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(Ed. note: for the latest on online coverage see our TV Info page. This article won't be updated so go there for current info.)

Effective 6/26/2016, Sony's PlayStation Vue service has added Roku and Amazon Fire apps to their offering which brings AFL to those platforms along with it. Since you can subscribe to the service via Roku or Fire boxes without the need to own a Playstation, it adds another way to get footy onto your TV and avoid subscribing to a full cable TV subscription. High speed internet will still be required, of course.

Pricing probably means it exists as an alternative for the "cord cutters" and no so much for other internet based viewers. The service carries Fox Sports 1 (FS1) and Fox Sports 2 (FS2) in it's base offering ("Access" package) for $29.99 per month along with many other channels. For an additional $12.99 (PS+) or $14.99 (everyone else) you can add Fox Soccer Plus (FSP). For those fans in areas without one or more of FS1, FS2, or FSP this means you can get that coverage now even if your cable company doesn't offer it (such as Comcast cable regions) No more waiting for Comcast to add the channels or needing to sign up for the WatchAFL offering. You will get all the games available on those channels (but not those games only available via WatchAFL). Even with the additional FSP fee, the total package runs only to $44.98 per month, much less than many base cable packages these days. Schedules will be the same as those listed for the channels on our TV schedules page as it is exactly the same feed. Individual viewers will need to work out which of the options makes sense for their economic and viewing situation.

The service also supports any recent vintage Android device including smartphones once you are subscribed via either a Roku, Fire, or PlayStation. It also supports "casting" the program from your Android device to your TV (Googlecast device needed, too.). This isn't as good as a native Roku or Fire app from Brave Bison for WatchAFL but it is another viewing alternative. At this stage, support for Apple TV doesn't appear to be there but probably won't be far behind. For more information, see the PlayStation Vue website. A brief article on the Android side is here.

Article last changed on Sunday, August 26, 2018 - 4:23 PM EDT


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