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(Ed. note:  This service appears to be defunct as of early 2010.)
A new TV service has debuted which offers sports fans and ex-pats an opportunity to watch Sydney television from the comfort of their residence in the USA provided you have a broadband connection.  TVfromOZ has begun operations and utilizes "Slingbox" technology to deliver television from Australia to your PC or TV.  Initially Channel Ten and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) are available with more channels to be added soon.   Any sports, including AFL coverage and other programming that can be seen on over-the-air (OTA) television on those channels will appear just as it would if you were in Sydney.   Slingbox is a "place-shifting" technology available here in the US and has, up to this point, been used primarily to allow people to watch their home television from a remote location such as a hotel room or on their mobile telephone or Blackberry.

TVfromOZ will offer several options to fans:

  • You pay for a Slingbox to be hosted by TVfromOz in Sydney and watch the video on your PC at home in the US.  This is US$49.95 for the Slingbox plus a monthly service fee of $49.95 (for the bandwidth to feed the signals back to the US).  This is the minimum necessary for any options you may select.
  • You can view the feed on your television with the purchase of a "SlingCatcher" either thru or at your local US electronics store.  This device translates the internet feed from your Slingbox in Sydney into a signal your television can use.  The TVfromOz price for the SlingCatcher is US$199.95 plus shipping. 
  • If your TV is in a different room from your router, you may also need a "SlingLink" which will allow your SlingCatcher to work with any TV in the house without the need to run wiring.  The TVfromOZ price for this is US$79.95 plus shipping.
  • If you want to watch your Slingbox feed on your mobile device such as your mobile (cellular) phone or Blackberry or Palm.  The SlingPlayer Mobile service is US$29.95 per month after a 30 day free trial.

Many years ago, when Slingbox first started selling prototypes is was exactly this sort of service that our late co-founder Richard Lipp suggested for footy fans in a forum post.  Now that service has become reality.   To learn more or subscribe, see TVfromOZ or call +1-702-420-7831 or e-mail sydneysales [at) tvfromoz [ dot } com   Tell them AFANA sent you. 

Article last changed on Thursday, March 11, 2010 - 8:59 PM EST

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