (scholarship rookie), Lachlan Keefe (international rookie)

Retained: Kevin Dyas on rookie list

Source: AFL Record Season Guides

Essendon has delisted Tom Hislop. Drafted in 2006, Hislop played seven games since his 2007 debut. The club also delisted Damien Peverill, Andrew Lee, Courtney Johns and rookies Dean Dick and Danny Chartres.

Peverill was rookie listed in 2000 and elevated to the senior list in 2001 to replace Joe Misiti who was on the long-term injury list. He played nine very impressive games and it was a tough call for then coach Kevin Sheedy to drop him back to the rookie list when Misiti returned. With various delistings and retirements at the end of year, there was a permanent spot on the senior list for Peverill who went on to play a total of 144 games.

Lee debuted in 2006 and played five games that year, but did not play any senior games in 2007 or 2008. His brief career has been hampered by shoulder problems and the dreaded groin problem osteitis pubis.

Johns was another promising talent and the club drafted him in 2003 despite a serious hip injury which prevented his debut until 2005. He played three games midseason before being sidelined with a hamstring injury late in the year. Ankle, rib and hamstring injuries restricted him to 10 games in 2006. He played six games in 2007 in between VFL stints but managed only two games in 2008.

Both Chartres and Dick spent two years on the rookie list. Neither ever played a senior game. The club has promoted rookie Jarrod Atkinson to the senior list. Atkinson, 23, was a mature age recruit whom the club recruited from the Bendigo Bombers. He was added the rookie list this year.

Full list changes:
Retired: Jason Johnson, Mal Michael, Adam Ramanauskas
Delisted: Tom Hislop, Courtney Johns, Andrew Lee, Damien Peverill
Additions: Jarrod Atkinson promoted from rookie list, Brent Prismall traded from Geelong
Retained: Rhys Magin on rookie list

Source: AFL Record Season Guides & Craig Rowston, Club Media Release

The club has delisted Calib Mourish and Chris Smith. Mourish was drafted in 2006, delisted at the end of 2007 but redrafted to the rookie list for 2008. Smith spent two seasons on the rookie list. Neither one played any senior games.

Full list changes:
Traded: Robert Warnock to Carlton
Retired: Peter Bell, Shaun McManus, Luke Webster, Heath Black, Matthew Carr, Jeff Farmer, Mark Johnson
Delisted: Josh Carr (Port Adelaide 2000-04, 105 games; Fremantle 2005-08, 83 games; 2004 PA premiership); Ryley Dunn (debut 2004, eight games), Chris Smith 2007-08 rookie, 0 games)

Retained: Brent Connelly, Luke Pratt on rookie list

Source: Luke Morfesse, Club Media Release & AFL Record Season Guides

The Cats officially delisted Nathan Ablett, who walked out on the club earlier this year. The club was hoping he would change his mind and return but he informed the club that he had no desire to play AFL football. The club has also delisted midfielder Jason Davenport from the senior list. Rookies Liam Bedford and Chris Kangars have also been cut.

Ablett was drafted in 2005 and was a member of the club's 2007 premiership team alongside his brother Gary. He played 32 games and kicked 46 goals. Davenport was elevated from the rookie list for the 2008 season but played just two senior games in the preseason. He did play in the Cats' VFL premiership team in 2007 and also won the VFL club best and fairest award this year. Bedford, also a member of the VFL premiership team, spent two seasons on the rookie list and played only one senior preseason game. Kangars joined the Cats this year on the rookie list.

Former Brisbane star Nigel Lappin, who retired at the end of this year, has joined the Cats as an assistant coach. Lappin, a veteran of 279 games with the Brisbane Bears and Lions, initially met with football manager Neale Balme and later with Coach Mark Thompson shortly before Thompson headed to the USA to attend the recently held USAFL national tournament in Colorado Springs.

Full list changes:
Traded: Brent Prismall to Essendon
Delisted: Nathan Ablett, Jason Davenport, Liam Bedford (2007-08 rookie, 0 games)
Veterans: Matthew Scarlett
Retained: Shane Mumford, Jeremy Laidler and Brodie Moles on rookie list

Additions: Ranga Ediriwickrama (scholarship rookie)

Source: Kevin Diggerson, Club Media Release; & AFL Record Season Guides

Defender Danny Jacobs has retired after 126 games with Essendon and Hawthorn. The club has also delisted Luke McEntee, Garry Moss, Tim Clarke and Zac Dawson. Cameron Stokes has been elevated to the seniors from the rookie list.

Jacobs was drafted by Essendon in 1998 and played 81 games for the Bombers, including their 2000 preseason premiership. He was a Rising Star nominee in 2001 and was traded to Hawthorn at the end of 2003. He played 45 games with the Hawks. Jacobs missed all of this past season due to injury.

Clarke played 96 games with the Hawks since being drafted in 1999, but missed most of 2007 due to an achilles injury. He played only eight games in 2008.

McEntee was added to the rookie list at the end of 2006 but never played a senior game. Moss was drafted in 2006 and played only one game in 2007. Dawson, drafted in 2003, fared a bit better as he played 14 games in four seasons. He played 12 games in 2007 but did not play a senior game in 2008. Both McEntee and Moss were hampered by injuries.

Cameron Stokes was added to the rookie list at last year's draft and played 9 games in 2008, including the qualifying final. He was injured in that game which ruled him out of the rest of the finals, including the Grand Final.

Shane Crawford, now heading into his 18th season, will be classified as a veteran. That status allows the club to list only half his payments under the salary cap.

Full list changes:
Retired: Danny Jacobs
Delisted: Tim Clarke, Zac Dawson (debuted 2005, 14 games), Luke McEntee, Gary Moss, Hugh Sandilands (rookie listed for 2008, 0 games), Alex Grima (2008 rookie, 0 games), Matt Suckling (rookie listed 2007-08, 0 games)

Scholarship rookies: William Sierakowski, Will Langford (son of former player Chris), Michael Johnston, Trent Stubbs, Jack Mahony, Thomas Kickett, Heath Caldwell and Dylan Stuart

Retained: Tim Walsh and Cameron Stokes on rookie list

Source: Clinton Brown, Club Media Release;, AFL Record & AFL Record Season Guides

Retired: David Neitz, Ben Holland
Delisted: Jace Bode, Chris Johnson**, Isaac Weetra, Jeff White, Adem Yze
Additions: Austin Wonaeamirri elevated from rookie list
Veterans: Russell Robertson, James McDonald
Retained: Trent Zomer, Jake Spencer and Shane Valenti on rookie list

**The out of contract Johnson requested to be delisted to seek better opportunities elsewhere. Johnson debuted in 2005 and played 31 games

Soruce: AFL Record Season Guides

Blake Grima, Eddie Sansbury and Ben Davies have been delisted. New South Wales Scholarship rookie James Wilsen has also been delisted.

Davies was originally drafted to Collingwood's rookie list for the 2005 season and then elevated to the seniors the following season. He played 12 games for the Magpies before being traded to the Kangaroos at the end of 2007. He managed only two games for the Kangaroos. Grima was drafted in 2003 and played 15 games. Sansbury was drafted in 2003 and played 40 games. He managed only one senior game in 2208. Both Grima and Sansbury played in North Melbourne's VFL affiliate North Ballarat's 2008 premiership team.

The just retired Shannon Grant has been appointed senior coach of VFL club Frankston. Grant played 301 games for the Kangaroos and, among other honors, won the Norm Smith Medal as best on ground in the 1999 Grand Final win.

Full list changes:
Retired: Shannon Grant, Jess Sinclair (Fremantle 1997-2000, 50 games; Kangaroos 2001-08, 142 games), Nathan Thompson

Delisted: Ben Davies, Blake Grima, Eddie Sansbury, Leigh Brown ((Fremantle 2000-02, 63 games; Kangaroos 2004-08, 118 games), Alan Obst (debuted 2008, three games)

Additions: Blake Grima and Michael Wundke promoted from rookie list
Retained: Cruize Garlett and James Wilsen on rookie list

Veterans: Adam Simpson and Brent Harvey

Source: John Murphy, Club Media Release; Sydney Morning Herald, AFL Record Season Guides

The club has delisted nine players: Greg Bentley, Adam Cockshell, Fabian Deluca, Nathan Lonie, Damon White and Ryan Williams from the senior list as well as rookies Daniel Boyle, Gavin Grose and Ryan Willits.

White, despite injury concerns, was drafted in 2001. He played the first five games of 2002 in the SANFL but then missed the rest of that season with a serious ankle injury. That injury carried over in the opening games of the following season. Once recovered, he continued in the SANFL in 2003 and finally debuted in 2004 and played six games. He played 12 games in 2006. He played 13 games in 2007 before a knee injury ended his season. but managed only six games in 2008. Club president Greg Boulton acknowledged and praised White's efforts to overcome his injury woes and said his determination was admired by all at the club.

Bentley, 21, played 21 AFL games since being drafted onto the rookie list in 2006. He was elevated to the seniors for the 2007 season. Cockshell, 22, was picked up in the 2007 preseason draft and debuted that season but played just one more game after that. Deluca, 21, played 11 AFL games after being drafted in 2004. His brother Adrian played 13 games 2003-2006 but retired at the end of that season. Lonie, 25, was originally drafted by Hawthorn in 2005 and played 64 games with the Hawks before being traded to Port where he played a further 40 games. His twin, Ryan, was also delisted by Collingwood at the end of this season. Williams, 20, was drafted in 2006 but played just two games, both this year, for Port.

Ryan Willits was drafted in 2004 but his only senior games came in the last three rounds of 2006. He was delisted at the end of 2007, but redrafted by Port to their rookie list for the 2008 season. Grose spent two years on Port's rookie list and Boyle was added to the rookie list for the 2008 season. Neither one played any senior games.

Full list changes:
Traded: Adam Thomson to Richmond
Retired: Nathan Lonie, Hugh Minson, Michael Wilson
Delisted: Greg Bentley, Adam Cockshell, Fabian Deluca, Damon White, Ryan Williams, Daniel Boyle (2008 rookie, 0 games)
Additions: Nick Salter elevated from rookie list
Veterans: Warren Tredrea

Source: Daniel Norton, Club Media Release & AFL Record Season Guides

Chris Hyde, Danny Meyer and Travis Casserly have been delisted. Hyde, drafted in 2000, played 93 games with the Tigers. Meyer was drafted in 2004 and played 17 games while Casserly, drafted in 2005, failed to play any senior games due to groin (2006) and hamstring (2007) injuries.

Full list changes:
Retired: Greg Tivendale
Delisted: Chris Hyde, Danny Meyer, Travis Casserly, David Gourdis (2008 preseason draft, 0 games), Trisan Cartledge (Essendon 2005-06, seven games; VFL 2007; rookie listed by Richmond 2008, two games), Clayton Collard (Fremantle 2006, one game; rookie listed by Richmond for 2007, 0 games), Cameron Howat (debut 2006, 21 games)

Additions: Adam Thomson traded from Port Adelaide
Retained: Jarrod Silvester on rookie list

The club now has selections 8, 26, 58, 74, 90, 106 and 122 at the national draft.

Source: Judith Donnelly, Club Media Release & AFL Record Season Guides

The Saints have delisted Charlie Gardiner, Shane Birss, Matthew Ferguson, Jayden Attard and Michael Rix, and rookies Glenn Chivers and Luke Van Rheenan.

Birss played 51 games for the Bulldogs before beint traded to the Saints where he played 20 games 2007-08. Gardiner played 51 games for the Cats and just twelve for the Saints this past season. Rix was drafted in 2005 and played 29 games. Attard was originally drafted by Brisbane in 2004 but played just five games before being delisted at the end 2006. He was added to the Saints' rookie list played 20 games in 2007 but missed all of 2008 due a knee reconstruction. Ferguson was drafted in 2002 but managed only 12 games in his time with the Saints. Chivers and van Rheenan were both added to the rookie list for 2008, but neither played any senior games with van Rheenan missing out due to a serious foot injury.

Full list changes:
Retired: Fraser Gehrig, Robert Harvey
Delisted: Shane Birss, Matt Ferguson, Aaron Fiora (Richmond 2000-04, 78 games, St. Kilda 2005-08, 61 games), Charlie Gardiner, Michael Rix

Additions: Farren Ray traded from the Western Bulldogs, Robert Eddy and Andrew McQualter elevated from rookie list, Blake McGrath (scholarship rookie)

Veterans: Max Hudghton
Retained: Luke Miles and Khan Haretuku on rookie list

Source: Melbourne Age & AFL Season Guides

The club has delisted Luke Brennan, Nick Davis and rookies Dean Terlich and Matthew Beckmans. Brennan was Hawthorn's first round draft selection in 2002 and debuted in 2004. He played three games that year and 13 in 2005. Knee trouble restricted him to just three games in 2006 and he was delisted at the end of the season. He was then added to Sydney's rookie list for the 2007 season and elevated to the seniors. Knee, hip and hamstring injuries limited him to just five games in 2007 and four in 2008.

Davis was originally drafted by Collingwood in 1998 and played 71 games for the Magpies before being traded to Sydney at the end of 2002. He played 97 games for the Swans including the 2005 premiership win. He was the hero of the 2005 Semi Final win over Geelong when he kicked four goals in the final term, including the winning goal in the dying seconds of the match. He played only three games in 2008 due to a knee injury. Davis was a Rising Star nominee in 1999 and played in the International Series in 2005 and 2006.

Beckmans and Terlich were both in their first season on the club's rookie list and played no senior games. Beckmans kicked a point after the siren to seal the Swans reserves Grand Final win.
Full list changes:
Retired: Peter Everitt, Ben Matthews
Delisted: Luke Brennan, Nick Davis, Peter Faulks (2006-08, 0 games), Kristin Thornton (2005-08, 0 games), Aaron Bruce (rookie listed for 2008, 0 games), Nick Smith (2007-08 rookie, 2 games)
Additions: Nick Smith and Matthew O’Dwyer elevated from rookie list, Rhyce Shaw traded from Collingwood
Retained: Brendan Murphy and Jake Orreal on rookie list

Source: & AFL Record Season Guides

Retired: Michael Braun, Jaymie Graham**
Delisted: Steven Armstrong, Chad Jones (North Melbourne (2004-06, 6 games; West Coast 2007=08, 7 games), James Thomson (2007-08, 0 games)

Additions: Beau Wilkes elevated from rookie list (for Jaymie Graham); Kieran Emery, Alex Sneddon and Jake King (scholarship rookies)

Veterans: Chad Fletcher and David Wirrpanda
Retained: Ashley Arrowsmith, Lewis Stevenson, Will Sullivan, Callum Wilson, and Ryan Davis on rookie list

**Graham, who himself was raised by his grandparents, recently obtained custody of his five year old sister and decided to concentrate on her care, thus ending his brief career. Graham debuted in 2005 and played 37 games for the Eagles. He won the Chris Mainwaring Award as best clubman in 2008.

Source: AFL Record Season Guides and


Traded: Farren Ray to St. Kilda
Retired: Andrew McDougall, Scott West, Peter Street (Geelong 2001-03, 17 games; Bulldogs 2004-08, 61 games)
Delisted: Gavin Hughes ((2007-08 rookie, 0 games)
Additions: Ayce Cordy (father-son rule), Christopher Ogle (scholarship rookie)
Retained: James Mulligan, John Shaw, Henry White on rookie list

Source: AFL Record Season Guides

Full list changes source courtesy of Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release

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