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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Injury Update:
Nathan Bock, hamstring, 2-3 weeks
Trent Hentschel, knee, ongoing assessment
Patrick Dangerfield, cleared of serious injury, ongoing assessment
Kurt Tippett, ankle, 1 week
Rory Sloane, ankle, 4-5 weeks
James Sellar, hamstring, 1-2 weeks
Sam Shaw, shin, 2-3 weeks
Brad Symes, knee, indefinite
Brad Moran, knee, indefinite
Brodie Martin, knee, indefinite, long term injury list*
Andy Otten, knee, season

*Chris Schmidt has been elevated from the rookie list to replace Martin.

Source: David Burtenshaw, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Jed Adcock, quad, 2-4 weeks
Amon Buchanan, thumb, 4 weeks
Jamie Charman, ankle, 4 weeks
Xavier Clarke, knee, indefinite
Mitch Golby, knee, 2 weeks
Ryan Harwood, ankle, ongoing assessment
Bart McCulloch, quad, 3 weeks
Sam Sheldon, back, 2-4 weeks


Injury Update:
Brad Fisher, knee, 8-9 weeks
Rhys O'Keeffe, hip, 2-3 weeks

Source: Stephen Wilson, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Brad Dick, shoulder, 4-5 weeks
Ben Sinclair, shin, 1-3 weeks
Josh Thomas, calf, 1-3 weeks


Injury Update:
Leroy Jetta, dislocated thumb, 1 week
John Williams, ankle, 1 week**
Mark McVeigh, arm infection, 1 week**
Michael Quinn, quad, 1 week
Angus Monfries, quad strain, 1 week
Tom Bellchambers, dental work, 1 week

**may be available for Round 4

Source: Cara Pelchen, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Antoni Grover, knee, 3-4 weeks
Garrick Ibbotson, shoulder, 5-7 weeks
Tim Ruffles, knee, 3-4 weeks
Nick Suban, ankle, 1-2 weeks
Scott Thornton, groin, 4-5 weeks


Injury Update:
Mitch Brown, leg, 2-4 weeks
Steven Motlop, shoulder, 12 weeks
Travis Varcoe, thumb, 4-6 weeks


Injury Update:
Josh Gibson, hamstring, 12 weeks
Brad Sewell, shoulder, 1-2 weeks

Source: Leah Mirabella, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Daniel Bell, shoulder, 3 weeks
Max Gawn, knee, indefinite
Neville Jetta, groin, 1-2 weeks
Liam Jurrah, shoulder, 12 weeks
John Meesen, ankle, indefinite
Cale Morton, knee, 5 weeks
Luke Tapscott, hip, indefinite
Austin Wonaeamirri, hamstring, 2 weeks


Injury Update:
Ben Speight, broken jaw, 6 weeks
Matt Campbell, ankle, 4-6 weeks
Drew Petrie, foot, 4-6 weeks
Ed Lower, leg, 2 weeks

Source: Heath O'Loughlin, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Daniel Motlop, hamstring, 3-4 weeks
Marlon Motlop, fractured foot, indefinite, long term injury list*
Matthew Westhoff, groin, 2-3 weeks

*Cameron Cloke has been elevated from the rookie list to replace Motlop

Source: Daniel Norton, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Sam Fisher, concussion
Lenny Hayes, broken nose
Luke Miles, stress fracture fibula, long term injury list
Nick Riewoldt, hamstring surgery, 14-16 weeks
Jesse Smith, ankle, ongoing assessment

Ed. Note: The club does not include how long a player will be sidelined. For Nick Riewoldt, the information was previously released in a club media statement.

Source: Vanessa Gigliotti, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Craig Bird, foot, 5 weeks
Brett Meredith, quad, 1 week
Jake Orreal, back, ongoing assessment
Kristin Thornton, knee, 5 weeks


Injury Update:
Tm Houlihan, foot, 7 weeks, long term injury list
Sam Butler, facial fracture, 3 weeks

Source: Anna Carew-Reid, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Jason Akermanis, hamstring, 2 2eeks
Ayce Cordy, shoulder, 2-4 weeks
Christian Howard, hip, 5 weeks
James Mulligan, hamstring, 1-2 weeks
Liam Picken, ankle, 6-8 weeks
Sam Reid, groin, 2 weeks
Shane Thorne, knee, 12 weeks
Callan Ward, groin, 6 weeks

Source: Dave McNamara, Club Media Release

Article last changed on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 5:31 AM EDT

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