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Opportunity for fans to enter a comp with US$50,000 in prizes... so read on:

At the mid-point of the AFL season, tippers in AFANA's tipping comps are standing up well against the best in Australia and around the world.   One of the comps we offer to fans is the Scorefive Footy Tipping competition.  Last season, two of our members were the high scorers for individual rounds of the season and at seasons end, we placed 3 in the top 400 in this comp on a worldwide basis (entries number several thousand, mostly from Australia).   This season, AFANA's recently retired Chairman, Rob de Santos, is sitting in 4th place at the half way point!  Two more AFANAns are in the top 50.  This is all the more amazing when you realize that Rob was only in a tie for 5th of our member's only tipping comp after round 10!  So, while most our members are Americans, Canadians, or Aussies living in the US, we know our footy!

So, think you have what it takes?  We hear there is this minor round ball football competition starting in South Africa in a few days.  World Cup something or other.  The Scorefive folks are offering tippers in the World Cup comp 50,000 dollars to divy up if they can beat the best at that one.  Pretty good huh?  Scorefive are big supporters of AFANA and we think you should pop right on over and enter that comp.  Let's show them we're not just good at predicting the better form of football, but pretty good at this other form, too! 

Article last changed on Tuesday, June 08, 2010 - 10:58 PM EDT

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