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Location: Montreal, QC

Venue: Station des Sport

Directions to Party:
862 St Catherine St
Downstairs section of the Village Station des Sports (Ste-Catherine Est).

Venue (Location) Telephone: 514-903-8571

URL to the map of the area:

Date of the event: 09/27/13

Starting time of the event: 9:30 PM

Contact e-mail for the organizers: robert[at)aflquebec[ dot }ca  

URL for the party web page:

Age Restrictions? Yes (18+)

Additional Information:
The biggest event in the professional AFL calendar and it happens on a Friday night right here in Montreal. What does that mean? It means we have the mother of all Parties!!! So come join us for a big night of footy and festivities at Station des Sports. There is seating for over 300 patrons with as many screens to watch the game live. There will be beer, there will be footy, there will be raffles and tipping, most of all there will be a lot of fun!

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