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AFANA Grand Final Party Logo 2018

Location: San Francisco, CA #3

Venue: Horizon Lounge

Venue Telephone: +1 415-992-2790

Directions to the party: 498 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

URL to the map of the area: Google Maps

Date of the event: 09/28/18

Starting time of the event: 6:00 PM

Contact e-mail for the organizers: sfolympics[at)gmail[ dot }com

URL for the party web page:

Age Restrictions? Yes. 21 and over.

Additional Information:

RSVP Required On Facebook and will be checked at the door:
Free entry with RSVP and $10 towards beer/wine/spirit special purchase.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Join us for the 2018 AFL Grand Final SF Beer Olympics Watch Party & Sausage Sizzle! Aussie spirit attire encouraged. The 2018 AFL Grand Final will be showing on every TV screen in both Horizon Lounge and Score Sports Bar. Dustin Martin look-alike contest at Midnight. Plus compete for your country in Aussie-themed beer Olympics tournament games that start during halftime in the Horizon Lounge. Enjoy Tim Tam slams, fairy bread, and Vegemite on toast. Enter the Best Dressed Aussie Bogan Contest, build the tallest Didgeridoo (aka: Wizard staff) out of beer cans, eat some snags, and find some sheilas. Fair dinkum, mate.

Five Beers/wine for $10 (6-6:20PM); 5 beers/wine for $20 (6:20-6:40PM); 5 beers/wine for $25 (after 6:40PM). Plus cheap wells/house spirits all night. There will also be other discounts offered on imported Australian beers while supplies last.

Aussie-themed games include: 'Down Under' Beer Pong, Two-Up, Boomerang Flip, Ayers Rock Paper Scissors, and Build the tallest Beer Can Didgeridoo (aka: Wizard Staff). Win Prizes! Free to play in the games. Meet/Compete against Aussies, international travelers, locals, au pairs and students.

  • Everyone's placed on a team based on your country (to make it easy to meet people).
  • Teams compete in Australian-themed games.
  • Play -or- just watch, drink cheap beer/wine/spirits and be social.

Schedule of events:
6-10:30PM: Sign ups for Aussie-themed Beer Olympics tournament games. You must arrive by 10:30PM to compete in the tournament that starts during halftime. Build the tallest Beer Can Didgeridoo (aka: Wizard Staff) and Sausage Sizzle kick off 6PM. Enjoy authentic Sausage Sangas (aka: Sausage with onions & sauce on white bread).

At AFL halftime: Aussie-themed Beer Olympics Games begin in the Horizon Lounge. Games include: 'Down Under' Beer Pong, Two-Up, Ayers Rock Paper Scissors, & Boomerang Flip.

12 MN: Best Dressed Bogan contest and Dustin Martin look-alike contest judging begins.

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