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NAB Cup Round One Tribunal

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Charges Laid:
Andrew Krakouer (RICH), rough conduct against Cat Darren Milburn: assessed as negligent conduct (one point), high impact (three points), and high contact (two points) equaling a total of six points, a Level Three offense, 325 demerits, and a three game suspension. His five year good record reduces the penalty 25% to 243.75 demerits and a 2 game suspension. points and a two-match sanction.

The incident occurred when Krakouer tried to soccer the ball off the ground and accidentally kicked Milburn in the head, resulting in Milburn being taken to the hospital for stitches. He was cleared of any serious damage.
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No Refunds For Angry Fans

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

While the AFL, through CEO Andrew Demetriou, has apologized to angry Geelong fans who waited for more than hour in long lines last weekend, there will be no refunds to those who paid for tickets before the gates were thrown open for free admission.

Demetriou received a report from Operations Manager Adrian Anderson detailing the events of the day. While initial estimates were that there were 7000 "walk-up" fans, the report claimed there were more than 10,000 who arrived and waited in long lines for more than an hour. While most of the ticketing windows were open, there were not enough entry gates and turnstiles open to accommodate the latecomers who had yet to purchase tickets. As the game got underway, there were still long lines outside and it was then decided to open the gates and let everyone in for free so they could see the game. Although this appeased many, it also angered others, who had paid for admission.
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Gambling Probe Widens, Attracts Critics

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Just days after the initial four players were named in the AFL's gambling investigation, there was speculation that more players were going to be dragged into the scandal, with one report alleging that a premiership star placed a bet of several thousand dollars. Another Adelaide player could face sanctions for allegedly placing a small bet on the outcome of the Norm Smith Medal voting in last year's Grand Final.

Crows' player Simon Goodwin faces inquiries not only for his own betting, but is believed to have been involved with group betting of past and current Adelaide players. There are also reports that the AFL has documentation from Betfair betting agency  showing that Goodwin bet on at least six games as well as horse racing.
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NAB Cup Round 1 Scores

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

The first two match scores are two exhibition games which were played. This year it was Essendon's turn to take on a team of Indigenous All-Stars in mid-February. A week later, it was the annual clash between Collingwood and Sydney in Sydney.

ESS         5.0 7.4 10.6 14.9 (93)
ALL STARS   1.2 4.2 5.6 6.7 (43)

GOALS: ESS - Lucas 4, Johns 3, Hird 2, Davey, Houli, Jetta, Monfries, Stanton; ALL-STARS - Krakouer 2, McLeod 2, Davey, Motlop
BEST: ESS - Fletcher, Lucas, Watson, McVeigh, Hislop, McPhee, Cole; ALL-STARS - McLeod, Egan, Pearce, Krakouer, White
UMPIRES: Margetts, Stevic, Grun, Chamberlain
CROWD: 13,119 TIO Stadium, Darwin

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Some NAB Cup Matches To Be Available by Internet Audio

AFANA has been advised by the AFL that some but not all NAB Cup matches will be available on the AFL web site.   These matches will have audio feeds from the radio stations that are covering those matches.  Unfortunately, not all matches will be available since not every NAB Cup game will have radio coverage in Australia.   The available games should be linked from the AFL site as all match audio has been in the past and therefore free to all visitors.

All matches from Round 3 of the NAB Cup are expected to be available.
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Swans Down Pies

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

SYD   4.1   6.3   9.4   10.6 (66)
COL   2.3   3.6   6.7    7.9 (51)

GOALS: SYD - Richards 5, Schneider, Mathews, White, Dempster, Currie; COL - Cloke 3, Cook, Dick, Burns, Reid

BEST: SYD - Richards, Mathews, C. Bolton, Laidlaw, Schneider, Dempster, White, Bevan, Malceski, Davis; COL - Cloke, Clarke, Davis, Cook, Bryan, R. Shaw, O'Brien, Brown, Reid, Johnson, O'Brien, Rusling, Dick
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Gambling Investigation

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Adelaide's Simon Goodwin, Melbourne defender Daniel Ward, Sydney rookie Kieran Jack, and Kangaroo David Hale have all come under investigation for gambling. While none actually bet on or against their respective teams, it is believed they did place wagers on other football games in direct contravention to the very strict AFL rules against betting on games or other football related events such as the Brownlow Meda, competition.

The rules regarding gambling extend to anyone connected to the game - players, club officials, umpires, etc. If found guilty, the players will face sanctions ranging from fines to hefty suspensions.
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Foxtel Big Winner in New TV Deal


Report by Johnson Leung for AFANA in Melbourne

The year-long tussle between Foxtel and the Seven and Ten networks over the telecast arrangements for the next five AFL seasons has finally come to an end, but not without last-minute dramas.

Foxtel had been locked in a stand-off with Seven and Ten, which hold the TV rights to AFL matches from this year to 2011, for the past 12 months. But with just 15 days to go until the start of the pre-season competition, the deal was finally done with intervention from AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou. There were some late jitters before final contracts were signed on February 8, with the official announcement postponed twice because of last-minute haggling. An article lauding the virtues of a new deal appeared on the AFL website at 2.30pm but was withdrawn soon later.

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