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You can help AFANA!

(Please note:  if you supported us recently, we thank you for your contribution!  We look forward to your future support. If you donated in the past, you may have already received a reminder message via e-mail or PayPal or will shortly.)

AFANA is now in it's 19th year. One of the things we are forced to do periodically is to ask you for your financial support.  We need your support because we do this for fans but without the financial support of the AFL or other footy organizations. Step up and help us in our efforts to make Australian football better known in the USA and Canada and continue to keep you informed about AFL coverage.

Donate to AFANA and support footy in North America!

Why support us?

  • We bring you the only site where you will get complete and accurate information on US and Canadian TV coverage of the AFL. We work closely with the TV networks and the AFL on your behalf. Others repeat rumors but we verify every schedule we publish.
  • We do not receive any funding from the AFL. We are entirely supported by your donations and modest revenue from advertising and video sales. The revenue from video sales has been declining dramatically in recent seasons as fewer people purchase DVDs. Recently we lost a major long time advertiser.
  • Our volunteer staff contributes their time, sweat, and money to the effort. The addition of Facebook and Twitter has added additional costs and demands on our staff. Promotion is essential to reach new Facebook users and costs $5 to $10 a day, every day. At present, the officers are paying for this out of their own pockets.
  • No other organization is solely focused on growing the fan base of the sport. Without more fans, better sponsorship, and better TV ratings the sport will not reach the next level. 
  • We believe Australian football is the greatest sport in the world.  If you agree, don't you think you can spare a few dollars to help others learn about it, too?

How do I help?

Click on one of the PayPal buttons on this page and you may contribute any amount you wish.  If you can give $10, $50, or $100 that would be terrific.  However, we know in these hard times that's asking a great deal for many of you. Contributions of any amount helps!  If you prefer to donate by another method please /aussiefb[at)afana[ dot }com?subject=Fundraising%20campaign">contact us directly so we can give you the necessary details. You do not need to join PayPal to use this link. Just look for the "Don't have a PayPal account?" area in the lower right of the page and you can make a one time, credit or debit card payment.

Donate to AFANA and support footy in North America!

P.S. We need volunteers too! Contact us for information.

Article last changed on Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 12:59 AM EDT

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