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Aussie Rules TV Schedules for 2020

(7/09/20):  Last week the AFL re-did the plans for rounds 6 and 7. We have all changes posted for Fox, ESPN, and for TSN. Our schedules are free for personal use - any other reposting or reuse must credit AFANA. This summarizes the changes for 2020: We have the schedules for coverage of the resumption of the AFL season. There is live coverage on FS1 & FS2 and on all TSN [Canada] networks including multiple live matches. ESPN carries two live games per week on ESPN1/ESPN2/ESPN3 (no repeats) for the rest of 2020 and schedules will be updated as we receive them. The expanded coverage on ESPN, FS1, and FS2 is not guaranteed to continue past the end of this season as the future contract status is not yet known. US repeats are only on FSP. We also have the WatchAFL schedule and WatchAFL offers all matches live and on-demand. We remain in touch with the networks and will update this notice with more rounds when available. Schedules, as released so far, are through July 12th for the US and the 19thCanada. WatchAFL subscription changed as of the start of round 2. You can also get the schedules for FOX/ESPN on your personal calendar using the USA link and for TSN with the Canada link.

TV Channels for AFL in North America
The following is a brief summary of the coverage situation followed by the TV schedules further down the page (click to jump there).  For a full overview of the coverage please see our detailed summary of AFL coverage in 2019 at our TV Info page. It has more info than we give on this page.  Coverage in 2019 is expected to be similar to late 2018. Information will be updated as necessary throughout the 2019 season. It appears we will get one live game per week on FS2 (sometimes FS1) and three on FSP. Coverage in Canada is unchanged from last year. Online coverage is through the WatchAFL service and apps (Android and Apple app stores) which permit "casting" to your TV. The service is now provided by Fox Sports Australia and requires payment. See this link for subscription info.


For fans in the United States, nationwide coverage of Aussie rules in 2019 will be on Fox Soccer Plus (FSP), Fox Sports 2 (FS2), and rarely Fox Sports 1 (FS1). Fox Soccer Plus is a subscription channel and is the primary channel for the sport. Subscription fees vary by cable / satellite company from $5.99 to $14.99 per month and may include other sports channels. Four matches (on average, will vary) will air live or tape delayed on FSP each week beginning with the JLT Community Series Week 1 and Round 1 of the AFL season through to the Grand Final. Most matches carried on FS2 and FSP are available on the FoxSportsGo apps live and for a short time, delayed, also. All finals matches will air on FSP either live or tape delayed. Some matches will be live only on FS2. The Grand Final will be live only on FSP and repeated on FSP. Fox Sports 1 and 2 are general coverage sports channels reaching 70% and 49% of US  homes respectively. There is TV coverage of one AFL match each week (usually live) on FS1 (rarely) and FS2 (usually) and some finals may air on FS2. All matches are available in HD on the HD versions of FSP, FS1, and FS2.

There is now on-demand coverage on FoxSoccerMatchPlus ($19.99 per month) and therefore also on AppleTV and Roku. Live coverage on Roku and Amazon Fire is also available via subscription to the Playstation Vue app. FS1 and FS2 are included in all packages and the low end package is $29.99 per month. FSP is extra at a cost similar to that listed above. Sling TV provides FS1 and FS2 in their upper tier package but not FSP as part of the Sling Blue package at $25.00 per month.  fuboTV provides all three channels in their sports package at $34.99 per month. YouTube TV includes FS1 and FS2 in their base package at $35 per month with FSP an additional $15 per month.


Additional online coverage for US and Canadian viewers is on WatchAFL (officially Watch AFL Global), a service from Fox Sports Australia (in 2019) and the AFL. It is an internet service and requires payment except for the preseason and AFLW games. There is live and on-demand coverage of all 9 matches per round. This is a subscription service for video and fans can sign up here. Please use our links as they help support what we do at AFANA. In addition, see the info in the USA and Canada sections about FoxSportsGo and TSNGo.


For fans in Canada, TSN2 will have two matches per week (occasionally one is shifted to other TSN networks), one live plus one delayed.  Highlights shows will be available on TSN Go only. TSN subscribers can view matches aired on their networks via streaming and on-demand at their website and on the TSN Go mobile app.

French language coverage in Canada was on “RDS2” and has been discontinued. We do not expect coverage in 2019. La couverture dans la langue française pour le Canada est sur “RDS2”.  Nous ne prévoyons pas de couverture en 2019. (Update 3/31/16: AFANA has been advised by the programming manager at RDS that coverage of Australian football will not continue in 2016-17. Reasons include cost and schedule. He indicated that if enough fans show interest they might reconsider. We encourage fans to contact them.) (Mise à jour du 31/03/16: AFANA a été informé par le directeur de la programmation à RDS que la couverture du football australien ne coninuerai pas en 2019. Les raisons incluent le coût et le calendrier. Il a indiqué que si assez de fans montrent l'intérêt qu'ils pourraient reconsidérer. Nous encourageons les supporters à les contacter.)


For fans in Spanish speaking countries, Spanish language coverage in Mexico on Claro Sports appears to have ended and we are not aware of any other Spanish language coverage in 2019. Cobertura de lengua española en México en «Claro Deportes» parece haber terminado y no somos conscientes de cualquier otra cobertura de lengua española en el año 2019.

Other Leagues and Coverage

AFLW (Women) league matches that are televised or relayed via any of the networks are listed under that network. We will list any games televised as well as those available online. FSP will air all AFLW matches either live or tape delayed. WatchAFL will carry all AFLW matches live and on-demand.


We have weekly radio listings for the AFL at our AFL Radio page updated weekly.

Using Our Schedule

This web page will have schedules below for all networks each week all season, updated as information becomes available. All times are US EST/EDT unless you register at this site and login. If you want to see the listings in your own time zone, register with us ( (free!) and then you can set your time zone and the display will adjust all times to your preferred time zone.

The display below is sorted by network. The display shows up to 250 upcoming programs. Programming which has already aired is not shown. If you wish to limit the display to a specific network, use the selection box to the upper left of the listings and click on the network you want to see and then press Apply. The default is "All". Fox networks are listed first, then WatchAFL, TSN networks, ABC Australia, and lastly any other listings. If you are on a mobile device and not all columns are visible then rotate your device to landscape mode or press "Show all columns".

Want to add the schedules for US (Fox/ESPN nets) or Canada (TSN nets) to your phone or desktop calendar? Go here for US and here for Canada.


To select several networks ctrl-click on desired options. If you want to see listings in your timezone, register with this site.

Network Start time End time Round Status Home Team Away Team Notes
Fox Soccer Plus Sun, 07/12/2020
6:00 PM EDT
8:30 PM 6 Repeat West Coast Adelaide
Fox Soccer Plus Sun, 07/12/2020
8:30 PM EDT
11:00 PM 6 Repeat Port Adelaide GWS
Fox Soccer Plus Sun, 07/12/2020
11:00 PM EDT
1:30 AM 6 Repeat North Melbourne Richmond
WatchAFL Thu, 07/16/2020
6:10 AM EDT
8:40 AM 7 Live Geelong Collingwood Online
WatchAFL Fri, 07/17/2020
5:50 AM EDT
8:20 AM 7 Live Essendon Western Bulldogs Online
WatchAFL Fri, 07/17/2020
11:45 PM EDT
2:15 AM 7 Live GWS Brisbane Online
WatchAFL Sat, 07/18/2020
2:35 AM EDT
5:05 AM 7 Live Sydney Gold Coast Online
WatchAFL Sat, 07/18/2020
5:40 AM EDT
8:10 AM 7 Live Richmond North Melbourne Online
WatchAFL Sat, 07/18/2020
11:05 PM EDT
1:35 AM 7 Live Carlton Port Adelaide Online
WatchAFL Sun, 07/19/2020
1:35 AM EDT
4:05 AM 7 Live Hawthorn Melbourne Online
WatchAFL Sun, 07/19/2020
4:35 AM EDT
7:05 AM 7 Live Fremantle West Coast Online
WatchAFL Mon, 07/20/2020
5:40 AM EDT
8:10 AM 7 Live Adelaide St Kilda Online
TSN1 Sat, 07/18/2020
5:30 AM EDT
8:00 AM 7 Live Richmond North Melbourne
TSN1 Sun, 07/19/2020
1:30 AM EDT
4:00 AM 7 Live Hawthorn Melbourne
TSN1 Thu, 07/23/2020
5:30 AM EDT
8:00 AM 8 Live TBA TBA
TSN3 Thu, 07/16/2020
6:00 AM EDT
8:30 AM 7 Live Geelong Collingwood
TSN3 Sun, 07/19/2020
11:00 AM EDT
1:30 PM 7 Tape del'd Fremantle West Coast
TSN4 Sat, 07/18/2020
5:30 AM EDT
8:00 AM 7 Live Richmond North Melbourne
TSN4 Sat, 07/18/2020
12:00 PM EDT
2:30 PM 7 Repeat Richmond North Melbourne
TSN5 Thu, 07/16/2020
6:00 AM EDT
8:30 AM 7 Live Geelong Collingwood
TSN5 Fri, 07/17/2020
5:30 AM EDT
8:00 AM 7 Live Essendon Western Bulldogs
TSN5 Thu, 07/23/2020
5:30 AM EDT
8:00 AM 8 Live TBA TBA