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Grand Final Background: Richmond vs GWS

Dustin Martin Straight Arm

There is an old adage in footy that a team has to lose a few finals to win one. it proved true for Richmond as they lost their first ever final in 1916 - a semi-final against Carlton. They then lost their first Grand Final to Collingwood in 1919. They lost again to Carlton in 1920 in a semi-final, but since there were only four teams eligible at that time, they were still through to the Grand Final which they won. They have since gone on to win another 10 premierships.

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Trading News

by Chris Kowald reporting for AFANA from Perth

Chris reviews changes to AFL playing rosters and peers into the crystal ball

AFL clubs use the off season drafts and trading to get the most appropriate players for their squads. A notable feature of this year's trading is an increase of traded players returning to their home states. Here is my take on what trades happened and how teams will fare in 2018.

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The AFANA AFL 2016 Finals Preview

Brook “Boris” Kilpatrick reporting for AFANA

So, who wins it all? In what looks to be the most open finals series for some time, you could mount a solid argument for six teams that could potentially take out the 2016 premiership. Read on for my take on who can win the Aussie rules championship in 2016 and why – and my pick for the two teams that will meet in the biggest AFL match of the year on October 1st.

I’ll start in reverse order of regular season finish, from eighth to top spot.
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Can the Hawks Repeat 1991?

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

The Finals history between Hawthorn and West Coast is brief, with just two Finals matches and one Grand Final since the Eagles were admitted to the competition in 1987. The Hawks were a powerhouse throughout the 1980's with Grand Final appearances from 1983-1989. The Hawks won four of those seven matches, including two in a row in 1988 and 1989. At the time, West Coast was a fledgling team aiming high. While Hawthorn had many battle-hardened warriors, the Eagles were comprised of a few experienced players who had returned to Perth from the Victorian teams they played for to join the Eagles, players plucked from teams in the West Australian Football League (WAFL) and young players from the juniors' competition via the draft.

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AFL Preview Finals Week 4 2012

Hawthorn V Sydney at the MCG

Well that one day in September is with us again and two top teams will meet to decide the premiership.

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AFL Preview Finals Week 3 2012

AFL Preview

Finals Week 3 – Preliminary Finals

Sydney V Collingwood at ANZ Stadium Friday night

It’s been said a few times already this season about just how surprisingly good the Sydney Swans have been and as a result here they are playing Collingwood in a preliminary final in Sydney. That wasn’t something I would have forecast at the start of the season and neither did a whole studio full of experts

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AFL Preview Finals Week 2 2012

Adelaide V Fremantle at AAMI Friday Night

It’s a semi final so the loser is out of the race and unlike Geelong who bought the sleepy part of “Sleepy Hollow” with them last week to their match with Fremantle the team from the city of churches will not win by praying but by playing from the first bounce.

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AFL Preview Round 1 Finals 2012

AFL Finals

Week 1

About coaching and loyalty!


Lou Richards has just said it and I will say it too

That it’s a bloody tragedy if Malthouse coached the Blues.

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AFL Preview Round 23 2012

AFL Preview Round 23

So it was farewell to Brett Ratten as Carlton coach but the use of the coach as a scapegoat for a team’s performance can seem to be a bit unfair. However, in this case, I don’t think he was the right man for that job but then the Carlton football team also lacks a few key players.

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AFL Preview Round 22 2012

AFL Preview

Round 22

Only a couple of rounds to go and there are some interesting games between teams in the 8. Internet availability is rather limited in places I have been so catching up on a lot of news has not been possible.

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