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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Bulldog Coach Rodney Eade contacted the AFL Umpire Department after the match against North Melbourne to discuss the incidents between Barry Hall and the North Melbourne players. He said Hall deserved more protection from the umpires and pointed out that Hall was denied several free kicks which should have been awarded. Umpire Director Jeff Gieshcen said that Hall did deserve a free kick after Scott Thompson knocked him over.

In defense of the umpires, Gieshen stated that some of the incidents were behind play while the umpires were watching the play between players and the ball. He did admit that had the umpires seen Thompson's actions a free kick would have been awarded.

Author. note: There were many fans who voiced their opinions on talkback radio programs and via the comments sections at various media websites regarding the treatment Hall received at the hands of North Melbourne players. The overwhelming majority were on Barry's side with many commenting that he was not only targeted by the opposition, but also unfairly treated by the umpires who continually denied his pleas for deserved free kicks. Other comments made note of the fact that he maintained his cool throughout most of the game and only retaliated when Thompson knocked him over.

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