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Aussie Sport TV (ASTV) has a one month offer for the AFL finals.  AFANA is making this offer known to fans since we understand that for some fans, this may be the only way to see any of the AFL finals.  (We do not recommend this over options such as ESPN360 and fans should be aware that we have had reports that matches are not available in the time frame promised and non-Windows PC's may not work reliably with the service.)  

The offer is below; click on the link to subscribe and choose the one month option:


It's Crunch Time!

The 2009 Finals are upon us and as a previous subscriber to Aussie Sport TV, we want to remind you of all the exciting content available from now until the Grand Final on September 26th.

• Latest full match replays
• Highlights packages
• In-depth interviews
• Exclusive news desk programmes

You don't have to miss a second of the Finals action with Aussie Sport TV! Why not sign up for a one month pass for just US$9.95, which will mean ALL the goals, ALL the marks right through to the Grand Final!
Click here and sign up now!

(Disclaimer:  AFANA does make a commission on subscriptions through this link. This helps support what we do for fans.)

Article last changed on Thursday, September 10, 2009 - 5:16 PM EDT


Posted by Rob in Seattle (not verified) on September 16, 2009

I subscribe to Aussie Sport TV, and this does not appear to be any different pricing to their normal monthly rate. What is the special offer? They still have issues getting content up (the first week of final full game replays were not available until the Thursday after the games). This was especially frustrating as Bigpond had all games posted within an hour or two of the game conclusion. I guess it is still better than nothing. The quality, once it is posted, is not bad. I am very happy the Grand Final will be shown live on ESPN Classic!

Hi Rob,

Probably a poor choice of words in the title to call it "special" though those are the words they used in the announcement sent to us.  It is (basically) their usual monthly offer.

In our defense, we received one particularly critical message in another thread here complaining I never tell fans about ASTV.  AFANA can't win on this, as we do acknowledge the shortcomings of ASTV. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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