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TV Schedule US- Google Calendar Version

This is intended for you to add to your personal calendar and is free for personal use. All other uses must credit AFANA. The individual calendar events contain further details in the description (click on an entry). For a full schedule see our TV schedules web page.


Fox and TSN Extend Contract to 2016 and New TV Page Debuts

AFANA has confirmed that Fox Sports and TSN have both agreed to contract extensions that insure the AFL coverage will remain on those networks through the end of the 2016 season. The previous contact was set to expire after the coming 2014 AFL season. This means that coverage will remain similar this year to that of last season. We do not yet know when coverage will begin. It will start no later than Round 1 in mid-March, however some coverage of the pre-season NAB Challenge series is possible. Once we have those details, we will update this website. For US viewers the primary coverage will remain on Fox Soccer Plus and for Canadian viewers on TSN2. We've are still unsure how much coverage to expect on Fox Sports 2 however we anticipate some coverage there. The amount of that coverage may vary according to the other sports available to FS2 at any given time. (Update 2/25/14: Fox has confirmed we can expect 2 games per week on FS2, usually on delay. TSN in Canada has confirmed we can expect 1 live and 1 delayed game per week in 2014.)

We are also thrilled to tell fans of the most significant change to way we present TV schedules to you since 2006. Our TV schedule system is finally fully data base driven and maintained. This allows us to bring you capabilities we have been unable to with the old page. The web address of the schedules page has not changed so all of your saved links will still work. What you will see now is all of the schedule information in one display and presorted by network. Want it sorted differently?
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Changes Coming to AFL Coverage This Week

News has begun to leak out on the future of Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) and programming carried by it, including Aussie rules football. We caution everyone that what follows is uncertain, not confirmed by any official source at Fox or the AFL, but based on information we have gleaned from multiple sources and web sites. We will update this story as more information becomes available. Updated 8/13/13 with more recent info on the schedule on FUEL/FS2; updated 8/14/13 with more on FS2 availability. This post is about US coverage only and no impact is expected to Canadian coverage. Updated 8/28/13 with confirmation of some details from FOX via the AFL. 

Beginning tomorrow (8/13/13), AFL programs will begin appearing again on FUEL later this week.. On Saturday morning (8/17/13), FUEL will become Fox Sports 2 (FS2). This weekend live AFL coverage, not just repeats, are expected to begin on FUEL / FS2. We are working to add the schedule we've obtained to our web site TV page. Be patient, there is much to do, and we will get it fully updated over the next few days. (As of 8/13/13, we have added all of the FS2 coverage we are aware of but further updates are expected.) At this time, we do not know if it will continue on FSP in parallel to FS2 or disappear from FSP at some point. Initial indications are that FS2 will carry a limited AFL schedule and FSP will continue. We do not know if it will affect Grand Final coverage but we are confident we will have live Grand Final coverage on FSP or FS2 or both. Update: As of 8/28/13, we have the following from FOX via the AFL, in part:

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AFL Web Site to Carry Indigenous Stars Match Live

The AFL has announced that the match between the Qantas Indigenous All Stars and the Adelaide Crows will have live video coverage on the AFL web site at no charge to visitors beginning at 4:15 AM US/CAN EST (8.15 PM AEDT) on Saturday 7 February.  You will not need to be a subscriber to the AFL web site international subscription package or the Aussie Sport TV package (now the same) in order to view this video.  For those concerned about whether they will be able to use the AFL web site video this season, this might be a great opportunity to test things out.  Radio coverage will also be available and as always, is free.

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As of 27 January 2008, has been upgraded.  While there is still much work to do, and we know there are still bugs, we hope this is a faster, more reliable site for all of our users and staff.   The site posting and comments and registration of new users is again open.  We will post more on the on-going improvements shortly.  Please be aware that our photo gallery is not yet available but will be back shortly.  (The Gallery is now fully functional.)  Also, user avatars are also unavailable. (again available).  We have added "captchas" as a security feature for some submissions by unregistered users and by registered users in certain situations.  We have removed the email verification in registration as it was rejecting legit users in some cases.  Questions and problems may be e-mailed to

/aussiefb[at)afana[ dot }com">aussiefb

   Thanks for your support and We Will Get Our Footy in 2008!

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Where is the up to date info on the grand final shedule

Once again this site shows it is not up to date, and has no info on Teams and games in the finals or pre- finals, is anyone working this site or is it just late news. because I can what and get late new from friends and family in Australia or use Yahoo7 Australia or the official AFL website.

International TV Information for Aussie Rules Fans

International Television Guide for 2010

The information on this page has been updated for 2010.  Additional info will be added as it becomes available.  Important Note: If you live in one of the countries below and can provide us more accurate information please e-mail us . We depend on feedback from fans to help keep this page up to date. We are unaware of coverage for any country not listed below and this listing includes broadcast coverage only. Updated: 23-Sep-10. This page is no longer maintained!

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