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Good news for footy fans as the newest update to the Xbox 360 dashboard brings another way for fans to watch footy on television. In preparation for the launch of the Kinect motion controller, Microsoft updated the dashboard, adding in, among other things, an ESPN application that give 360 users access to over 3500 sporting events.

The application is available to use free of charge to all 360 gold members and has a catalog of on-demand sports as well as live events. A great feature is the "My Sports" category, which lets users search for sports that interest them and watch the on-demand or live events from there. Under the "football" category is Australian Rules Football where users can access the two Grand FInals this year as well as a semi-final game. The major drawback is that in order to use the application, besides being a gold member of Xbox Live, your ISP must be a participating provider.

Article last changed on Friday, November 05, 2010 - 10:13 AM EDT

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