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Fans should carefully note the start and end times of Grand Final coverage in the USA and Canada. We have been advised by Fox Sports that due to music rights guarantees requested by the host broadcaster Seven Network, many broadcasters including Fox Soccer Plus will be unable to show anything except the Grand Final game itself. This will mean coverage will be limited to a window between 12:24 AM and approximately 3:30 AM EDT in the US. Coverage will end shortly after the match ends. Fox has indicated they expect to be able to air the medal ceremony.  Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) in the USA and TSN2 in Canada will carry the Grand Final between Sydney and Western Bulldogs LIVE on Friday night / Saturday morning, September 30th / October 1st.  US coverage on FSP will begin at 12:24 AM EDT Saturday. Set your DVR accordingly by adding extra time before and after so you don't miss any of the medal ceremony or extra time if it occurs! Coverage will continue until approximately 3:30 AM EDT Saturday concluding after the medal ceremony. No other pre- or post-match coverage will be provided. Canadian coverage on TSN2 will begin at 10:30 PM EDT Friday and run to 4:00 AM Saturday. If you have no access to any of the preceding options, the game will be live via the internet on WatchAFL (payment required, US$22) and you can sign up at this link. WatchAFL coverage will begin at 11:30 PM EDT. Fans should check our TV Schedule page for full TV listings including any repeats and our TV Info page for more information on FSP, WatchAFL, and TSN2. For those looking for parties, see our listings on our Grand Final Party page. (Note:  the only live coverage in North America is via these outlets and they are available nationally via cable and satellite services -- see our TV Info page. Asking us if there are others will not get you a different answer because there isn't one.)

Article last changed on Saturday, April 01, 2017 - 11:13 AM EDT


(Ed note: I am posting this as a clarification and not publishing the comment it is associated with since I do not wish to make this a direct reply. )

  1. Fox is not responsible for the loss of pre- and post-game coverage. The fault here is that of Seven network and the AFL. Fox and WatchAFL have little practical alternative. This problem does not hamper the NRL, Nine, and Fox in regards to the NRL final so you should draw the obvious conclusion.
  2. Fox did not move the Grand Final to Fox Soccer Channel. Our TV pages have indicated since last February that the Grand Final was going to be on FSP only. Fox did briefly and tentatively list it on FS2 but reversed course the next day when a chorus of complaints on Twitter and Facebook appeared from fans who were upset that FS2 coverage meant they would not get it in HD.
  3. The expanded coverage this year on FS1 was not contractually required. Fox did this because they have been pleased with the improvement in ratings and as a gesture of goodwill toward fans. AFANA has lobbied for this for several years. The primary network for coverage remains Fox Soccer Plus with selected games on FS2.
  4. They have not made you pay for anything. The game is free via the internet on radio. What you pay for (or don't) is a personal value decision. If footy on TV is not worth paying $15 once a year for then it must not be very important to you or you must have some serious unrelated financial concerns for which we are very sorry,  We'd bet most people spend quite a bit more on other luxuries in life so this is about what matters to you. We, at AFANA, would prefer the game be on FS1 or FS2 because of the greater audience exposure it would give the sport. However, FS1 was never on the table and given that this is the biggest game of the year, you should not be surprised that Fox feels it belongs on the primary network for the sport.
  5. Fox has cooperated with us more this season than at any other time in our 21 year history. They deserve thanks not griping and complaints. We are confident that should the AFL and Fox renew the contract beyond this season that coverage will continue to improve in 2017 and beyond.
  6. AFANA does not receive any financial support from the AFL or Fox. We depend on fans. Given the very low percentage of fans who donate to us, we are very effective with the limited funds we have. We could do more with more support. (HINT!)

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

 Just want to give a huge thanks to Rob and everyone else involved!!!! It was nice to see some footy, live for that matter, on FS1!!!! Although I didn't watch any games live I did record them on my DVR and watched them the next day. The hope is there that more matches will be on FS1 in the future and hopefully the Grand Final. I have Comcast but they don't seem to be in any hurry to get FS2 or Fox Soccer Plus. It would be nice if ESPN got involved again but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon if at all. Thanks again AFANA and Go Doggies!!!!!!!!


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