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Location: Wichita,KS

Venue: Sporting Casey's Soccer Pub & Grill

Venue Telephone: 316-260-2605

Directions to the party:
1110 W. Harry Street
Wichita, KS 67213
Located on the northwest corner of the Harry St. and Seneca St. intersection. Exit at Seneca, off Highway 54/400 (Kellogg Ave) and head south.

URL of the map of the area: Google Maps

Date of the event: 09/30/16

Starting time of the event:  11:00 PM

Contact e-mail for the organizers: sportingcaseys[at)gmail[ dot }com

URL for the party page:

Age Restrictions? Yes (21 and over)

Additional Information:
It's the Australian Football version of a Super Bowl and the game will feature fast paced high flying action with points and goals galore. Say you've never watched Aussie football, our expert will be on hand to answer any questions about what the heck is going on. It's down to Dogs, Cats, Swans and Giants so grab a pint and pick a side to barrack (cheer) for!

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