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As Round One got under way, the AFL released the details of the mid-season rookie draft. The draft will be held May 27 after the conclusion of Round 10. To be eligible, clubs must have an available opening on their list by Monday April 29. Players can nominate for the draft from April 29nd to May 3rd.

Player Eligibility: 

Players who previously nominated for the 2018 National Draft. However, any player who nominated for and was not selected during the National Draft and who has committed for a further year as a 19-year-old in a Northern Academy or Next Generation Academy will not be eligible.

Players who have previously been on the list of a club (not required to nominate for the previous draft)

A delisted player cannot be selected by the club which delisted him the previous year unless he nominated for the National Draft.

A retired player and/or a player who has delisted himself and has not been on an AFL List for one year or more. For example, a player who retired in 2018 is ineligible this year unless he nominated for the National Draft.

State League Participation:
Players who are selected in the 2019 Mid-season Rookie Draft that stay in their original State are subject to the following: They will not be permitted to play against their original club unless otherwise agreed by all parties. The player has the right to return to their original club to participate in finals if their service is no longer required at their AFL club.

Source: Nadine Rabah, AFL Media Release

Article last changed on Tuesday, April 02, 2019 - 11:19 AM EDT

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