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Fellow Members,

The AFANA weekly tipping competition will return in season 2020. We invite all AFANA followers to participate. To join go to the bottom of this page. This is a standard "pick the weekly winners" AFL tipping competition. We hope you'll enter the competition. It's FREE - no entry fees are required. For 2020, prizes will be announced at the end of the season, pending availability.

In 2020, all participants must also be registered at and have a valid userid.

Here's how the competition works:

You enter your own tips directly online at . Details on this will come after signing up. Each week, sometime before 12:01 AM (USA Eastern Time) of the day the round begins (usually Friday), enter your tips online.

Round 1 kicks off with a single game on Thursday March 19, 2020, with all other games being played between Friday March 20th and Sunday March 22nd. Enter at least the game 1 tip by Thursday March 19 at 12:01 AM EDT (US Eastern Daylight Savings Time) with the others entered before the subsequent games are played. Standings will be updated on the AFANA web site early the following week.

Scores will be computed as follows:
-  one point for each correct pick for the round;
-  two point bonus for picking all 9 winning teams in a round!

Additional information:
- Entrants who fail to enter tips for a given week will automatically get all "away" clubs and whatever points so earned.
- Entrants entering their tips late will only receive points earned for matches completed after their tips are received.
- Enrolled participants who don't enter any tips during the first four rounds of the season or four consecutive rounds during the season will be removed from the comp.
- Participants must be registered and be able to login at

We hope you will join us for the fun this year. Who's ready to take up the challenge of knocking off our 2019 winner - CindyFromSydney

To sign-up, enter your email address at the bottom of the page, and follow the instructions you receive. Send questions: /tipping[at)afana[ dot }com">tipping[at)afana[ dot }com.

Enter now!


- Ron Abrahams
- Competition Manager,
AFANA Weekly Tipping Comp

*If you were enrolled in the competition last year, you don't have to sign up again but you must register at the AFANA website if haven't already. Just go online and enter your round 1 tips as you did last year.  (If you do not wish to participate this year you may unsubscribe below and we'll drop you from the comp.)

This sign-up is for the AFANA tipping contest only.


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Weekly Tipping Competition
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Subscribing is a two step, double opt-in process.  This is done to protect your privacy and prevent unsolicited mail.  The initial e-mail message has a link that you must click on (or cut and paste into your web browser).  You must reply to that first e-mail and activate your subscription as soon as possible.  (We have a time limit on activations to prevent spammers from polluting our lists.) That will confirm your subscription and you will get a second e-mail with your details.  Welcome!

* Please note:
Due to problems with AOL, we no longer accept addresses as subscribers.  Read our notice here:  Problems with AOL
If you are unsubscribing, you must enter the e-mail address exactly as it is on your newletter including capitalization or your request may fail. 
Earthlink users:  We do NOT reply to challenge / response messages.  If you don't get your initial confirmation message it is because Earthlink has blocked it.  You must add to your "whitelist".
If you use a workplace or business e-mail address:  If your company or office requires "out of office" notices when you are away, please use another e-mail address.  Any "out of office" notice is a bounce.  Three bounces are you are automatically unsubscribed.  No exceptions due to anti-spam policies of most internet providers. 

Article last changed on Saturday, March 07, 2020 - 8:51 PM EST

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