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Selwood Handballs

Before and after the trade period, October 7 through October 14, there were numerous delistings (released) as the clubs make room for the coming draftees and there were a few more retirements not previously reported:   (front page readers click on "Read more" to see all clubs)


DELISTED: Ben Keays, Josh Walker, Ryan Bastinac and Nick Robertson

Keays, 22, was drafted in 2015 and played 30 games, but managed only two games in 2019. He did play in the NEAFL premiership. Walker played 33 games with Geelong before being traded to the Lions in 2015 and played a further 15 games. He also played in the NEAFL premiership. Bastinac was traded to the Lions in 2015 after 121 games with North Melbourne. He played a further 43 games with the Lions and was also a member of the 2019 NEAFL premiership side. Robertson struggled for opportunities in 2018 and played just five games. He played a total of 73 games for the Lions.


DELISTED: Josh Deluca, Jarrod Garlett, Matthew Lobbe, Patrick Kerr, Angus Schumacher and Kym LeBois 

Deluca, 23, was rookie listed during the mid-season draft and played 10 games. He will join the team during preseason training which means the club could redraft him. Garlett was drafted by Gold Coast in 2014 and played 17 games before being delisted and drafted by the Blues in 2017. He played 13 games with Carlton. Schumacher was drafted in 2017 and played just one game - against the Eagles late this season. Kerr played four games during his three seasons with the Blues since being drafted in 2016, while Lebois did not make a senior appearance during his three years on the rookie list. Lobbe was originally drafted by Port Adelaide in 2010 and played 92 games before being traded to Carlton at the end of 2017. He played just eight games for the Blues. He was named best "clubman" in 2018 for his work with the younger players.


DELISTED: Sam Murray

Murray was originally drafted by Sydney in 2016, but never played a senior game and was traded to Collingwood at the end of 2017. Played 13 games before being suspended for testing positive for cocaine in August. He managed to get a four year ban reduced to 18 months and will be eligible to train again in mid-December. He offered to be delisted and was placed on the rookie list at the end of 2018 and was redrafted this year. The club has made no promises this time.


DELISTED: Jordan Houlahan, Ben McNiece, Zac Clarke, Trent Mynott, Jake Long and Tuth (Tom) Jok

Houlihan was drafted in 2017 but played no senior games. McNeice was drafted as a rookie in 2016 and played 15 games. Clarke played 101 games with Fremantle before crossing to Essendon at the end of 2018 and played nine games in 2019. Mynott was rookie listed in 2017 but spent his two seasons in the VFL. Jake, the son of club legend Michael, was drafted under the father-son rule in 2015 and played five games. Jok was rookie listed in 2018 and his only game was in the final round this year.

RETIRED: Mark Baguley, Matt Dea, Luke Lavender, David Myers
Mark Baguley defensive run
Baguley Runs

Baguley joined the club in 2012 and played 139 games, Dea, 27, played 31 games for Richmond before being delisted in 2014. Essendon signed him as one of 10 "top up" players to replace the suspended players during the supplements scandal of a few years ago. He was retained after they returned, delisted and then rookie listed in 2018 and played 39 games with the Bombers. Myers, 30, was drafted in 2007 and played 123 games. He spent most of the year in the VFL to give younger players a chance.


DELISTED: Scott Jones, Shane Kersten, Ryan Nyhuis

Jones was drafted in 2017 and played 6 games. Kersten played 37 games with Geelong 2014 to 2016 before being traded to Fremantle where he played a further 16 games. Nyhuis was drafted in 2015 and played 17 games.


DELISTED: Jordon Cunico, Jamaine Jones and Scott Selwood
Selwood kicks
Selwood Kicks

Cunico was drafted in 2014 and played 15 games. Jones was rookie-listed in 2016, debuted in 2017 and played seven games. Selwood played 135 games for West Coast 2008 to 2015 before joining brother Joel at the Cats. He had a frustrating four seasons with Geelong, being ravaged by injuries and managing just 34 games in that time. He played only two games in 2019. Selwood has since joined Collingwood as a development coach of the academy players. Jones was a nominee for the Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award this year and was named Geelong's Community Champion for his work with the club's community programs. He also works as an ambassador for a youth and foster care program. Just after the trade period was completed, Geelong also delisted Wylie Buzza. Buzza was drafted in 2015 and played nine games for the Cats.


DELISTED: Jack Leslie, Connor Nutting, Brad Scheer

Leslie, 24, was drafted in 2013, delisted at the end of 2018 and redrafted as a rookie. He played 28 games but none in 2019. Nutting was drafted in 2018 but never played a senior game. Scheer managed just 13 games in three seasons.

RETIRED: Tom Nicholls

Nicholls, 27, was an inaugural player for the Suns and played 45 games. In 2019 he played 17 games in the NEAFL and was named in the NEAFL team of the year.



Defender Tim Mohr, 30, announced his retirement, finishing his career on 48 AFL games. Mohr was one of GWS’ foundation players when the club joined the league in 2012. He was delisted after seven seasons, before being picked up in last year’s Rookie Draft with hopes of continuing his career with the Hawks. Unfortunately, Mohr’s season ended before it began due to a dislocated knee during a VFL match in March.


DELISTED: Kaiden Brand, Teia Miles, David Mirra and Darren Minchington

Brand debuted in 2016 and played 43 games but managed only five in 2019. Miles debuted in 2017 and played just five games but none in 2019. Mirra was drafted in 2018 and played 11 games. Minchington was drafted by St Kilda in 2012 as a rookie and elevated to the seniors in 2014. He played 28 games before being delisted at the end of 2018. He joined Hawthorn as a free agent at the start of 2019 but did not play any games.

RETIRED: Ryan Schoenmakers
McVeigh clears on the line as Schoenmakers in pursuit_4534
Schoenmakers Chases

After injury restricted him to just six VFL matches in 2019, he made the difficult decision to retire after 11 seasons. Schoenmakers, 28, was drafted in 2008 and played 121 games for the Hawks, including the 2015 premiership. He was awarded life membership of the Hawks in 2018. In making the announcement, he said, “I have spent almost half my life at this football club and have made some incredible friendships ... I am so grateful for all the opportunities the club has given me. My football journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but each hurdle has helped shape me into the person I am today. The last 12 months ... have been difficult on the injury front ... I feel privileged that I can hang up the boots as a one-club player and a life member ... ". Coach Alastair Clarkson said, “Schoey has been an incredible servant ... He is a terrific club man who’s held in high regard by his teammates ... He finishes as a premiership player and life member ... which is a testament to his hard work and professionalism ... ".


DELISTED: Jay Kennedy-Harris, Billy Stretch, Jeff Garlett, Declan Keilty

Kennedy-Harris played 39 games in six seasons with the Demons. Stretch was taken under the father-son rule in 2014 and played 47 games. He managed only nine in 2019. Garlett, 30, played 101 games with Carlton 2009 to 2014 before being traded to the Demons where he played 79 games. Keilty spent three seasons on the rookie list and played two games.

RETIRED: Tim Smith, Guy Walker

Smith, 28, was selected as a mature-age rookie in 2017 but played just 13 games due to a string of injuries. Walker, 24, was drafted as a rookie in 2018 but ongoing shoulder issues have forced him to retire from all sports.


DELISTED: Declan Watson, Tom Wilkinson

Watson was drafted in 2016 but two serious knee injuries while playing in the VFL in 2017 and 2018 prevented him from making his senior debut. Wilkinson was drafted as a rookie in 2019 but played no senior games.

RETIRED: Red Og Murphy

Recruited as a Category B (outside the sport) rookie in 2019 from Gaelic Football in Ireland, he played no senior games and decided to go home after just one year.


Trengove fumbles
Jack Trengove
DELISTED: Jack Trengove, Kai Pudney, Cam Hewett, Matthew Broadbent and Aidyn Johnson

Trengrove played 89 games with Melbourne 2010 to 2017 and joined Port as a delisted free agent in 2018. He played just two games in 2018 and none in 2019, spending the year in the VFL. Pudney was taken as a Category B rookie this year but played no senior games. Hewett was drafted as a rookie in 2016, delisted in 2018 and relisted as a rookie again but never played a senior game. Broadbent, 28, played 171 AFL games since his 2009 debut. In recent seasons, he was hampered by injury and managed just 10 games in 2019. Johnson debuted in 2017 and played 11 games.


DELISTED: Callum Moore, Connor Menadue and Jacob Townsend

Townsend was originally drafted by GWS and played 28 games with the Giants before being traded to Richmond at the end of 2015. He played in the 2017 premiership side. He also won the JJ Liston award that year (the VFL equivalent of the Brownlow medal or MVP).. Moore was rookie listed in 2016 but was hampered by on-going ankle problems and played only eight senior games. Menadue, 23, was drafted in 2014 and played 39 games. His delisting makes him a free agent. There was speculation that the Dockers were interested during the trade period. He is now free to sign with any interested club.

RETRIED: Mav Weller

Weller played 32 games for Gold Coast 2011 to 2013, 89 games for St Kilda 2014 to 2018. He was signed by the Tigers during the 2019 preseason supplemental signing period and played eight games with the Tigers.


DELISTED: David Armitage, Billy Longer, Lewis Pierce, Bailey Rice, Sam Rowe, Brandon White, Robbie Young, Jack Newnes
Dunstan is tackled and fends off to Armitage
Armitage Handballs

David Armitage, 31, played 169 games. Longer played 13 games with Brisbane 2012 to 2013 before joining the Saints where he has played just nine games. Pierce has played just five games since his 2015 debut. Both he and Longer had concussion issues for most of 2019. Rice, the son of Dean Rice (Carlton and St Kilda) was taken under the father-son rule in 2018 and played 11 games. Rowe played 99 games with Carlton before being delisted at the end of 2018. the Saints picked him up in the mid-season rookie draft and he managed to play one game to reach the 100 game milestone. White played 11 games 2016 to 2019. Young was drafted in 2018 and played three games. Newnes, 28, was drafted in 2011 and played 155 games. The Saints offered him a two year contract mid-season but he turned it down and seems set to be picked up by Carlton as a free agent.


DELISTED: James Rose, Durak Tucker, Cody Hirst, Toby Pink

Rose, 23 played 14 games 2015 to 2019. Tucker was drafted as a rookie in 2018 but a ruptured ACL wrecked his season. Hirst was taken in the mid-season rookie draft but played no senior games. Pink was drafted as a rookie in 2017 but did not play a senior game.


DELISTED: Chris Masten, Fraser McInnes, Brodie Riach and Patrick Bines
AFL West Coast v GWS, Round 2, 2019 Optus Stadium.
Masten Kicks

Masten was drafted in 2007 and played 215 games for the Eagles, including the 2018 premiership. Originally drafted in 2011, McInnes was previously delisted and added to the rookie list in 2017. He captained the Eagles' WAFL team in 2019 and had an excellent year. He played just 14 senior games for the Eagles. He has decided not to seek another club, moving on with his personal and professional life. Both Riach and Bines come from basketball backgrounds and were added to the rookie list in 2019 as category B players from outside the AFL system.


DELISTED: Fletcher Roberts and Lukas Webb.

Roberts played 51 games for the Dogs including the 2016 flag. Webb was drafted in 2014 and played 24 games.

Sources: Club Media Releases - Stacey Oates (Geelong), Thomas Beverley (Gold Coast), Loukas Founten (Port Adelaide), Josie Fielding (Brisbane), Will Botoulas (Carlton), Niick Duxson (Western Bulldogs), Clare White (St Kilda), Rosie Duffy (Fremantle), Meagan Lechucki (Collingwood), Meagan Croucher (Hawthorn), Natalie MacGregor (Essendon), Nicki Malady (Richmond), Michele Clyne, AFL Media Release,,, AFL Record Season Guide,

Article last changed on Sunday, October 27, 2019 - 12:51 PM EDT

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