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Officers and Personnel

Our Mailing Address:

P O Box 20664
Columbus, OH 43220-0664

Telephone: +1-740-7GET-AFL (1-740-743-8235)
Fax: +1-866-334-9884 
(If you are unable to call this fax number directly from Australia, please use AT&T by dialing 1-800-881-011 (Telstra) or 1-800-551-155 (Optus) then our number, then your credit card number)

e-mail: aussiefb [at) afana [ dot } com  

(Click on the dots in the middle of e-mail addresses to get the full email address if you cannot see them.)

Senior Staff:

President - Paat Kelly
e-mail:   pkelly [at) afana [ dot } com  

  • Director, Web Site Support and Graphics - Ben Seacrist
    e-mail: webmaster [at) afana [ dot } com  

  • Director, TV Schedules, Radio Coverage, and Fixtures - Mike Fondacaro
    e-mail:  mfondacaro [at) afana [ dot } com  
    • Assistant Director, Radio Coverage and Google Schedules - Nick Gazerro
      e-mail: ngazerro [at) afana [ dot } com  

  • Director, Marketing and Public Relations - Paat Kelly
    e-mail: pkelly [at) afana [ dot } com  
  • Founder and Chairman Emeritus - Rob de Santos
    e-mail: rdesantos [at) afana [ dot } com  

    Also directly reporting to the President:

  • Member's Tipping Contest Manager - Ron Abrahams
    e-mail:  tipping [at) afana [ dot } com  

  • Top 4 Tipping Contest Manager - Ron Abrahams
    e-mail: footytips [at) afana [ dot } com  
    comp address:  top4tip [at) afana [ dot } com

  • Travel Liaison - Michele Garval
    e-mail: fbtravel [at) afana [ dot } com  

    News and Reporting Staff:

    All contributions and inquiries to:

  • Director, Content and Editor-in-Chief - To be appointed (applications being accepted; contact Paat at e-mail on next line)
    e-mail: pkelly [at) afana [ dot } com  

    Web Site and E-mail Columnists:

    (reporting to Editor-in-Chief)
    • Asst. Editor, Social Media- To be appointed (applications being accepted; see bottom of page)
    • Asst. Editor, Newsletters- To be appointed (applications being accepted; see bottom of page)
    • Asst. Editor, Podcasts- To be appointed (applications being accepted; see bottom of page)
    • Melbourne, Web site reporter- Johnson Leung
      e-mail:  jkleung [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Perth and Darwin, AFL photojournalist - David Woodley
      e-mail: dwoodley [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Perth, AFL journalist - Chris Kowald
      e-mail: ckowald [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Melbourne, AFL photojournalist - Kim Densham
      e-mail: kdensham [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Melbourne and Adelaide, AFL journalist - Brook Kilpatrick
      e-mail: bkilpatrick [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Melbourne, AFL journalist - Troy Thompson
      e-mail: tthompson [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Adelaide, AFL photojournalist - vacant

    • Chicago, General AFL News journalist - Lisa Albergo
      e-mail: austfooty [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • New Orleans, US footy and General AFL News journalist - Michele Garval
      e-mail: fbtravel [at) afana [ dot } com  

    • Denver, US photojournalist - Paat Kelly
      e-mail: pkelly [at) afana [ dot } com  

  • Editor Emeritus - Ann Solomon 

  • Director Emeritus - Kimber Smith, Smith and Fidler Agency



The Australian Football Association of North America (AFANA) needs match journalists in the USA, Canada, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide, as well as other locations which host AFL matches such as Canberra and Launceston. You must write well but you do not need to have prior sports reporting experience. The job is volunteer but you get real experience as a journalist alongside the professionals. Your work will be professionally edited and if you do well, we will provide professional references.

We are also looking for assistant editors, broadcasters, writers, and social media staff for podcasts, newsletters, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other new platforms. We also need general news website reporters based in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We are in particular need for a bilingual (Spanish/English) staff member to assist in our growing Mexican and Latin American coverage. Estamos en particular, la necesidad de un bilingüe (Español / Inglés) miembro del personal para ayudar a nuestra creciente cobertura mexicana y latinoamericana.

We can always use volunteers to help in other ways, too, as we can always use help in all aspects of our operations.

If you are interested in volunteering to help us please contact Paat at AFANA by e-mail at  pkelly [at) afana [ dot } com  

We look forward to hearing from you!


Article last changed on Thursday, February 29, 2024 - 6:25 PM EST

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