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AFANA Grand Final Parties 2019 Logo

Location: Richmond, VA

Venue: Penny Lane Pub

Venue Telephone: +1 804-780-1682

Directions to the party: 421 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219
Downtown location (corner of N 5th St and E Franklin St). Street parking and parking garages all close by.

URL to the map of the area: Google Maps
Plus code: GHR6+F7 Richmond, Virginia

Date of the event: 9/27/19

Starting time of the event: 9:30 PM

Contact e-mail for the organizers: rvaLionsFooty[at)gmail[ dot }com

URL for the party web page:

Age Restrictions? No. Anyone may attend.

Additional Information:
Come join Virginia's new (2019) and first ever Australian football club: Richmond's own RVA Lions. We are hosting our first AFL GF party. Help us celebrate and help our city, region and commonwealth all learn about (and begin to love and appreciate) this magnificent game that is footy! @rvaLions

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