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Update: Success! On 9/23/14 Fox Soccer Plus (US) and TSN2 (Canada) restored full coverage! Thanks for your support!) As noted on our Grand Final party and TV pages, the Grand Final is live in the USA on Fox Soccer Plus (FSP). US coverage will consist of the game only, no pre- or post-game. (Canadian coverage should be more extensive but we are awaiting confirmed times from TSN.) The US situation is due to a rights dispute between Seven Network and FSP over payment for music used in the pre- and post-game. This is not an issue during Rounds 1 to 23 nor during special games such as Anzac Day. It wasn't an issue before last season. Seven wants compensation or a rights guarantee from FSP. FSP (predictably) says no. A fan has taken matters into hand and started a petition campaign around this on site to lobby for a change. AFANA has endorsed his effort. Good 'onya Mark. Click on the link and sign the petition. Update (9/15/14): FSP has added 30 minutes to the Grand Final coverage so it now includes the medal and trophy ceremonies. There is still no pre-game.

Article last changed on Wednesday, February 04, 2015 - 12:09 PM EST

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