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Location: Atlanta, GA

Venue: The Albert Pub

Venue Telephone: (404) 872-4990

Directions to the party:
Take I75/I85 to downtown Atlanta and take the exit to Dobbs Ave if coming south or Irwin Street if coming north. Head East for about a mile. Road turns into Austin St, Pub is one door up from Elizabeth Street intersection. See a Humongous Condo complex? You are there.
918 Austin Ave,
Atlanta Georgia 30307

URL of map to the area: Google Maps

Date of the event: 09/26/14

Starting time of the event: 10:30 pm

Contact e-mail for the organizers: vp2014[at)atlantafooty[ dot }com

 URL for the party web page:

Age Restrictions? Yes (21 and over)

Additional Information:
Join the Atlanta Kookaburras for their 14th annual GF party. This year in our sponsor pub, The Albert, Austin Ave, Atlanta. $25 per head includes drinks and food. Tickets pre sold online at our web site listed above.

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