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The AFL draft was held on December 8. Below  are all the players drafted. The listings are club by club so readers can scroll more easily to the club(s) of interest.  A few notes regarding the listings: the first number is the draft selection followed by player name (club of origin), age, height in metric (coversion), weight in metric (conversion) and position with the profile below. Many players played for more than one club, but only the primary NAB or other club is listed wtih any others named as necessary. Readers will also note Team Dal Santo and Team Brown. Apparently this was a concept created in 2019 as there is no mention of these games prior. Young hopefuls are selected to play in a sort of all-star game on Grand Final Day. One group is coached by former player Nick Dal Santo and the other by former Lion Jonathan Brown. 

Other notes: 20 meters = 22 yards, 2km = 1.24 miles
These are two of the tests draft prospects go through at the various AFL combines. The translations are here so conversions do not have to be done each time. The times for each are numeric - 20 meter run is listed 0.0 in seconds while the 2km trIal is listed 0:0 in minutes:seconds.

2. RILEY THILTHORPE (West Adelaide, SANFL), 18, 201 (6'5"), 100 (220), tall forward/ruckman
Has already played senior football for West Adelaide for the past two seasons. Missed last year's U-18 tournament due to injury but starred at the 2018 U-16's and won All-Australian honors. Was impressive at last year's AFL Futures match with his overhead marking (catching the ball), agility and repeat efforts. Comparable to Richmond's Tom Lynch

25. BRAYDEN COOK  (South Adelaide, SANFL), 18, 189 (6'1"), 80 (176)
Strong in the air and dangerous near goal, is also a good ballwinner and good at ground level
11. LUKE PEDLAR (Glenelg, SANFL), 18, 183 (5'11"), 80 (176), medium forward/midfielder
Tough, no frills, contested ballwinner who excels in one on one contests with an aggressive approach. Played for both Glenelg at Under-18 level and captained his college team

28: SAM BERRY (Gippsland), 18, 181 (5'10"), 81 (178), medium forward/midfielder
Wins the contested ball well with his competitiveness, strong in the air, clean at ground level and is a strong tackler. Has great endurance, is resilient and can kick goals

38. JAMES ROWE (Woodville-West Torrens), 21 , 173 (5'8"), 73 (160), forward
Mature-age recruit who tied for the SANFL goal kicking in 2020, Deadly in front of goal, kicking 82 in 34 games over the past two seasons. Has footy smarts, good evasive skills and can set up teammates. Member of Woodville's premiership team. His father Stephen is a  well-known radio commentator and was a member of Adelaide's inaugural team and played 29 games for the Crows

24. BLAKE COLEMAN (Brisbane Lions Academy, Morningside - NEAFL), 18, 180 (5'10"), 79 (174), small forward
Indigenous player with elite speed, agility and goal sense. Very dangerous overhead for his size demonstrated by his mark (catch of the ball) of the day in the QAFL Grand Final playing in the winning team for Morningside. Prominent for the Lions Academy in in his five games in 2019, Was impressive for Team Brown that year. The brother of promising first year Lion Keidean

43. HARRY SHARP (GWV Rebels), 17, 183 (5'11"), 69 (152), small/medium defender
Excellent speed and endurance as evidenced when he tested in Victoria and equaled Fremantle's Andrew Brayshaw (2017).  A multi-track athletics champion in flats and steeples, currently holds the Australian record for the 2000 meter (2187 yards) steeplechase at U-18 level. Broke the record for the 2km run by 20 seconds recording 5:28 at the draft combine 

48. HENRY SMITH (Woodville-West Torrens, SANFL), 18, 204 (6'5"), 96 (211), ruck/forward                      
Rangy type who is a good mark (catch of the ball) and reliable in front of goal. Wins the contested ball and is good at ground level with clean hands and second efforts.  Played in AFL Futures game this year for Team Dal Santo and did well at U-18 level in the SANFL

37. COREY DURDIN (Central Districts, SANFL), 173 (5'8"), 73 (160), small forward/midfielder
Clever and courageous, wins the contested ball, has clean hands and uses the ball well by hand and foot. Won the Division One best and fairest at the 2018 U-16 tournament, played 12 senior games for Central in the past two seasons, and represented SA at the U-18's in 2019. Captained Team Dal Santo in 2019

41. JACK CARROLL (East Fremantle, WAFL), 17, 187 (6'), 76 (167), tall/medium defender
Prolific at winning the contested ball, strong overhead and has neat disposal skills by hand and foot. Starred for Team Dal Santo. Showed his speed at the WA combine posting 3.02 for the 20 meter sprint

17. OLIVER HENRY (Geelong Falcons, 18, 186 (6'), 72 158), medium forward
Has a huge leap, very strong in the air and athletic with speed and agility to run off his opponents. Played for the U-17's against New Zealand in April and performed well. Played for Team Dal Santo this year and is the brother of Geelong's Jack Henry

19. FINLAY MARAE (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 186 (6'), 78 (171), medium midfielder
Composed and balanced, he reads the play very well and is an excellent ballwinner. Member of Oakleigh's 2019 premiership side.  Brother of Western Bulldogs star Jack Macrae, he trained with the Bulldogs over summer and played for Team Dal Santo. Also has excellent endurance, running the 2km time trial in 6:17

23. REEF MCINNES (Oakleigh), 18, 193 (6'2"), 86 (189), tall midfielder
Reads the game exceptionally well, wins contested ball and is very good at ground level. Has speed and is very agile for his height and is versatile, a member of Oakleigh's 2019 premiership team and was prominent for Team Brown. Captained Oakleigh and his college team before the shutdown. A member of Collingwood's Next Generation Academy

30. CALEB POULTER (Woodville-West Torrens, SANFL), 18, 192 (6'2"), 79 (174), tall midfielder
Still developing physically but is a long kick a very good ballwinner and strong in the air. Uses the ball well to link up with teammates. At the combine, he recorded 3.06 for the 20 meter sprint and 6:35 for the 2km time trial. Was very impressive for a SA All-Star game. 

31. LIAM MCMAHON (Northern Knights), 18, 194 (6'3"), 80 (176), tall forward
Athletic, hard-running, clean at ground level and an accurate kick for goal. 

44. BEAU MCCREERY (South Adelaide, SANFL), 19, 186 (6'), 60 (132), medium forward
Speed, goal sense and tackling pressure makes him a dangerous proposition in the forward line. Starred in his first season with South. kicking goals in all but three games and kicked the sealer in his debut match

8. NIKOLAS COX (Northern Knights), 18, 199 (6'4"), 82 (180), tall defender
Can also play forward, excellent kicking skills on both right and left, clean at ground level and excellent endurance for his size. Son of former Fitzroy, Brisbane Lions and Melbourne swingman Darryl Cox. Represented Vic Metro at the 2019 U-18's and played for Team Dal Santo

9. ARCHIE PERKINS (Sandringham), 18, 185 (6'), 87 (191), medium forward/midfielder
Strong build, is creative with the ball and has footy smarts. Knows how to set up teammates for goals and is a long kick. Has speed, is strong in the air and has power. Played for Team Dal Santo in 2020

10. ZACH REID (Gippsland Power) 18, 202 6'5"), 82 (180), Tall defender
Strong overhead and kicks well and precisely out of defense, very good at ground level for his height. Will need time to develop but was impressive for Gippsland and Team Dal Santo in 2019

39.  JOSH EYRE (Calder), 18, 197 (6'4"), 85 (187), tall forward
Athletic, good in the air and uses the ball well by foot. His excellent endurance gives him the capability of repeat efforts. Tied to Essendon under the AFL’s Next Generation Academy rules

53. CODY BRAND (Calder), 18, 195 (6'3"), 84 (185), tall defender
Strong overhead and can go forward. Very mobile and can kick long. Represented Team Dal Santo in 2019. Also played for Essendon Grammar and was team captain in 2020 so has leadership qualities. Another Essendon Next Generation player 

14. HEATH CHAPMAN (West Perth, WAFL), 18, 193 (6'2"), 81 (178), tall defender
Athletic, strong overhead and can run the ball out of defense well. Dominated at U-18 level as a consistent ballwinner in eight games and got his chance in the senior side. Competitive and composed under pressure and can run off his opponents to create play with his exceptional endurance. Recorded the fastest time for the 2km time trial at the WA combine, running it in 6:20

27. NATHAN O'DRISCOLL (Perth, WAFL), 18, 187 (6'), 78 (171), medium midfielder/defender
Athletic, agile, has clean hands, footy smarts, and is a strong tackler. Was named an All-Australian representing WA at the 2016 U-18 tournament and impressed again with WA's premiership team in 2019. Played five senior games with Perth in 2020. At the draft combine, he ran the 20 meter sprint in 2.93, the 2km time trial in 6:23 and also did very well in the agility run

50. BRANDON WALKER (East Fremantle, WAFL), 18, 183 (5'11"), 75 (165), medium defender
Elite speed and power comparable to Bulldog Jason Johannisen Very agile and was named All- Australian at the 2018 U-16 tournament. Was impressive in his 10 games for East Fremantle's U-18 team. Born in Ghana in Africa and was eligible for Fremantle under the AFL's Next Generation Academy rules

54. JOEL WESTERN (Claremont, WAFL), 18, 171 (5'7"), 64 (141), small midfielder
Prolific ball winner with excellent game sense and speed. Impressive when he played for Team Dal Santo in 2019. Another player from Freo's Next Generation Academy

20. MAX HOLMES (Sandringham Dragons), 18, 189 (6'1"), 74 (163), medium midfielder
Geelong traded their 2021 round one selection to Richmond in order to snare Holmes.  An unexpected draft bolter, Holmes comes from an athletics background. His father won gold at a Commonwealth games and Holmes himself won the 2019 400 (437 yards) meter hurdles and finished third in the 400 meter run. In an interview on SEN Radio several weeks ago, Holmes said he decided he would rather play football, saying he enjoyed it more than athletics. Recruiters have not seen him in two years. When he last played, he said he was a bit on the small side so was often put in a forward pocket and also played across halfback. He believes since then he has grown appx 12 cm (just under 5 inches) and added 12 kilos (26 lbs) to his frame. A chance meeting with St Kilda star Brad Hill at an athletics track led him to train with Hill in the lead up to the draft.  He played one game in 2019, but none in 2020 due to the lockdown. Holmes grew up a St Kilda supporter and said it would be a dream come true, but it was not to be. He has a huge upside with his running capacity and endurance, smashing the 20 meter record, clocking in at 2.8 seconds and ran the 2km in 6:25

33. SHANNON NEALE (South Fremantle, WAFL, 18, 202 (6'5"), 91 (200), ruckman
Athletic, has good speed and agility for his size. Played in the WA U-16 team in 2019 and was selected for that year's AFL Futures match playing for Team Brown and was impressive. Continued to develop in 2020 with the Under-18 team and tested very well at the draft combine: did the 20 meter sprint in 3.04 seconds and ran the 2km time trial in 6:35. Also placed well in the agility test

47. NICK STEVENS (Greater Western Victoria Rebels, NAB League), 18, 192 6'2"), 84 (185), medium defender
Speedy, powerful and athletic, he is a long kick and uses the ball well by hand. Reads the play well to provide overlap run for the team. At the draft combine, he ran the 2k time trial in 6:32s and the 20 meter sprint in under three seconds

7. ELIJAH HOLLANDS (Murray Bushrangers), 18, 189 (6'1"), 80 (176), medium forward
Smooth mover with strong clean hands and excellent kicking skills. Was named U-16 All-Australian in 2018. Starred for Vic Country at U-17 level and for Team Dal Santo  in 2019 with 24 disposals and five goals. Was awarded the Cameron Ling Medal for the NAB AFL Academy’s most professional bottom aged prospect. Injured his ACL in preseason training but is on the road to a full recovery. Father Ben played  eight games for Richmond before becoming a star for West Adelaide in the SANFL

12. TANNER BRUHN (Geelong Falcons), 18, 183 (5'11"), 74 (163), medium midfielder
Clean hands, strong in the air, and uses the ball well  by hand and foot. Starred for Vic Country at the U-16 tournament in 2018

15. CONOR STONE (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 188 (6'1"), 81 (178), medium forward/defender
Excellent decision maker, uses the ball well to set up play, is composed and has good endurance. Kicked 11 goals for Oakleigh in their 2019 NAB premiership win. Has leadership qualities as well

18. RYAN ANGWIN, (Gippsland Power), 18, 184 (5'11"), 74 (163), medium defender
Highly skilled with football smarts, can also play forward, athletic and agile, uses the ball well by hand and is composed. Did well in the agility and endurance tests at preseason testing. Played 11 games with Gippsland before the shutdown but continued with Foster in the Alberton League and was able to train and learn from former Foster player (now with Port) Xavier Duursma

58. CAMERON FLEETON (Geelong Falcons), 18, 192 (6'2"), 81 (178), medium defender
Reads the play extremely well, is a good intercept mark (catch of the ball), very competitive and agile with the ability to set up play from defense

59. JACOB WEHR (Woodville-West Torrens), 22, 184 (5'11"), 71 (152), running defender
A late bloomer but is an excellent user of the ball with his pinpoint accuracy by hand and foot and clean possessions and can break the lines. Made his senior debut midseason but proved to be an important player and a member of the premiership side. Cam push up to play on a wing as well
6. DENVER GRAINGER-BARRAS (Swan Districts, WAFL), 18, 195 (6'3"), 78 (171), tall defender
Reads the play well and is an excellent interceptor of the ball. Named U-16 All-Australian in 2018, was a member of the U-18 WA team which won the tournament championship for the first time in a decade. Debuted at senior level with Swan Districts and played eight senior games in 2020. Winner of the AFL Life Members Scholarship in 2019, an annual award given to one outstanding prospect annually and won in the past by the likes of Joel Selwood and Nic Naitanui. At the WA draft combine, he excelled at the 20 meter sprint (2.99 seconds), running vertical jump (just under 3 feet), and agility

29. SEAMUS MITCHELL  (Bendigo Pioneers), 18, 181 (5'10'), 74 (163), small forward/midfielder
Has speed, power, excellent vision and awareness, composed with ball in hand and has neat disposal skills by hand and foot. Ran the 20 meter sprint in 2.88 seconds and recorded well over three feet in the running vertical jump at the draft combine

35. CONNOR DOWNIE (Eastern Ranges), 18, 185 (6'), 82 (180), medium midfielder/defender
Can use his speed and long kicking to break the lines. Represented Australia at U-17 level in 2019 against New Zealand and played for Team Brown. Member of Hawthorn's Next Generation Academy

46. TYLER BROCKMAN (Subiaco, WAFL), 18, 181 (5'10"), 81 (178), small forward
An athletic and explosive small forward with breakaway speed and agility. Is a high impact player who can break a game open. Creative in front of goal and can set up teammates with his accurate disposal as well as apply forward pressure on opposition defenders with his tackllng.  Can also rotate through the midfield. Has that X-factor and knows how to use the ball well to advantage to hurt the opposition, his speed allows him to put distance between him and any opponent and he has a very good leap. Did well at the combine with 82 cm (31 in) in the running vertical jump, 2.93 seconds for the 20 meter sprint and did well in the agility run. He is the nephew of former Fremantle and Gold Coast player, Greg Broughton

21. JAKE BOWEY (Sandringham Dragons), 18, 175 (5'8"), 67 (147), small midfielder/forward
Creative, speedy and nimble, very good in the air and has good evasive skills to escape opponents. The son of former Saint Brett Bowey, he represented Vic Metro at the age of 16 and was a star for Team Brown in 2019. Ran the 20 meter sprint in 2.95 seconds and and had a running vertical jump of over three feet at the draft combine

22. BAILEY LAURIE (Oakleigh), 18, 179 (5'10"), 78 (171), small forward/midfielder
Elite game sense and excellent decision maker with ball in hand, Composed and has clean hands. Has footy smarts and uses the ball well. Was a member of Oakleigh's premiership team in 2019. Excellent endurance as evidenced by his 6:24 run in the 2km time trial at the draft combine

34. FRASER ROSMAN (Sandringham), 18, 193 (6'2"),  81 (178), tall forward
Extremely athletic with excellent aerobic capacity and speed for his size. Can also play midfield. Ran the 2km trial in six minutes. In March, he ran 20 meters in 2.93 seconds. Represented Vic Metro at the 2018 U-16 tournament and has been compared to Hawk Isaac Smith
3. WILL PHILLIPS (Oakleigh), 18, 180 (5'10"), 80 (176), small/medium midfielder
Speedy and agile ballwinner with breakaway speed, has clean hands, excellent vision and endurance. Starred for Vic Metro at the 2018 U-16 tournament, winning Metro's MVP award and All-Australian honors. Was one of the best for Australia's U-17's against New Zealand in 2019. Impressed at the draft combine with 2.91 seconds in the 20 meter sprint and 6:38 in the 2km time trial

13. TOM POWELL (Sturt, SANFL), 18, 183 (5'11), 74 (163), medium midfielder
After an injury-riddled 2018 an 2019, he had an excellent 2020 at the U-18 level, winning the league best and fairest as well as the coaches' award. Is excellent with his hands, has excellent vision and is creative in setting up his team. Son of former Adelaide and Sturt defender Matt Powell (a Jack Oatey Medalist in 2002, Norm Smith equivalent for SANFL GF). Starred in the NAB All-Star game 

36. CHARLIE LAZZARO (Geelong Falcons), 18, 179 (5'10"), 73 (160), small midfielder
Excellent at stoppages and winning the contested ball, uses his excellent vision and clean hands to set up teammates. Has an excellent work ethic and is extremely agile

42. PHOENIX SPICER (South Adelaide, SANFL), 18, 173 (5'8"), 64 (141), small midfielder
Has excellent speed and agility and can break a game open with his athleticism. Did extremely well in the agility run at the SA testing but was unable to test at the draft combine due to injury

56. EDDIE FORD (Western Jets), 18, 184 (5'11"), 73 (160), medium forward
Excellent overhead and very mobile, a good ballwinner. Starred for Team Brown in 2019 with 20 possessions and seven goals

16. LACHLAN JONES (Woodville-West Torrens, SANFL), 18, 186 (6'), 89 (196), medium defender
Speedy, powerful defender who can win the contested  ball, is good at ground level and a long kick. Played 15 senior games with Woodville in 2020, including their premiership win. Played for Team Dal Santo in 2019. Member of Port Adelaide's Next Generation Academy

49.  OLLIE LORD (Sandringham Dragons), 18, 195 (6'3"), 84kg  (185), tall forward
Athletic and is strong overhead with the ability to use his body to position himself, jump for the ball and  hold his ground. Showed his potential in five games at Sandringham in 2019 and in the AFL Futures game for Team Dal Santo on AFL Grand Final day. Grandson of former Cats defender Stewart Lord who played 74 games with Geelong including their 1963 premiership. Had an impressive training stint at Melbourne over the preseason as part of the AFL Academy accelerated development program 

40. SAMSON RYAN (Lions Academy), 19, 206 (6'7"), 96 (211), ruck
Ryan is a graduate of the Brisbane Academy and was going to play in the NEAFL before the season was cancelled. Instead he went to QAFL team Sherwood. Not only did he hold his own but often got the better of stronger and more experienced ruckmen. He is very creative with his tapwork and uses all 360 degrees to ensure first use for teammates. He is a natural by foot, can follow up at ground level to assist teammates. His aerial strength gives him the ability to intercept the ball around the ground or provide a target up forward. Still needs to add some size and strength

51. MAURICE RIOLI, JR (St Mary's, Northern Territory, 18, 179 (5'10"), 75 (165), small forward
Caught the eye representing the NT at the U-16 tournament in 2017 and 2018. Continued his development starring for St Mary's earlier this year, then played for Scotch College in Melbourne as well as training with Oakleigh. Eligible for both the Dockers and Tigers under the father-son rule as his father played for South Fremantle before joining Richmond (see

26. MATTHEW MCLEOD-ALLISON (Calder Cannons), 18, 192 (6'2"), 80 (186), Tall forward
Reads the ball in the air very well and can take a strong mark (catch of the ball). Has been compared to Hawk Jack Gunston. His father was a star for VFA team Coburg in 174 games and was named in their team of the century and a two time premiership player

45. TOM HIGHMORE (South Adelaide, SANFL), 22, 192 (6'2"), 89 (185), tall defender
Had two outstanding seasons with Canberra before crossing to the SANFL this year. Was just as impressive in his first year in Adelaide. Strong in the air and very mobile

4. LOGAN MCDONALD (Perth, WAFL), 18, 196 (6'3"), 86kg  (189), tall forward
Athletic and dominated in his debut season with the Perth seniors this year, kicking 21 goals in nine games. Runs hard, is strong in the air, reads the play well and has footy smarts. Compared to a young NIck Riewoldt. Represented WA at the 2018 tournament and won All-Australian honors. Was also a standout for WA in their 2019 championship win. Tested well at the draft combine, confirming his speed, posting 6:33 in the 2km time trial and 3.03 seconds for the 20 meter sprint

5. BRAEDEN CAMPBELL (Sydney Academy, Pennant Hills, NSW/ACT), 18, 181 (5'10"), 73 (160), medium forward/midfielder
Explosive player who can kick the ball long, wins the ball well and is an excellent decision maker with ball in hand. Represented NSW/ACT at the 2018 U-16 tournament and won All-Australian honors. Had an excellent 2019 as well, being named best on ground playing for Team Brown. Hawthorn tried for him but Sydney matched Hawthorn's bid

32. ERROL GUIDEN (Sydney Swans Academy), 18, 175 (5'8"), 75 (165), small midfielder/forward
Excellent reader of the play and ballwinner. Has the ability to really influence matches with his innate ability around goals and running capacity. Was named the Division Two best and fairest at the 2018 U-16 tournament representing NSW/ACT. Was excellent for the NAB Sydney Swans in 2019 and again stood out for Team Dal Santo. Ran the 2km time trial in 6:32

52. LUKE EDWARDS (Glenelg, SANFL), 18, 188 (6'1"), 83 (182), medium defender
Excellent vision, clean hands, a long kick and a good decision maker who can set up play. U-16 All-Australian, played in the U-18 tournament in 2019 and was impressive for Team Brown.  Debuted at senior level with Glenelg this year, is the son of former Crow Tyson Edwards. In late November, the Crows decided not to lodge the necessary paperwork to select him as they preferred to hold onto the high selections they had

57. ISIAH WINDER (Peel Thunder), 18, 180 (5'10"), 79 (174), small forward/midfielder 
Progressed from Peel's U-18 team to play three senior games. Has speed, good goal sense, clean hands and neat evasive skills. Can create opportunities for teammates. Was a standout at the WA draft combine, finishing first in the 20 meter sprint with 2.87seconds, first in the standing vertical jump recording over two feet and third in the agility run

1. JAMARRA UGLE-HAGAN (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 194 (6'3"), 84 (185), tall forward
Has speed and agility, good in the air and has a keen sense for goal. Prominent for Oakleigh in 2019 with 24 goals in nine games. Kicked 11 in their premiership season and showed his versatility for Team Brown playing in defense and forward. Very impressive at the preseason Victorian testing: running vertical jump of 93cm (35 1/2 in), 8.3 seconds in the agility run and 20 meters in 2.95 seconds. Came out of the Bulldogs Academy. Likened to a young Lance Franklin. Adelaide was also interested but the Bulldogs matched thier bid

55. DOMINIC BEDENDO (Murray Bushrangers), 18, 188 6'1"), 74 (163), tall/medium defender
Winger with excellent aerial skills, endurance and agility. Did well at the combine, posting 2.95 seconds in the 20 meter sprint - the third best on the day. Also recorded over three feet in the running vertical jump

Source:, (Adelaide),,,,,

Article last changed on Wednesday, January 06, 2021 - 5:58 PM EST

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