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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Charges Laid:

Hayden Ballantyne (FRE), fined $1200 for a first offense of misconduct in pulling Collingwood Harry O'Brien's hair. He accepted, reducing the penalty 25% to $900.

Matthew Warnock (MELB),  fined $1200 for a first offense of making negligent contact with an umpire. He accepted, reducing the fine 25% to $900.

Sam Mitchell (HAW), fined $1200 for a first offense of misconduct in pulling the hair of Richmond's Ben Nason. He accepted, reducing the fine 25% to $900.

Daniel Jackson (RICH), misconduct for headbutting Hawthorn's Campbell Brown: assessed as intentional conduct (three points), low impact (one point) and high contact (two points), equalling six activation points, a Level Three Offense, 250 demerits. He has 80 demerits held over from the past year, increasing the penalty to 330 demerits and a three game suspension. Had he accepted, the penalty would have been reduced 25% to 247.50 and a two game suspension.

Daniel Jackson took his case to the Tribunal in attempt to have the charge dismissed. He based his defense on the fact that he sometimes becomes aggressive and is not in his right mind after suffering a blow to the head himself. He said he did not remember headbutting Brown. This was confirmed by Richmond's doctor, Greg Hickey. Hickey told the jury that Jackson had also lashed out at him several times while being examined after a knock to the head. Hickey confirmed that Jackson was '...' not fully in control of his senses at the time of the incident''.

Jackson's advocate asked the jury to take into consideration comments made by Brown immediately after the game. Brown said in a post-match interview that Jackson had not headbutted him and that the clash between the pair had been nothing more than a bit of "byplay". He also criticized Brown for running in to confront Jackson while he was in the hands of trainers. He asked for leniency due to the circumstances but the jury upheld the original ruling of the Match Review Panel, leaving Jackson with a three game suspension.

Jarrad Waite (CARL), rough conduct against Port Adelaide's Jason Davenport: assessed as reckless conduct (two points), medium impact (two points), and high contact (two points), equaling six activation points,a Level Three offense, 325 demerits. He also has a record of a one game suspension in the past three years, further increasing the penalty to 357.50 demerits and a three game suspension. He accepted, reducing the penalty 25% to 268 demerits and a two game suspension with 68 demerits held over toward his future record.

The match day report against Essendon’s David Hille for rough conduct against St Kilda’s Brendon Goddard was assessed by the MRP, who determined that Hille's contact was a bump as Goddard kicked the ball. According to the MRP, video footage of the incident showed that there was no contact to Goddard's head or neck area. They further determined that the force used was not excessive or unreasonable and that Goddard was not attended by club medical staff or trainers after the bump. They therefore dismissed the charges.

The match day report laid against St Kilda’s Steven Baker for wrestling Essendon’s Leroy Jetta was reviewed by the MRP. They determined that the contact between the par was not vigorous or forceful and that both players immediately ceased contact when instructed to do so by the umpires. They therefore dismissed the charges.

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release and

Article last changed on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 8:48 PM EDT

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