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Concussion Claims Another Career
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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Young and promising Brisbane defender Justin Clarke has announced his retirement due to a concussion he suffered during a training drill in January. He has been sidelined since the injury. In a media statement, Clarke said he had consulted several specialists who told him he could no longer play contact sports. Any sort of head knock, no matter how minor, could cause symptoms to recur, lengthen recovery time, and possibly cause permanent damage. He has had memory issues and has not been able to exercise in any way since the injury. However, the specialists did tell him this all will pass and he will recover in time.

Relentless Eagles Send Message East
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by Chris Kowald, reporting for AFANA from Perth, Australia

Natanui Wins the First Bounce in the Round 1 Eagles vs Lions match in Australian Football. Photo  by David Woodley for AFANAWest Coast Eagles sent a powerful message east. From the first bounce, when Nick Naitanui flew over opposing ruckman, Stefan Martin, it was clear that the Eagles would not be dispensing Easter cheer. Brisbane though were not to be denied, Tom Rockliff was back to his best, as he showed his young charges how to draw first blood, with a goal at the three–minute mark. The Eagles responded a minute later by kicking long into the forward line.

Australian Football on US Television in 2016 and the Future
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(This is the first in a series of long form editorials on the state of footy on TV in 2016 and the future outlook.) A long time ago in TV world far, far away, a small group of passionate AFL fans managed to get the AFL and ESPN together and save the weekly highlights coverage on US and Canadian television. It was an early and largely unnoticed accomplishment of the internet age as e-mail and newsgroups were the media used to launch coordinated action. Looking back, it was an amazing achievement in 1995-1996. It also was the catalyst for the formation of AFANA.

Over the past 20 years we’ve evolved from lobbying by fans to more sophisticated ways of attempting to drive the AFL’s TV strategy (with varying degrees of success). We’ve successfully helped steer them to new TV homes for the sport when old ones blew up on us. We’ve succeeded in keeping it on the air for 21 seasons without fail. Now, we have to decide what we do in 2016 and beyond. The answers for 1996 and 2006 no longer are the right ones. The TV market has changed. The fan base has changed. The AFL is far more media savvy than before and nominally, has an “international” strategy (although fans and marketing seem not to be a big part of that). We must change our tactics and strategy to deal with the AFL, TV networks, and fan development to match the world as it is in 2016.

Let’s take a look at the US landscape today (we’ll deal with Canada and Mexico in a future article):

AFANA Tipping Comps Launched for 2016
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AFANA has launched our tipping (predict the results) competitions for 2016. Entrants are now being accepted for the competitions. We have two competitions open to our readers and fans:

The Weekly Tipping Competition. This is a standard, pick the winners of the matches every week competition. Click the link to find out the details and how to sign up. The comp is free and this year, open to all. Easy to enter if you are already entering other similar comps since you use Footytips to make your weekly entries.

Our unique Top 4 Tipping Competition. This is a unique comp we have run for 20 seasons. At the start of the season you pick the 4 clubs, in order, that you expect to be in the top 4 places in the "table" or standings each week. You get two chances to change those during the season. Only three times to place your pics a season... it's about as easy as it gets.

Every week one of your clubs is there, you get points. Twice a season you can play a "wild card" and change your picks. You decide when. Your new picks are used from that point forward. At the end of the season, the fan with the most points wins. It's harder than it sounds because you have to guess who will dominate the table each week all season not just who might finish there. You only get 3 times a season to make your selections. If a club gets hot early they can pile on the points for you but if they fade late, then hopefully you've used one of those wild cards and changed your picks. Strategy matters since you need to not only guess what clubs will finish in the top 4 but who will be there most often during all 23 rounds. See the link for instructions and to sign up.

Will you be the best this season?

Geelong Great Remembered
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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Former Cat Paul Couch, 51, passed away on Saturday morning, March 4. He was out for a bicycle ride with friends when he suffered a heart attack and could not be revived. The football community, while shocked and in mourning, is remembering him as a much-loved person and player who always had a ready smile. The Cats confirmed the news on Saturday afternoon, calling Couch "an icon" and "a friend to all who knew him". Both the Cats and Essendon wore black arm bands during their NAB match.

Players In Charity Drives
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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

In 2007, all AFL listed players agreed to donate $25 from their match payments to their official charity Ladder, which helps homeless youth. In 2014, the players voted to increase that figure to $50, with $25 still earmarked for Ladder. The other $25 collected going to the AFL Players Care Fund. This fund, amounting to over $435,000, will then be distributed among the 18 clubs and the players will have a say regarding which charities will receive donations.

Announcement on Future Direction of AFANA
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This article tagged with:

AFANA issued the following statement today:

In accordance with the following notice, a search committee was formed today to plan the succession in leadership for AFANA from 2017. Members of that committee will be announced shortly. The committee will make further statements on its plans and progress at a later date.

On January 3rd, Chief Executive Officer Rob de Santos sent an official notice to the Board and the volunteer staff which read, in part:

Fellow AFANAns,

A new number is on my calendar and it repeats every day: 2016. AFANA is in its 21st year and it will, by all indications, be a year of change. ...

This will be my last full year of daily involvement with AFANA as 2017 will bring ... my relocation to another part of the globe.

Last Best Hope For Essendon 34
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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

The 34 former and present Essendon players have lodged an appeal in the Federal Court of Switzerland against the CAS verdict. The club's insurance will pay all legal fees. The appeal paperwork has to be translated into French or German as those are the only two languages in which the court, based in Lausanne, operates. Club chairman Lindsay Tanner said on 3AW radio, "The club is supporting that. We feel it's the right thing to do. It's obviously very important to the players to clear their name ... ".

It is unclear what time frame there would be on what would be a final appeal. However, the current players are resigned to missing the 2016 season. According to AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh,

Dennis Cometti To Retire
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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Veteran commentator Dennis Cometti has announced that 2016 will be his final year behind the microphone. Cometti, 66, has been at it for 43 years and said he was tired of traveling. He reckons he has spent six years of his life in hotels.

Cometti was a talented footballer who played 40 games for West Perth in the WAFL but injuries wrecked hopes of a then VFL career in 1971. He then turned to commentary, joining the ABC where he called cricket for 13 years. He crossed to the Seven Network in 1986 as chief caller. He was with the Nine Network during 2002-2006 when they acquired the rights to the football. 

Cometti is known for his witticisms such as "centimeter perfect" and "gun barrel straight".

Source: afl.com.au

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