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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Brett Burton, ankle, ongoing assessment
Jared Petrenko, foot, ongoing assessment
James Craig, hamstring, season
Sam Shaw, back, 1-2 weeks
Brad Moran, knee, 4 weeks
Andy Otten, knee, season
Daniel Talia, knee, season

Source; David Burtenshaw, Club Media Release

Troy Selwood, gluteals, ongoing assessment
Andrew Raines, quad, 1-2 weeks
Jed Adcock, foot, 2 weeks
Josh Drummond, knee, 4 weeks
Jamie Charman, ankle, season
Callum Bartlett, knee, season
Mitch Golby, knee, season
Matt Austin, leg, season
Donald Barry, sinus, season

Source: Sam Lord, Club Media Release

Kane Lucas, hamstring, ongoing assessment
Brock McLean, knee, 1 week
Rhys O’Keeffe, back, indefinite
Matthew Kreuzer, ACL , knee reconstruction, season, long term injury list

Source: Stephen Wilson, Club Media Release

Anthony Corrie, knee, 1-2 weeks

Source: Nick Hulett, Club Media Release

Darcy Daniher, adductor, ongoing assessment
Ricky Dyson, knee, 1 week
David Hille, hamstring, 1 week
Jason Laycock, foot, season
Anthony Long, hamstring, 2 weeks
Tayte Pears, pancreatic surgery, season
Taite Silverlock, leg, season
Henry Slattery, ribs, 2 weeks
Andrew Welsh, adductor, ongoing assessment
John Williams, shoulder, ongoing assessment


Michael Barlow, broken leg, season


Mitch Brown, shoulder, season
Max Rooke, knee, indefinite
Jess Stringer, hip, season
Adam Varcoe, knee, season


Max Bailey, knee, ongoing assessment, season
Rhan Hooper, hamstring, 1 week

Source: Leah Mirabella, Club Media Release

James Strauss, knee, 1 week
Jack Trengove, hip, 1 week
Michael Newton, quad, 2 weeks
Jake Spencer, back, 2-3 weeks
Jack Grimes, hamstring, 3 weeks
Rhys Healey, hamstring, 3 weeks
Danny Hughes, ankle, 4 weeks
Ricky Petterd, shoulder, season
John Meesen, foot, indefinite

Source: Ryan Larkin, Club Media Release

Scott McMahon, knee, 2 weeks
Lindsay Thomas, knee, 2 weeks
Majak Daw, knee, 2 weeks
Cruize Garlett, calf, 3 weeks
Liam Anthony, shoulder, 3-4 weeks
Robbie Tarrant, thumb, 4 weeks
Jack Ziebell, broken leg, season
Ben Ross, hip/groin, indefinite
Aaron Black, hip, indefinite
Drew Petrie, foot, indefinite

Source: Heath O'Loughlin, Club Media Release

Hamish Hartlett, quad, season
Matt Lobbe, hamstring, 4 weeks
Jacob Surjan, knee, season, requires further surgery to his right knee
Wade Thompson, quad, 1-2 weeks
Warren Tredrea, ankle, 2-3 weeks

Source: Daniel Norton, Club Media Release

Jordan McMahon, ankle, 1-2 weeks
Tom Hislop, patella (kneecap), indefinite
Matt Dea, foot, indefinite
Nathan Foley, leg, season, long term injury list
Adam Thompson, groin, season, long term injury list
Ben Griffiths, shoulder, season

Source: Adrian Ceddia, Club Media Release

David Armitage, knee, indefinite
Raphael Clarke, hamstring strain
Nick Dal Santo, back tightness
Robert Eddy, knee soreness
Steven King, hamstring
Ben McEvoy, knee
Jesse Smith, ankle, season, long term injury list

Source: Vanessa Gigliotti, Club Media Release

Craig Bird, foot, 1-2 weeks
Craig Bolton, achilles, 3-4 weeks
Daniel Bradshaw, hamstring, 2 weeks
Jake Orreal, back, season
Lewis Roberts-Thomson, hamstring, 2-3 weeks
Mark Seaby, ankle, 3-4 weeks
Nick Smith, hamstring, 2-3 weeks


Darren Glass, abdomen, season
Mark Nicoski, shoulder, season
Bradd Dalziell, finger, 6 weeks
Sam Butler, foot, 4-5 weeks
Daniel Kerr, hamstring, 4-5 weeks
Ashley Hansen, hip, 3-4 weeks
Jordan Jones, ankle, 2-3 weeks
Koby Stevens, AC joint (shoulder), 1-2 weeks
Luke Shuey, virus, 1 week

Source: Anna Carew-Reid, Club Media Release

Ayce Cordy, shoulder, season
Mitch Hahn, hamstring, 1 week
Eddie Prato, quad, 2 weeks
Sam Reid, shoulder, season
Brennan Stack, hamstring, 3 weeks
Shane Thorne, knee, season

Source: David McNamara, Club Media Release

Article last changed on Sunday, July 25, 2010 - 8:57 AM EDT

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