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Russell Crowe on How To Promote the AFL to Americans

On the August 13th edition of Eddie McGuire's "Aussie Footy Rules America" program on SiriusXM, one of the guests was Russell Crowe. While Crowe is a NRL guy, he is an observer of the AFL and of sports in America. During the program, he was asked by McGuire about promoting the AFL to fans in America. He said, in part, "The thing about Americans is they love sport. What you have to break through, of course, is the monopolization in the football area of the NFL. And it should have because it is a great spectacle, it is a wonderful sport and it has grown and has history and all that stuff. So you have to respect the fact that Americans love their football, they love basketball, they love ice hockey, they love baseball obviously. You have to appeal at the highest level of that, not the lowest. Rugby League tends to be sold to Americans on the basis of, ‘Look at how brutal and stupid these people are,’ as opposed to, ‘Feel the excitement of a play that just suddenly opens up.’ It is a different way of selling it. If you sell it to the smart kids in the room, Eddie, AFL goes great in America because it is a tactical game, it is a game that requires incredible skill and dexterity. You can see the moves of basketball in it, you can see so many areas of athletic prowess required by the players. So that would be simply my advice: If you’re going to approach America as to the sport of AFL, play to the smart kids in the room.”  You can listen to a recording of this below. 

SiriusXM to Add AFL Coverage

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(Updated after email from SiriusXM to AFANA.) The SiriusXM satellite radio service announced today (6/4/20) that they will add AFL coverage for the first time with a "match of the week" and a weekly radio show hosted by Eddie McGuire, AFL commentator and Collingwood president. The first radio show will run tonight, June 4th, at 6 PM EDT for an hour and then each Thursday at the same time. 

"Aussie Football Rules America with Eddie McGuire" will run "on SiriusXM's Dan Patrick Radio channel (ch. 211), recapping the previous week's AFL action and looking ahead at the exciting matches in the weekend ahead" according to the press release issued today, and the broadcasts are also online at and on the SiriusXM app for connected devices and speakers. The full press release is given below, courtesy of PR Newswire. (Home page users click on "Read more".) It will be available in the US and in Canada since channel 211 is available in both countries.

The first radio broadcast tonight (6/4/20) will be a replay of the 2018 Grand Final between West Coast and Collingwood and will follow the radio show hosted by McGuire. This to be the Triple M coverage from that day and the weekly matches to be one of those covered by Triple M. The coverage will be on delay, repeated from the previous weekend each week, and follow the McGuire hosted show. Coverage of finals and the Grand Final is included. Matches will be condensed to fit in a two-hour time slot. AFANA will follow up with SiriusXM and add more to this in the coming days and update our radio page. SiriusXM will be providing AFANA with the match selected each week in advance of the Thursday airing. (Update: 6/5/20: Our staff writer in Melbourne, Johnson Leung, reports that Melbourne media is suggesting that the weekly match could be the Thursday night match from 14 hours earlier and that the Grand Final could be live. We're following up with SiriusXM. 6/9/20: our radio page now has match schedules.)

NEW YORK, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SiriusXM announced today that it is adding Australian Football League programming to its sports lineup for the first time ever, featuring a new exclusive show hosted by Australian media icon Eddie McGuire, as well as play-by-play broadcasts of an AFL Match of the Week.

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