AFANA Now Accepting 2017 Grand Final Party Announcements

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Are you or your group hosting a Grand Final party?

For the 22nd consecutive year, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties. If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site complete the form below this article. Please note that this year, the Grand Final will be played on September 30th (Melbourne time) which is Friday, September 29th in North America. Plan to use WatchAFL as your party video source? Then be sure to click read the entire page!
Hawthorn Celebrates After Winning 2015 Grand FinalIf you are a party organizer (no matter how big or small) or your footy club, social club, Australian American Chamber of Commerce, Aussie pub, etc. are planning a party please let us know.  If we know, we can direct local fans and out of town visitors to you.  Last year, many of the individual party listings were read over 1000 times each on our site!  Our listings cover the entire globe.  If there is a party somewhere around the world then we want to have it listed!  If you haven't started planning your party, now is the time to do so.  Selected parties can receive AFL merchandise for door prizes for their guests.  All party organizers are automatically entered into any AFL contest on their web site.

Please complete the form below to submit your announcement. Announcements will be posted to our web site. AFANA reserves the right to edit all announcements for style and brevity. Attachments may be sent with additional details to: Please note:  Even if you send something to us by e-mail, you still must complete the form below!  If you do not complete the form first, we may not publish your announcement!  We recommend that you if have a user account on this site that you log in prior to completing the form. Party listings will be published here. Front page readers click on "read more" to see the submission form.

Special Bonus to Party Organizers! After submitting the form, wait for the confirmation page. (This may take up to 30 seconds.) When you see the screen, you will get a discount code for WatchAFL that will save you 10% on finals or grand final subscriptions! If you get returned to this page, your submission failed. If it fails more than twice, please contact us for assistance.

For US parties: As of 9/28/2017, the Grand Final is expected to be live in the USA on Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) from 12:23 AM US EDT to 4:00 AM and on WatchAFL also beginning approximately 12:23 AM. Some pre-game will be available via WatchAFL - see our TV schedules page. The only live US coverage is on FSP or WatchAFL. AFANA will post this and any updates on our TV pages (TV schedules). For Canadian fans, as of 9/29/2017, TSN2 coverage is expected to be live with pre-game at 11:30 PM and match coverage beginning at 12:23 AM EDT. Coverage will also be on WatchAFL for Canadians.

Please enter only party start times in your submission. Do not enter start times of the match or TV coverage as this information will not be corrected if it changes and thus is not published. 

Please enter the City and the Country where the party is being held.

Location (Name of Venue / Pub / Bar / residence) where the party is being held.

The telephone number of the venue if your guests need to contact the host location. This is recommended. Please include country code and area code if outside North America. (This is optional but if provided, it is published. If you wish to include a separate, not to be published, phone number for us to contact you, that number may be entered below in the "your telephone number" field.)

Directions to the venue:  (Please do NOT enter your party text or blurb here.  You will have a chance to do that below. This is for directions only. ) (Please include street address or cross streets. Remember some guests may not be familiar with your city or venue. You may enter a link to a map of the location on the next field down.)

(http:// address here)

Please enter a URL (web link)  for the directions (at Mapquest, Google, Bing, etc.) if available.

Date for your party: (Do NOT enter the date of the Grand Final or TV coverage, we need the date your party begins in your local area!  For example, in most of the USA and Canada, the parties occur on Friday night, September 29th this year. Dates should be local time in the area of the venue.  Parties that begin at 12:00 MN Saturday are considered to be September 30th.)


Starting time for your party: (Do NOT enter the time of the Grand Final or TV coverage, we need the time party-goers can arrive and be admitted!  Times should be local time in the area of the venue. 12:00 is assumed to mean Midnight [MN].)

Please enter your e-mail so AFANA can contact you if we have questions. This address is not published.

Please enter the e-mail you want the public to use if guests have questions and if this is different than the above address: For example, this might be the contact address for the club or venue. This e-mail is published,

Your name so that we can contact you.  If you do not wish this to be published, so note in the "Other" field below.

Your telephone number if we need to contact you. Please include country code and area code if outside North America. (This will not be published.  If you wish to include a phone number for the venue or for publication you can note it above in the venue phone number field above.)

(http:// address here)

If you have a special web page for the party on your website or a Facebook page enter the URL (web link) here. 

Please indicate if your event or the venue have any age restrictions, particularly regarding minors or alcohol consumption.

If there is an age restriction, select it here. If "Other" include a note below in the "Any other notes" area and include any restrictions you think guests should know.

Again this year, AFANA in conjunction with the AFL, expects to have a few prizes to be given away at select parties around North America (only).  If you would be interested in having your party participate, click "Yes" (if not already selected) and we will contact you with more information. (Recipient parties are obligated to notify AFANA of the names and contact information of any prize winners. Failure to do so will disqualify your party from participation in future years.) All party organizers, regardless of this choice, are entered into a drawing by the AFL to win a prize from the AFL.

Any other information you want potential visitors to know about your event.  You may include your party promo text or blurb here.  This may include information you want published in the announcement, notes to AFANA only regarding the event, or a request that certain information not be published such as your name. Do not include the start time of the match or TV coverage only the party start time! When you are finished, press Submit below. Then please be patient while our system processes your submission. Do not leave the page until you see the confirmation page or your submission may not be received.

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