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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

500 Games, Pair of Brothers, Cornes family: Chad (254 games) and Kane (244 games) are now the sixth pair of brothers in League history to reach 500 combined games. The leading families are: Madden (710 games, Simon 378 and Justin 332), Nankervis (578 games, Ian 325 and Bruce 253), Coventry (533 games, Syd 227 and Gordon 306), Richardson (518 games, Wayne 277 and Max 241), Wakelin (513 games, Darryl 252 and Shane 261), Cornes (500 games, Chad 355 and Kane 245), Rocca (499 games, Saverio 257 and Anthony 242), Matthews (487 games, Leigh 332 and Kelvin 155), Hocking (473 games, Stephen 199 and Garry 274), Collier (470 games, Harry 253 and Albert 217).

350 games umpired: Shane McInerney is the eighth umpire to reach 350 games, joining Hayden Kennedy (495 games), Rowan Sawers (410 games), Stephen McBurney (381 games), Darren Goldspink (371 games), Scott McLaren (365 games), Bryan Sheehan (363 games) and Ian Robinson (353 games).

Most Club games: Joel Corey (GEEL) played his 253rd game in Round 23, putting him equal with Bruce Nankervis in eighth place on Geelong's games list. The club leaders are Ian Nankervis (325 games, 1967-83), John "Sam" Newman (300 games, 1964-80), Darren Milburn (292 games, 1997-2011), Peter Riccardi (288 games, 1992-2006), Matthew Scarlett (282 games, 1998-current), Garry Hocking (274 games, 1987-2001), Paul Couch (259 games, 1985-97), Bruce Nankervis (253 games, 1970-83), Joel Corey (253 games, 2000-current) and Bill Goggin (248 games, 1958-71).

Most Games, Rookie List Player: Michael Doughty (ADEL) played his 228th senior game in Round 23, putting him equal with former Demon Russell Robertson in sixth spot for the most games by a player originally rookie-listed. The most games by former rookie list players are James McDonald (263 games, 1997 Rookie Draft), Stephen Milne (257 games, 2000 Rookie Draft), Brett Kirk (241 games, 1999 Rookie Draft), Dean Cox (248 games, 2000 Rookie Draft), Mal Michael (238 games, 1997 Rookie Draft), Russell Robertson (228 games, 1997 Rookie Draft), Michael Doughty (228 games, 2000 Rookie Draft), Tarkyn Lockyer (227 games, 1998 Rookie Draft), Darren Jolly (224 games, 2001 Rookie Draft) and Martin Mattner (211 games, 2002 Rookie Draft).

250 games umpired: Brett Rosebury.
150 games: Angus Monfries (ESS), Heath Shaw (COLL), Jared Rivers (MELB)
100 games: Tom Hawkins (GEEL), Garrick Ibbotson (FREM)
50 games: Tom Scully (GWS), Jarrad Grant (WB), Mitch Duncan (GEEL), Luke Shuey (WCE)

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release

Article last changed on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 - 9:43 AM EDT

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