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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

The 2016 AFL Draft was held on November 25. Below is the list of players selected by each club with a brief profile. The information regarding each player is as follows: the draft selection number, player name, club of origin, height and weight, position.

15. Jordan Gallucci, Eastern Ranges, 5'10", 169, medium midfielder
Has speed, is agile and was first in the vertical jump at the Draft Combine, can also play forward but needs to work on his finishing skills

44. Myles Poholke, Dandenong Stingrays, 5'11", 179, medium midfielder/forward
Very strong and has the build to be a ready-made player. His strength makes him hard to tackle, strong in the air, loves the physical contest and already has a professional attitude

51. Elliott Himmelberg, Redland (NEAFL, QLD), 6'2", 196, defender/forward
Athletic and versatile, he has excellent agility and endurance and hits the packs with aggression. Had a growth spurt earlier in the year, and another spurt could see him pinch-hit in the ruck

62. Matthew Signorello, Northern Knights, 5'11", 158, midfielder
Knows how to go after the ball and can take a good mark (catch of the ball), has worked very hard to improve his kicking efficiency

75. Ben Davis, UNSW (NSW), 6', 176,utility
Versatile in that he can play a variety of positions, still developing so has plenty of scope for improvement

3. Hugh McCluggage, North Ballarat Rebels, 6', 167, medium midfielder/wing
Slightly built goalkicking midfielder who reads the play well, has clean hands and good evasive skills, works hard and is a keen listener and learner. won Vic Country's MVP award.

17. Jarrod Berry, North Ballarat, 6'2", 179, defender/midfielder
Has it all: speed, versatility to play variety of roles, athletic, strength, endurance, good goal sense and leadership qualities, strong in the air, has the desire to succeed

23. Alex Witherden, Geelong Falcons, 6', 176, medium defender
Long-kicking running defender with clean hands, spoils and tackles well and reads the game well. Played a bit in midfield and on a wing for the Falcons but needs to improve his endurance.

24.Cedric Cox, North Ballarat, 5'10", 172, medium defender
Speedy, running defender who tackles well and has good vision and is good on both sides of his body, excellent endurance. Needs to improve consistency and winning the contested ball

55. Jacob Allison, Brisbane Lions Academy, 6'3", 180, wing/defender
Has speed and can launch himself for a mark (catch of the ball), can push into the midfield or forward as well, was fastest in the 20 meter sprint (appx 5 1/2 yards) at the Draft Combine. Needs to improve consistency and decision making and will need some time in the gym to bulk up a bit

71. Corey Lyons, Sandringham Dragons, 5'10", 169, midfielder
What he might lack in speed and class, he makes up for with footy smarts and hard work. Can bob up in middle to have an impact with evasive skills and spreads well from the contest. Can push forward to kick goals. Has leadership qualities. Needs to improve his speed and kicking skills. Brother Jarryd plays for Gold Coast.

NOTE: McCluggage, Berry and Witherden are friends from their junior days, so all three should do well as teammtes

6. Sam Petrevski-Seton, Claremont (WA), 5'10", 159, medium midfielder/forward
Class player who wins and uses the ball well and tackles hard, good on both sides and has a combative streak for his size. Needs to work on his workrate, fitness and eliminating clangers (bad kicks) from his game

27. Zac Fisher, Perth, 5'8", 155, small midfielder
Courageous ball winner with a great understanding of the game, has been compared to Bulldog Caleb Daniel and Docker Lachie Neale, won WA's MVP award at the Under-18 tournament, played senior footy in the country at just 15 years of age

47. Harrison Macreadie, GWS Academy, 6'3", 199, utility
Composed in defense and reads the play well, smooth mover through the midfield

59. Cameron Polson, Sandringham, 5'9", 169, small to medium midfileder/forward
Has speed, power and tackles well. A shoulder injury cut his season short, but he worked hard to get back

61. Tom Williamson, North Ballarat, 6'1", 174, medium defender/midfielder
Athletically gifted with speed, reads the play well, has excellent endurance and agility., wins the ball well and has good awareness and footy smarts. At the Draft Combine he finished first in the agility test and third in the 3km (1.86 miles) time trial

65. Patrick Kerr, Oakleigh Chargers, 6'2", 204, tall forward
Has clean hands, but fell away in 2016 due to cricket commitments. Strong in the air, ,did improve his agility and ground level work. Will need to improve his speed and conversion in front of goal. Grandfather Laurie Kerr is in Carlton's Hall of Fame.

30. Sam McLarty, Oakleigh, 6'4", 200, forward/ruck
Strong and can take a strong mark (catch of the ball). Born with severe deafness, he has a bionic implant in his ear and wears a helmet. Shoulder injuries restricted him to just seven games in 2016 but he is a fierce competitor

35. Callum Brown, Eastern Ranges, 5'9", 158, midfielder
Courageous , wins plenty of contested ball and doesn;t waste it when he has it, very competitive and determined, a Caleb Daniel type, son of former magpie great Gavin Brown

50. Kayle Kirby, Bendigo Pioneers, 5'10", 211, midfielder/forward
Excitement machine who loves the physical stuff, hits like a truck ala Byron Pickett and has some Cyril Rioli like tricks, dangerous near goal. Has only been playing the game for 3-4 years. Will need to work on his conditioning, endurance and agility

57. Josh Daicos, Oakleigh, 5'9", 158, small forward
Like his father, former Magpie champ Peter, is smart around goal, good on the lead, shows agility through traffic and has clean hands. Has a tendency to be lazy and rely more on talent than workrate

1. Andrew McGrath, Sandringham, 5'9, 168, defender
small running defender who can push into the midfield and had stints as a forward playing school footy, strong in the air and a smooth mover through traffic and in space, prolific ballwinner, excellent character with leadership skills, vice-captain for Vic Metro and finished second in the repeat sprints at the Draft Combine

22. Jordan Ridley, Oakleigh, 6'2", utility
Has some speed, reads the play well to take interceptions in defense, can hit the scoreboard when forward. Oakeigh admitted to throwing him "here, there and everywhere" but he did well no matter the position.

31. Josh Begley (31), Eastern Ranges, 6', 211, forward/midfielder
Powerful athlete who is strong in the air, rarely goes to ground, is good at the stoppages, has good vision so can hit targets even under pressure

42. Kobe Mutch, Bendigo & GWS Academy, 6', 183, midfielder
GWS opted not to bid on Mutch, Superb athlete with the endurance to run all day, also a prolific ballwinner skilled on both sides, has footy smarts and courage

63. Dylan Clarke, Eastern Ranges, 6'2", 182, midfielder
A competitive animal who is good round stoppages, can take a pack mark, and is good at winning the contested ball, knows his limitations, needs to work on his kicking

In early November, all clubs were required to submit preliminary player listings to the AFL. Essendon advised the AFL that they had re-signed James Kelly (formerly Geelong) and Matt Dea (formerly Richmond). Both were delisted free agents and were also top-up replacement players for those who were banned due to the supplements saga. Essendon also signed Josh Green, who was delisted by Brisbane.

8. Griffin Logue, Swan Districts WAFL), 6'2", 106, defender
Comes from a rowing and basketball background, has good speed, is a long kick and has a great leap so can also play in the ruck, has the potential to go forward as well

38. Sean Darcy, Geelong Falcons, 6'5", 240, ruckman
Left-hander who has some skill and technique with his ruck work, kicks the ball well and can take a strong mark, can be aggressive at the contest and brings a postive energy to training and game day. Attended Xavier College on a swimming scholarship and is the nephew of former Geelong and Essendon player Tim. With his size,, will need to work on hi conditioning

41. Brennan Cox, Woodville-West Torrens (SANFL), 6'2", 201, ruck/forward/midfield
Mobile and athletic with a great vertical leap, reads the play well, when the ball is in the air and can take a strong interception in defense and can set up attacking moves from there, makes good decisions under pressure

66. Luke Ryan, Coburg (VFL), 6', 181, defender
Athletic rebounding defender who reads the play well and can take interceptions and has good endurance. Was named in the VFL Team of the Year and won the Fothergill-Round Medal as the best under-23 player. Needs to improve his defensive communication and professionalism

2. Tim Taranto, Sandringham, 6', 185, midfielder/forward
Speedy and agile, he uses his size to advantage at stoppages and to isolate a direct opponent. Reads the flight of the ball well and quicker than opponents and gets to dangerous spots with ball in hand, good around goals, excels at the one-percenters

5. Will Setterfield, Sandringham, 6'1, 176, midfielder
Excelelnt ball winning skills. Between boarding school and also playing for NSW and the Allies, he has put in a lot of travel and showed a willingness to be a self-starter, self- sufficient and motivated

14. Harry Perryman, GWS Academy, 5'11", 175, midfielder/forward
Pure footballer, not overly quick but his quick mind enables him to get to the ball first, well-balanced and good on his right and left, strong overhead, can also play defense which is where he played as a youngster

20. Isaac Cumming, GWS Academy, 5'11", 161, defender/midfielder
Speedy defender who wins the ball well and uses it well by hand and foot. Split his tine between North Adelaide's under-18's and reserves, NSW/ACT Rams and the Giants in the NEAFL

54. Lachlan Tiziani, Murray Bushrangers, 6'1", 172, midfielder/forward
Wins his own ball and can kick goals, was runner-up for best an fairest with Murray an topped the club's goalkicking to finish second overall in the TAC League

58. Matt de Boer, Fremantle Dockers, 6', 189, midfielder
Played 138 games with the Dockers since his debut in 2009, but played just four games in 2016 after falling out of favor as Coach Ross Lyon concentrated on younger players. Hard-working, ballwinning midfielder who can also play in defense and as a defensive forward. Played in Peel Thunder's 2016 premiership and ran second in the Sandover Medal count (WA's equivalent of the Brownlow)

26. Brandan Parfitt, North Adelaide (SANFL), 5'9", 174, midfielder
Courageous with a fierce attack on the ball

40. Tom Stewart, Geelong (VFL), 6', 202, defender
Athletic, strong defender who spoils and reads the play well. Versatile in that he can play on different sized forwards

43. Esava Ratugolea, Murray Bushrangers, 6'3, 204, forward
From Fiji, he has only been playing for about three years. Has some real power and and speed, is excellent at ground level. Murray's talent manager compared him to Eagle Nic Naitanui. Needs to work on understanding the game but that will come in time

60. Quinton Narkle, Perth (WAFL), 5'10", 170, midfielder
Ballwinner whose 2016 was curtailed by a knee injury late in the year, need to build his endurance

68. Timm House, Geelong (VFL), 6'3", 209, defender/forward
Versatile, takes a strong mark (catch of the ball), has clean hands and good work ethic

69. Ryan Abbott, Geelong (VFL), 6'5", 217, ruckman
A strong mark and can go forward when required, willing to lay tackles and protect teammates. Was named in the 2015 Geelog Football League Team of the Year

4. Ben Ainsworth, Gippsland Power, 5'9", 167, midfielder/forward
Strong in the air for his size, knows how to find the ball, has some speed placing second for the 20 meter sprint (appx 21 yards) at the Draft Combine. Will most likely start out as a forward until he builds his endurance for the midfield

7. Jack Scrimshaw, Sandirngham, 6'2", 183, utility
Talented left footer who bounced back well in 2016 after two years of injury woes. Can play back, forward and midfield, excellent kick and reads the play well. Still needs to fill out a bit and will need to work on his endurance for a midfield role, but has already been compared to Sam Mitchell and Marcus Bontempelli. Sandy talent manager and former Essendon player Ryan O'Connor says he has the capability of leaving "... a few coaches boxes with a few headaches."

9. Will Brodie, Murray, 6'1", 180, midfielder
Can find the ball in congestion and knows how to create time and space in traffic, worked hard to improve his game but still needs some work on endurance

10. Jack Bowes, Surfers Paradise (QLD), 6', 170, midfielder
Not overly quick, but has footy smarts to get to the ball first, has 360 degree awareness and can go forward and kick goals. Was MVP for Queensland and won the Harrison Medal as best Division Two player at the Under-18 tournament

67. Brad Scheer, Gold Coast Academy, 5'11", 183, midfielder
Bull of a player who can push forward and kick goals, a hard tackler and can break tackles, a strong mark (catch of the ball), worked hard in 2016 to improve his game

Other clubs were interested in both Bowes and Scheer, but Gold Coast matched the bids to secure the pair

In early November, Gold Coast was also able to sign delisted Docker Michael Barlow.

74. Harry Morrison, Murray, 5'10", 169, defender
Excellent in one-on-one contests, reads the play as it develops in front of him and reads the ball well in the air and at ground level, an excellent kick and runs well, excellent decision maker who can bring others into the game, can also play on a wing

76. Mitchell Lewis, Calder Cannons, 6'3", 209, forward
Strong overhead mark (catch of the ball) and can win the ball through the middle, can also play in the ruck

In early November, the Hawks signed Ricky Henderson who had been delisted by Adelaide.

49. Mitchell Hannan, Footscray (VFL), 6'1", 182, forward
Rangy and athletic, he can fly for the ball, played in Footscray's 2016 premiership win

64. Dion Johnstone, Oakleigh, 5'10", 160, forward
Competitive ballwinner who can hit the scoreboard as well as apply defensive pressure

12. Jy Simpkin, Murray, 5'10", 164, midfielder/forward
Classy and creative forward with great vision, footy smarts and goal sense, uses the ball well through the midfield. Missed the U-18 tournament due to injury and needs to build his strength and endurance

34. Declan Watson, Aspley (NEAFL), 6'2", 180, defender
Reads the play well and can take interceptions in defense, composed under pressure, needs work on agility and decision making

36. Josh Williams, Hermit Park (amateur team in Townsville QLD), 6'1", 160, midfielder
Blinding speed and can run away from opposition players in a heartbeat. Will need to build strength and endurance

73. Nick Larkey, Surfers Paradise (QLD)), 6'4", 180, forward
Athletic tall who can play wing and pinch-hit in the ruck, strong in the air, can also take a turn in deense. Will need some time in the gym to build up his body.

16. Todd Marshall, Murray, 6'3", 188, forward
Natural ability, .great agility for his height, takes a good mark (catch of the ball), and has excellent goal sense. Will need time in the gym to build his lean frame and put on some strength

18. Sam Powell-Pepper, East Peth (WAFL), 6', 198, midfielder/forward
Powerful player who brings intensity and passion, can burst through the middle to hit the scoreboard, has an appetite for the contest, good endurance and speed. Tendency to turn the ball over in defense but has worked hard on improving that as well as his decision making and kicking

32. Joe Atley, Bendigo, 6', 182, midfielder
Excellent at stoppages and winning the ball and getting to others, unselfish player who brings others into the game, professional attitude and leadership qualities. Brother of North Melbourne's Shaun

33. Willem Drew, North Ballarat Rebels, 6'1", 174, midfielder
Good vision and clean hands, wins the contested ball. Prior to North Ballarat, he played senior football with Koroit (Hampden League in western Victoria) from the age of 15 and was a member of the their three premiership sides. As such, he does not mind the crash and bash stuff. Cousin of Essendon's Michael Gleeson and nephew of former player Adrian Gleeson

29. Shai Bolton, South Fremantle (WAFL), 5'8", 151, forward/midfielder
Slightly built indigenous player with blazing speed and a very good standing vertical leap. Dangerous near goal and can also play wing or midfield, but will need to build up strength and endurance

53. Jack Graham, North Adelaide (SANFL), 5'10", 178, midfielder/forward
Strong-bodied and hard-working, positions well at stoppages, wins the contested ball and uses it well by hand or foot, won the Larke Medal as best Division One player at the U-18 tournament

72. Ryan Garthwaite, Murray, 6'2", 182
Rarely beaten and can take interceptions in defense, can play on smaller types as well and makes good decisions which helps with his kicking which needs work

25. Ben Long, St Marys (NTFL), 5'10", 160, forward
Speedy forward who attacks the ball well and is tough and tackles well, a very good kick and can play defense if required. Seems to improve at every level. Crossed to Footscray in the VFL after the Under-18 tournament and starred with six goals in the premiership win, can push onto a wing. Related to former Essendon champ Michael Long

39. Josh Battle, Dandenong, 6'2, 193, forward
Footy smarts, a strong mark (catch of the ball), excellent work rate and a strong runner. Very professional off the field, needs to work on agility as he is a bit of a straight line runner

56. Ed Phillips, Oakleigh, 6', 171, defender/forward
Skilled and competitive with excellent aerobic capacity

11. Oliver Florent, Sandringham, 5'11", 163, midfielder
Competitive smooth-mover who can break the lines with his speed, has footy smarts and can break tackles. Considering his father recently passed away after a long battle with cancer, his development has been impressive despite the personal duress.

21. Will Hayward, North Adelaide (SANFL), 511", 167, forward
Athletic and rangy with good goal sense, excellent instincts and cat-like recovery. Very good in the air and can push into the midfield

45. Jack Maibaum, Eastern Ranges, 6'2", defender
Competitive Brute of a defender who is a genuine stopper, reads the ball well in the air to outmaneuver opponents,very good speed and concentration. Needs to work on knowing when to set up attacking moves from defense. Played on Brisbane's Josh Schache in 2015 and shut him down

48. Darcy Cameron, Claremont (WAFL), 6'6", 195, ruckman
Brilliant tap work and very mobile for his size, a good contested mark (catching the ball), can go forward as demonstrated by the 40 goals he kicked in 2016. Improved his follow-up work, aggression and intensity in 2016. Has been overlooked in the draft for the past several years

13. Daniel Venables, Western Jets, 6', 180, midfielder/forward
Powerful which allows him to stand up in and break tackles, wins the ball well in congestion and stand up in big games, creative in that he can set up play, strong on the lead, excellent disposal skills and very competitive

37. Josh Rotham, West Perth (WAFL), 6'2", 169, defender
Athletic and speedy running defender who has a natural spring. good composure with ball in hand and disposes well by hand or foot. Has the potential to go into the midfield but will need to work on his strength and endurance

52. Willie Rioli, Glenelg (SANFL), 5'8", 167, small forward
A cousin of Hawk Cyril, he moved from the Tiwi Islands two years ago and has dropped about. 30 pounds since then. Has speed and knows how to find space in front of goals.

77. Jake Waterman, Perth (WAFL), 6'1", 206, forward
Aggressive, confident, strong in the air, a strong tackler and a fierce competitor who demands the ball, Perth's talent manager compared him to Eagle Josh Kennedy.
Son of former Eagle Chris Waterman

19. Tim English, South Fremantle (WAFL), 6'6", 197, ruckman/forward
Like former Eagle Dean Cox, he is athletic agile and mobile around the ground, an outstanding kick and knows how to position himself. Will need plenty of time to fill out his slender frame and build up some strength

28. Patrick Lipinski, Northern Knights, 6', 174, midfielder/forward
Comes from a basketball background, excellent endurance and very clean and composed with ball in hand

49. Lewis Young, Sturt (SANFL), 6'4", 215, forward
Comes from a basketball background so has very good athletic ability, but is still very much learning the game, could also play defense

70. Fergus Greene, Bendigo, 6'1", 165, defender/forward
Very competitive with very good aerobic capacity, endurance and a good kick

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